Yamato Model Kits By Bandai

Part 2: the Comeback

Although the excitement had begun to build well ahead of the Space Battleship Yamato movie’s premiere on August 6, 1977, licensors maintained a wait-and-see-attitude. But when the boom sounded, they were quick to react. It took Bandai three months to release their first movie-related kit, but it was just as revolutionary as Yamato‘s comeback.

Space Battleship Yamato “Deform Display Model” (Nov 1977)

This unique kit was sculpted in forced-perspective to mimic the iconic “Yamato-in-flight” image that had achieved symbolic status with fans. The bloated bow and shrunken stern looked very weird from the side, but made for a convincing simulation when seen as intended. This kit was the only one to successfully capture those dramatic proportions, and was later used in a novelty 3-D lenticular poster.

1/70 Cosmo Zero (Dec 1977)

This redesigned reissue of the 1974 Cosmo Zero eliminated the windup motor and replaced it with better detailing and a pivoted slide-on stand.

1/70 Black Tiger (Dec 1977)

Following the new standard set by the Cosmo Zero, this reissue of the Black Tiger was also upgraded and given a stand of its own.

Space Battleship Yamato gold version (March 1978)

This version of the ship was resculpted from the 1974 model to more closely resemble Leiji Matsumoto’s original design. The windup motor was replaced by a pivoted slide-on stand. The plastic had a golden-bronze finish and the kit included a tiny Analyzer and two fighters, which had also been included in the first Yamato model.

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