Daisuke Ono & Harutoshi Fukui interview

Dot Asahi, February 21, 2017. See the original post here.

Daisuke Ono says Hiroshi Kamiya is “the opposite identity from me?” in a talk with Harutoshi Fukui

Fans are looking forward to the long-awaited Yamato 2202, Soldiers of Love on February 25. While talking about the meaning of Yamato‘s launch once again, Susumu Kodai’s voice actor Daisuke Ono and series writer Harutoshi Fukui touched on the relationship with Hiroshi Kamiya.

Interviewer: A new character named Klaus Kiman will appear in Yamato 2202, a military officer of the Garmillas Empire who was the enemy in Yamato 2199. He didn’t exist in the original version, Farewell to Yamato. Hiroshi Kamiya, who plays Kiman, has joined Mr. Ono in other works as well.

Ono: We’ve worked together in various ways.

Fukui: Did the two of you ever play roles like the relationship of Kodai and Kiman?

Ono: I still don’t know if he’s a friend or an enemy. I don’t think we’ve ever had a relationship like this. To keep a tense relationship, they should never be able to fit together.

Fukui: Is it different from your roles on Osomatsu-san?

Ono: Completely different. (Laughs) Kamiya asked me, “How is Yamato?” Kamiya’s character Kiman doesn’t appear until the second episode of Chapter 1, so he asked, “How was Episode 1?”

Fukui: You were careful about it, right?

Ono: In his identity as an actor, I think Mr. Kamiya is the opposite of me.

Fukui: How so?

Ono: The crew of Yamato goes with the flow, even as we get knocked around. But Mr. Kamiya asks, “What kind of role is it?” “What is your standing position?” “What’s the current situation between Garmillas and Earth?” “Which side should I appeal to as a bridge-builder?” He asked Mr. Fukui all sorts of things.

Fukui: Yes, yes. He asked me a lot. In contrast with Kodai, you prefer to perform in a situation where you don’t know anything. Since Kiman is a role that shows both the crew of Yamato and the audience things they don’t know, I was grateful that he asked. It was saved.

Ono: Therefore, I think Mr. Kamiya knows the situation much better than I do.

Fukui: (Laughs)

Ono: I’m really glad Mr. Kamiya is involved in Yamato. I say that with pride. I want him to do his best.

Fukui: I look forward to it.

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