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Starting September 5, 2016, the official Yamato 2202 website opened its Character Gallery. As new entries are added, this page will be updated to include them.

View all entries in their original format on the official site here. Revisit our Yamato 2199 Character Guide here.

About the ranks: according to translator Tsuneo Tateno, the ranking system is based on the Japanese Self-Defense Force, rearranged to accommodate a space force. He helpfully provided these tables for reference:

Japan Self-Defense Force ranks

Comparative Naval ranks

Specialist ratings


Voice: Sayaka Kanda

A goddess who continues to pray for universal peace. Releasing a powerful “prayer” in the form of a psychic energy wave (a “cosmo wave”) from the planet Telezart, she warns the former Yamato crew of the danger to space. It is said that whosoever should gain this power may have any desire granted.

Susumu Kodai

Voice: Daisuke Ono

24 years old. Yamato‘s former tactical chief. After the return from the voyage to Iscandar, the organization was reformed into the Earth Federation Defense Forces and Kodai is now engaged in military duty. After becoming embroiled in various conflicts over the “sealing of the Wave-Motion Gun” by Juuzo Okita and Starsha, he now serves as captain of the destroyer Yuunagi, which belongs to the 2nd escort fleet. In Earth’s current revival policy of rushing for rearmament, he goes about his mission despite holding unbearable feelings in his heart. He is formally engaged to Yuki Mori and their marriage is approaching.

Yuki Mori

Voice: Houko Kuwashima

22 years old. Yamato‘s former ship’s affairs officer. She currently serves as chief navigator in the central control station of Earth Defense Headquarters. She fell in love with Kodai on the journey to Iscandar and their marriage is approaching soon. She lost her natural memory in an accident before she boarded Yamato, and now only has memories of the last four years.

Daisuke Shima

Voice: Kenichi Suzumura

24 years old. Yamato’s former chief navigator. Currently working for the Earth Defence Forces transport fleet. Though he strongly questions Earth’s reconstruction policy, he silently goes on with his duty.

Akira Yamamoto

Voice: Rie Tanaka

23 years old. A former member of Yamato’s flying corps. A female ace pilot stationed with the lunar base air corps. She aggressively trains newcomers to allow lead instructor Kato to take time with his family. While rigorously training her subordinates, she imposes a heavy training regime on herself.

Supplemental material from the Under Armour sponsorship announcement, Sept 5 2016:

Message from Akira Yamamoto:
Today I’m thankful to have signed this advisory contract with Under Armour. Throughout the voyage to Iscandar in 2199, I felt that “you can better protect when you become stronger,” and I worked on training afterward. I prepare for the day when Earth is threatened anew, and with innovative Under Armour wear, I’ll strive toward further training and discipline every day.

Akira Yamamoto Profile:
Born on Mars, Arcadia City. Air corps ace with outstanding operation technique. In the voyage to Iscandar and the battle with Garmillas in 2199, she saved Yamato from countless crises. Though she is now occupied in a mission to raise the next generation, she imposes strict training on herself every day to prepare for emergencies.

Shiro Sanada

Voice: Houchu Otsuka

33 years old. Yamato‘s former technology chief and executive officer. After the return from Iscandar, the Earth Federal Government proposed a new “Wave-Motion Gunboat Corps,” and due to his opposition to Kodai they have been out of communication for one year. He has taken an important position in the science bureau in an undersea dock in the suburbs of the capital, and is rebuilding Yamato, the spiritual bearer of the Cosmo Reverse.

Kaoru Niimi

Voice: Aya Hisakawa

31 years old. Yamato’s former chief of information. Currently serving in the Science Bureau, she is engaged in analysis of top secret materials.

Niimi’s description in Ship’s Log magazine issue 16 includes this extra line: After the return from Iscandar, love bloomed between her and Sanada.

Hikozaemon Tokugawa

Voice: Mugihito

66 years old. Yamato‘s former chief engineer. After the return from Iscandar, he was expected to retire from the military, but his fate changed dramatically when Yamato‘s redevelopment plan emerged. He now works with Sanada in the effort to rebuild Yamato with Yamazaki as his right-hand man.

Shou Yamazaki

49 years old. Yamato’s former damage control chief. A senior engineer who is the arm of Tokugawa. His respect for and loyalty to Tokugawa is astonishing. At Sanada’s request, he is currently working hard on the rebuilding of Yamato.

Yasuo Nanbu

Voice: Kenji Akabane

25 years old. Yamato‘s former ordnance chief. During the grand voyage to Iscandar, his strangely elitist attitude was wiped away, and he greatly increased his resilience as a soldier. On the other hand, he is critical of Earth’s current reconstruction policy. He serves under Kodai on the destroyer Yuunagi, in charge of ordnance.

Yoshikazu Aihara

Voice: Masato Kokubun

26 years old. Yamato‘s former communication chief. Serves aboard the destroyer Yuunagi, in charge of communications control. His gentle, mild character has not changed and his concern for his subordinates is alive and well. After returning to Earth he often associated with Kodai and understands his feelings of frustration.

Kenjiro Ota

Voice: Yuuki Chiba

25 years old. Yamato’s former weather chief. Currently works for the transport fleet like Shima. Serves as captain of the Kisaragi. A mood maker with casual remarks and a big appetite.

Isamu Enomoto

Voice: Kenjiro Tsuda

40 years old. Yamato‘s former boatswain. An authority of deck work and EVA operations. He is also a veteran who was an instructor for Kodai and Shima in the military academy. He is now engaged in the rebuilding of Yamato with Sanada, Tokugawa, and Yamazaki.

Saburo Kato

Voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya

27 years old. Former Yamato air corps commander. Now assigned to the moon base, he puts his heart into training the next generation of flight corps. His explosive personality hasn’t changed with his elder-brother appearance, but he is more sensitive than anyone to a person’s life and death. He has a son named Tsubasa with Makoto Harada, with whom he traveled to Iscandar.

Makoto Kato

Voice: Rina Satou

25 years old. Maiden name Makoto Harada. Formerly Yamato’s hygienist. Married Saburo Kato on the way home from Iscandar. After returning, she retired from the service, gave birth to their son Tsubasa, and lived a happy home life. But the situation changed completely when Tsubasa developed “Planet Bomb Syndrome” at the age of 1. She currently accompanies Tsubasa in receiving treatment at a medical facility on the surface of the moon.

Tsubasa Kato

2 1/2 years old. Kato and Makoto’s eldest son. Loves Yamato and aircraft. He is treated at a medical facility that takes in newborn babies who contracted residual planet bomb contamination. A cure for “Planet Bomb Syndrome” has not yet been found, and doctors predict a low life expectancy.

Hajime Saito

Space Marines (lit. Space Cavalry) 5th regiment, commanding officer. Rank: space master sergeant. Assigned to Far East sector underground city security, lunar garrison, he is currently stationed on planet 11. He thought he was doomed to spend his days free from battle, but…

Osamu Yamanami

52 years old. Formerly served as a captain under Juuzo Okita in the old Earth flagship Kirishima. Okita trusted him as his strong right arm. He views the future of Earth differently than Kodai.

Loren Varel

Voice: Masaki Terasoma

Garmillas Empire ambassador to Earth. He is a thoughtful person with the appearance of a civilian who makes full use of strong-arm diplomacy to grasp global trends.

Klaus Kiman

Voice: Hiroshi Kamiya

Garmillas Empire military officer, an attache to Earth. In response to a command from Varel, he investigates the Yamato crew. He excels in physical ability and is a first-class pilot. Usually taciturn, on the occasion when he does open his mouth, he is acerbic and does not mince words.


Voice: Hideaki Tezuka

First description: Based on his personal belief that he must be the supreme ruler of space, he is the great emperor of the battle nation known as the Imperial Planet Gatlantis. He has captured the planet Telezart in order to gain Teresa’s power. In addition, he has dispatched soldiers to Earth, the world to which Teresa has sent a cosmo wave.

Revised description: The great emperor who leads the Imperial Gatlantis warrior nation. An absolute ruler who indulges in silent philosophical contemplation with massive violence in his hands. Based on his own personal beliefs, he drives the huge White Comet and an enormous mobile fleet to redraw the map of space. When he captures Planet Telezart, he detects Earth after Teresa sends a Cosmo Wave there, and he dispatches a fleet.


A woman of cold beauty, she is one of the highest-ranking staff officers of Gatlantis. Her loyalty to Emperor Zordar is unwavering. She presides over all military and internal affairs and overall navigation.


A high-ranking Gatlantis staff officer. Zordar’s oldest follower. As the admiral of the fleet, he commands a huge number of ships. Though his influence within the empire is unmatched, he is deferential to Sabera and maintains his courtesy.


Commander of the seventh mobile task fleet. His personal flagship is a large, white aircraft carrier. A military officer of arrogant demeanor who harbors no doubts about the empire’s supremacy. As a confidant of Goenitz, he sometimes attends the imperial center and the emperor’s throne.

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    • It’s just the production committee being selective about what they release when. They’re yet to list Hijikata,or reveal Saito, Teresa, or Zordar on the site. No sign of Analyzer or Sabella either, but we know they’ll be there. So will Shima.

      Shima didn’t die in either Farewell to Yamato (he was actually on the evacuation ship) nor Yamato 2 (where Teresa had kept him alive) – he didn’t die and stay dead until Final Yamato several years later.

    • I think it is inevitable that Dessler would return – he’s too popular a character not to. However, in this instance, I see more of a Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato ending for him than the Yamato 2 ending, given the changed nature of and outcome to the Gamilas Empire in the 2199 universe.

      Personally, though I see it inevitable that he will, I think they could do more with the story if he didn’t return.

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