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There is as of yet no official subtitled version of Yamato 2202, so as long as that is the case Cosmo DNA will step up to its role of Yamato repository and provide synopses of current episodes. This information is a composite of translated material from Japan and observation by knowledgeable fans. This is how anime fandom operated before the import age began, and the method still works as well as it ever did.

Episode 1: The year 2202, Revive Space Battleship Yamato

What is the new threat that approaches the reconstructed Earth? The words of the late Captain Okita invite Kodai on a new journey…

A deep male voice booms out of the cosmos and we hear the famous opening lines: The infinity that is space. A world filled with serene light, with stars both dying and forming. And thus, space is alive. But then we hear something new: So…love is needed…

The voice is that of Great Emperor Zordar, tyrannical ruler of Gatlantis

Some time in the year 2202. A massive Gatlantis task force attacks the planet Telezart and brutally slaughters an army of monks protecting a secret within. Great Emperor Zordar rises from his throne.

Zordar: Useless. So useless. What meaning did their lives have? To reward the pain, what significance is there in the life of a person? Love is needed after all. A great love that completely removes all pain from the universe. Do you not agree, Teresa?

Teresa emerges and her call goes out to the universe.

Teresa: Everything has been decided. But that’s all there is…soldiers of love on other worlds…it is all for you…

Milky Way Galaxy
December 2, 2202

Three years have passed since the voyage of Space Battleship Yamato. A special combined fleet of the Earth Defense Force teams up with a task force of the 38th Garmillas Frontier Guard for military action. Their objective is to recapture the 8th floating continent, which is occupied by a vanguard of the mysterious nation Gatlantis, which was once entangled with the fate of Yamato.

Susumu Kodai, who formerly served as Yamato’s tactical chief, participates in the operation as the captain of Yuunagi, ship number 47 in the Second Escort Destroyer Fleet. Nanbu and Aihara are members of his crew. Aihara gripes about the Garmillas ships that have joined them, but Kodai shuts him down, pointing out that they are allies. And then, battle erupts.

While the battle is fairly even to begin with, Kodai takes the fight to the Gatlanteans, Yuunagi weaving its way through the enemy formation and destroying several ships and fighters, including one of the two Megaludas in the fleet.

Despite Kodai’s efforts, the battle still remains fairly even, but becomes more and more brutal over time. Suddenly the Gatlanteans unexpectedly begin to retreat towards the continent, and allied forces begin pursuit. Suddenly, a gigantic cross-shaped asteroid approaches the advancing vessels. It begins to break up, revealing a Calaklum-class super battleship, which then proceeds to unleash torrents of firepower on the Earth-Garmillas fleet, destroying numerous craft.

Back at Earth Defense Headquarters, it becomes apparent that the combined task force is in over their heads. General Serizawa tells Commander Todo it is time to issue the order: “Plan A.” The screens shift to a new mode, deleting data from the view of controllers Yuki Mori and Mikage Kiryu. Two streaks of light break up into countless lines, instantly annihilating most of the Gatlantis fleet and disabling the Calaklum-class ship. It is the light of the Dispersion Wave-Motion Gun, released by the new battleship Andromeda.

The combined fleet has been rescued, but Kodai is shocked. Witnessing the Wave-Motion Gun, the “promise” to Starsha of Iscandar floats through his mind…

Starsha: Please promise me you won’t repeat our folly.

Okita: I promise.

Sanada: Kodai, see the reality. Earth suffered a heavy blow in the last great war. In order to survive…

On Earth, Yuki casts a desperate, betrayed look toward Commander Todo. “We gave our word!”

Then the Calaklum revives despite significant hull damage. It warps into the orbit of Earth’s moon, on a direct collision course with Earth Defense HQ. Kodai chases it with an urgent warp of Yuunagi, but is no match for the giant. With Kodai at the end of his line, a communication comes in from Shiro Sanada, the former XO of Yamato. In a dark submarine dock, Sanada and other workers activate “it,” which is being rebuilt. Its huge hull leans to one side, aiming its guns toward the sky, and the light of a shock cannon bursts up through the ocean, smashing the Calaklum. In that moment, Space Battleship Yamato saves Earth once again.

Kodai is relieved, and then a light flashes through his mind. A vision appears before his eyes and delivers words full of conviction. “Kodai, get on Yamato.” It is the voice of he whose life ended with finish of a 336,000-light-year journey. The voice of Space Battleship Yamato‘s first captain, Juuzo Okita…

Episode 1 notes

(from the video booklet)

In the surprising start of this work, the enemy Zordar talks about “love.” The up-tilted angle is the hallmark of Tomonori Kogawa, who was the art director of Farewell to Yamato, and he was actually in charge of this sequence of shots.

The situation of Earth having an alliance with Garmillas was inherited from 2199, which makes it unique to this work and was not possible in Farewell. This difference can be confirmed with the appearance of Garmillas characters at key points in the Earth Federal Government. What kinds of changes will this bring to the story? The relationship between these two forces will be a highlight of the series.

By the way, the ship named Yuunagi, which is captained by Kodai, was originally Hijikata’s ship in Farewell. And when the remodeled Yamato starts up again, the lines are the same as those of the workers in Episode 2 of the Space Battleship Yamato TV series. It is a situation that was daringly picked up after being omitted from 2199.

Episode 2: Tension – go to the secret underground moon base

Who is in the vision with a message calling for help? Kodai, who is the target of government monitoring, heads alone for the moon…

In an investigation by Kaoru Niimi of the science bureau, Gatlantis soldiers were recovered alive from the Calaklum, but an accidental explosion occurs. Soldiers from that nation are built to self-destruct if their bodies don’t receive a predetermined treatment. At the Garmillas embassy on the moon, Klaus Kiman reports to Ambassador Loren Varel that the Terrans have captured Gatlanteans. Loren realizes the danger, but too late to inform anyone. Later, an injured Niimi wakes up in hospital, with Sanada waiting nearby.

During the launch ceremony for four new ships of the Andromeda class, two battleships (Aldebaran and Achilles) and two carriers (Apollo Norm and Antares), Kotetsu Serizawa questions Varel, the Garmillas ambassador to Earth, about the exploding Gatlantean soldier issue, since the Garmillas knew about this and did not inform them in advance. Varel seems to be keeping watch on Earth’s military buildup, symbolized by Andromeda. It cannot be denied that this accident causes ill feelings to remain between these two nations. The ceremony ends with the four ships launching and then warping. Afterward, Kiman obtains a briefing from Varel about the Yamato crew, with special focus on Kodai.

Yuki Mori, who now works at the headquarters, welcomes Kodai after he concludes a hearing about the matter of starting Yamato without permission. They drive through the recovering landscape of Earth, and Yuki loudly thanks Kodai for saving them all once again. Kodai pauses and yells his own response: “This was the second time!” They both laugh and we later find them in a cafe. Yuki is wearing Kodai’s engagement ring, but still suffers from the memory loss previously explained in 2199: due to an unexplained accident, she has no memory earlier than her last four years. Kodai is determined to do everything in his power to make her happy, and she answers that she already is.

The day is December 8, and the former Yamato crew gathers at Hero’s Hill to observe the anniversary of Captain Okita’s death. But their hearts are heavy. Earth seems to have been reborn from the Cosmo Reverse System, but they can’t help but be troubled by the thriving cities that have forgotten Earth’s past, and the sight of the federal government working hard at military expansion with Andromeda as a symbol of reconstruction. Nearby, Klaus Kiman studies his subjects.

At the science bureau, Sanada talks with Kodai and Shima about the illusions seen by everyone on the crew. Whereas Kodai saw Captain Okita, Shima saw his own dead father. None can find a meaning for this phenomenon. The three men witness data that Yamato recorded in a garbled communication that occurred simultaneously with the visions, and the figure of a praying girl appears. Her voice asks for help. Kodai insists that they take action and head for her location immediately, but Sanada insists that no such mission would be sanctioned. Shima, who is considering leaving the military, tells Kodai to give up this fantasy and think of Yuki instead.

An anxious Kodai returns to the former Far East District Headquarters underground. When a sizable number of armed men arrive at the site, he is ushered into a hiding place by Klaus Kiman (disguising himself as an Earthman), who informs him that all the members of Yamato’s crew are being monitored. He says to visit Varel at the Garamillas lunar embassy, who has information about the vision.

At the moon base, Yamamoto is putting new recruits through their paces. All the while, Kato and Makoto are watching over their deathly ill son Tsubasa, who suffers from Planet Bomb Syndrome. After their latest training run, Yamamoto receives a message from Kodai. Kodai is secretly dropped off by Kenjiro Ota’s cargo ship in his recon plane. Flying covertly, he is intercepted by automated Garmillas defenses. Yamamoto shows up and takes care of them, seeing Kodai safely off toward the Garmillan Embassy.

As Planet Telezart is “cocooned,” Zordar is aware that Teresa has sent the message and orders the White Comet to advance. Their target is Earth…

Episode 2 notes

(from the video booklet)

The highlight of the first half is the launching ceremony of the Andromeda class. Along with the surprise of Andromeda being mass-produced, it’s a scene that impresses on us the current state of Earth’s military expansion.

In the Heroes Hill scene, the gathered Yamato crew is confused with the situation, and the layout of the scene is very conscious of its counterpart in Farewell. The familiar form of Yuki as she runs with Kodai is also a point of interest.

The highlight of the latter half is Yamamoto flying the Cosmo Tiger I (!), a new craft that is this work’s unique answer to the mystery of “Cosmo Tiger II.” It is reminiscent of the Cosmo Pulsar, a craft that appeared in Yamato Resurrection.

By the way, Jiro Tsurumi, who is scolded by Yamamoto while in training, was a member of the Cosmo Tiger corps in Farewell who joined Yamato from the moonbase along with Kato and Yamamoto.

As for the main plot, you should pay close attention to the mysterious Garmillas character Kiman, who is literally the “key man” of the story.


Chapter 2: Launch Chapter

(from the official 2202 website)

Invited by Kiman, the mysterious young Garmillan, Kodai meets Ambassador Varel at the Garmillas embassy on the moon to learn the story of Planet Telezart and Teresa. He is also told of the dark legacy of the Cosmo Reverse System that was brought back to Earth.

Angry about the policy of Earth’s government, Kodai tries to convince the highest EDF officers to respond to Teresa’s message, but Yamato is not given permission to launch…

Yamato’s crew, who received the message, gathers at the dock of the sleeping Yamato. Kodai is determined to begin a voyage in a move that can be taken as “treason.” Now, Space Battleship Yamato starts again. Andromeda, the most advanced ship, is waiting.

Meanwhile, elite Gatlantis troops invade the solar system, approaching the eleventh planet…

Trailer from the end of Episode 2:

Varel’s sharp eyes look like they are seeing everything. Kodai talks with Varel and Kiman at the Garmillas embassy.

Varel: Those who are called by Teresa…

Kiman: You must have wondered about the abnormal speed of Andromeda’s completion.

Voice of Sanada: It is re-equipped with a Wave-Motion Gun.

Kodai: This is where the reconstruction comes from!

Thoughtful looks from the elder crewmen.

Voice of Nanbu: This is the right thing!

Kodai: Everyone, please lend me your strength!!

Next episode title: Shock – Legacy of the Cosmo Reverse


“Future News” story from the Yamato 2202 Newspaper

A future newspaper exclusive obtained through a time warp!!
Symbols of peace in space, the four advanced sister ships of Andromeda

Festive launch ceremony

The launch ceremony of the four Andromeda-class battleships, flagships of the Earth Federation space fleet, took place on December 8, 2202. It was performed magnificently with members of the Earth Federal Government and the Garmillas Empire in attendance. Andromeda, the first ship of the Andromeda class, had already gone into actual combat and achieved great results. This launch ceremony was for Andromeda‘s four sister ships, two of which are aircraft carriers. All are equipped with Wave-Motion Guns and state-of-the-art technology is used abundantly.

Cheering and applause for the maiden voyage

A cloudless sky and blue sea spread widely. Three years had passed since the crisis of global extinction. Who could have imagined that the reddened Earth and dried up ocean would be revived for this day?

After the war between Earth and Garmillas, it was critical to rebuild the space fleet, which was almost destroyed. The achievements of Space Battleship Yamato in bringing about the reconstruction were great. As Earth’s first interstellar space ship, it not only accomplished the feat of traveling 168,000 light years to Iscandar and back, its actual combat experience during the voyage brought back valuable intelligence for rebuilding the global fleet.

The launch ceremony took place with clear skies and without incident. Approximately 50,000 spectators gathered at the venue, and the audience that couldn’t get in watched from the surrounding shores. The ships lined up from the left: the third ship, carrier Apollo Norm, the fourth ship, battleship Achilles, the second ship, battleship Aldebaran, and the fifth ship, carrier Antares, was at the far right. Their ultra-modern forms were each equipped with two Wave-Motion Guns, suitable for the next generation of battleship, and seeing all four vessels lined up was, in a word, spectacular.

In the ceremony, an ornamental bottle of champagne was broken against Aldebaran‘s hull and the dock’s injection mechanism was activated to push all four vessels forward. The roar of their hulls echoed throughout the venue and the Andromeda-class ships started down the slope. They proceeded along the injection rails installed in the sea, quickly kicking up waves. The rails curved vertically upward and the four ships immediately went into warp. At the resulting sonic boom, cheering and applause exploded from the audience.

Next, the President of the Earth Federation Government presented a congratulatory message.

“Citizens of the globe, as the first president of the Earth Federal Government, I report the completion of the state-of-the-art Andromeda-class ships here today. With their power and the alliance between Earth and Garmillas, the peace of space will be protected. We also celebrate the glorious achievements of the first ship Andromeda, a symbol bearing the heaviest responsibility, which has already engaged in military operations. The next four sister ships will surely meet our expectations as an invincible shield to protect the peace.”

The ceremony was also attended by key Garmillas resident officers Loren Varel, the Ambassador to Earth who signed the peace treaty, and Klaus Kiman.

The five ships in the Andromeda class were built after the war with Garmillas, constructed in about three years in the new “Wave-Motion Gunboat Corps Plan” concept. They are positioned as the flagships of the Earth Federation Aerospace Fleet. Labor is saved by the promotion of automation, which largely reduces the crew requirements. Only four personnel are stationed on the bridge: the Captain, XO, and combat chief (who holds the additional post of navigation chief), and communications chief.

The greatest feature is the double Wave-Motion Gun barrels at the bow of each ship. In addition to firing concentrated beams like Yamato, it is possible to disperse the Wave Energy to strike a large number of targets simultaneously. This is the origin of the common name “Dispersion Wave-Motion Gun.”

The first ship Andromeda was launched in absolute secrecy for the 8th Floating Continent Recapture Operation, in which the Dispersion Wave-Motion Gun was test-fired against a Gatlantis fleet.

The “trial” firing of the Dispersion Wave-Motion Gun

The first ship Andromeda was secretly launched for the 8th Floating Continent Recapture Operation and achieved great military gains.

Under Captain Yamanami, participating as a member of the joint Earth/Garmillas allied force, it did not show any movement at first. But immediately after the Gatlantis fleet launched a “large battleship” near the floating continent, the Dispersion Wave-Motion Gun was used.

This also served as a test voyage and took the form of a test-firing to the end, showing its power by driving the hostile enemy fleet almost to destruction with a single blow.

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    • Chapter 1 can be purchased on Blu-ray or DVD now from Japanese sources (see recent 2202 reports for links). There is no release yet outside of Japan.

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