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Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:24 am

  • Recently I got this email:

    I recently re-read your extensive blog post in early 2008 on the history of anime parody dubbing on the Let's Anime Blog and I was wondering if you could clarify exactly how you managed to get a copy of Nick Pollotta's You Say Yamato (1983).

    I have already seen a digital copy of Pollotta and Foglio's fan dub parody, but I was curious as to how a copy of it began to circulate in the first place.

    I am a doctoral student from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec (in a media studies program) and I have recently been looking at anime fan parodies from the 1980s onwards

    Before Pollotta unfortunately passed away in 2013, I actually talked to him by email in 2012 and he was surprised that I had seen his parody and that there were any additional copies of You Say Yamato being distributed, given that he kept such a close watch on what he thought was the only copy, which he exhibited at conventions (and that this copy was eventually damaged later in the 1980s and rendered unplayable). I eventually provided him with a link to a copy of his own parody, which he was very happy to obtain.

    Still, I am interesting in knowing how exactly you managed to finally track down a copy after looking for one as early as 1985? Was it another tape that somebody had made a copy with?

    It's fascinating to hear about doctoral students writing about decades-old parody dubbing, and sad to hear that You Say Yamato's producer is no longer with us. I'd heard of You Say Yamato for years and years before I ever got to see a copy. I bugged Phil Foglio about it at an Atlanta Fantasy Fair in I wanna say 1984, maybe 1985, but he had bigger fish to fry, of course. Not his thing. I'd heard about You Say Yamato from Atlanta SF fans who were tangentially into anime, and the parody was on my "must have" list for years and years. It was 1999 before I ever got to see it, courtesy fans in the New England area. However, my correspondent here, and Pollotta himself, seemed to be under the impression that NOBODY ANYWHERE had a copy, which clearly wasn't the case. Never underestimate the power of two VCRs hooked together, I guess.
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