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UPDATED! Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Timeline Project

PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 11:45 pm
by DanGeorge
This is where I will be posting bits and pieces on my Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Timeline Project as I progress with it.

Since we now have a start date and a finish date for 2199 (which I will not reveal the latter for since Chapter 7 is yet to be released on home video), I will be moving my way through the series an episode at a time, and coming up with dates for events in the episodes.

When formulating dates, I made the following assumptions:

(1) Explicit date references and time periods have precedence over all other dates, except where logic dictates that the timeframe or date cannot possibly be correct. There are several explicitly-referenced dates and timeframes in the series, notably the date of Operation M, the ten minutes that it is reported that Amaterasu will take to get from Neptune to Mars, the three-week period it takes Kirishima to reach Mars on the way to Earth, the date of the first contact with Garmillas, as well as the date that Yamato returns to Earth.

(2) Context of the "Days Remaining until Earth's destruction" counter at the end of each episode. For the following reasons, I have assumed that these are the days remaining at the start of the next episode:

    (a) The "two-part" episodes which continue immediately from one episode into the next (notably 1 and 2, 5 and 6, 12 and 13, and 19 and 20) the day count in the preview at the end of the first part (i.e. the second episode's preview) is a single day. While some episodes early on cover a single day, the ones later do leave a big gap of time (e.g. by Episode 7, most of the hull plating damaged by the Reflection Satellite Gun on Pluto has been repaired and repairs have turned towards more maintenance style activities).

    (b) The "days remaining" counts are being mentioned in the context of the next episode's events. In the original series, there were no previews for the next episodes other than a splash screen at the start of the ending credits for the next episode's title, and the day counter was shown before this, in the episode itself.

(3) Other dates are construed from the "days remaining" count. If events take place within an episode, if there is evidence that a change of timeframe has occurred during the episode, then that is taken into consideration.

Why do I do this? Why not just "suspend disbelief" and enjoy the show for what it is? I do it because for me, it's fun. I actually enjoy placing dates around the series, to see how good my powers of observation and extrapolation are. I fully expect people will challenge me on some things, and that's another reason I do it. Fostering discussion among fans about this sort of thing is a big part of what these forums are attempting to achieve.

Added 2013-11-09

Part One: Establishing Dates for Each Episode

Since the "Days Remaining" counter provides us a good start for timeframes for periods in the show without breaking episodes which cover significant timeframes, and using the assumptions referred to above as to when the days left counter kicks in, I've come up with the list below:

2199_date_matrix.jpg (162.29 KiB) Viewed 6186 times

The date for the start of the second episode is taken as follows:

(1) Operation M takes place on 2199-01-17: this is corroborated by the fact that Sasha's ship, Sheherazade (code-named Amaterasu), arrives on Mars the same day as the operation begins (her grave marker explicitly mentions this date).

(2) An explicit reference to "three weeks later" is shown on screen. If it takes Kirishima three weeks to reach Mars from Pluto, then assuming that it takes Kirishima some time to slow down, take Kodai and Shima aboard, and then accelerate back to cruise speed, it would be safe to say it takes 2-4 days for the return to Earth.

(3) It's near sunset when Kodai and Shima steal the Zero and fly to Bono Misaki (the site of the Yamato's construction), so it's safe to say that the announcement of the Yamato Plan and the ship's crew takes place the next day. Assuming that the launch occurs early the morning after that (the launch procedures start at 6am), it would be early on the 12th of February when the ship launches.

From there, it's fairly straightforward to calculate the date at the start of each episode.

There are two issues with the timeline quoting the preview day count verbatim:

Firstly, for Episode 24's start date, given during the preview at the end of Episode 23. Okita clearly says 199 days ("hyakku-kyuju-kyu nichi") remain, however, considering that this episode's events would have happened inside a day and certainly not taken 11 as the count from the previous episode count suggests, I've chosen to rule the preview wrong and say there are 209 days left at the start of Episode 24. This has two repercussions:

(1) The time elapsed in Episode 23 is realistic; and
(2) The timeframe referred to at the start of Episode 25 by Yuria Misaki, is correct to the tune of two days. We only see two nights pass on Iscandar, so it's safe to assume that they leave on the 19th of July. This would make the time between leaving Iscandar and Yurisha's announcement that two months have passed since leaving, correct to within two days.

Secondly, the reference to "Eight Months" having passed since Yamato left Earth. Since it is mid-late September, and Yamato left on the 12th of February, that's barely more than a week over seven months. However, in terms of lunar months, then this would actually be accurate to within two days (the episode starts on Day 222, and 8 lunar months would be 224 days). Since 56 days is two lunar months and 64 days would have passed since Yamato left Iscandar (2 lunar months plus 8 days), rounding it down to two months is appropriate.

[EDIT 2015-06-01] Following Ark of the Stars' subtitled release in May 2015, an observation was brought to my attention by Luis Cotovio that I'd missed: That in the epilogue to the movie a screen is seen in Todo's room that says "41 days left". This would mean that 324 days have elapsed in the mission by the time Yamato returns to Earth. If we subtract 324 days from December 8, 2199, we get January 18, 2199. This would also coincide with the dialogue in Episode 25 that states it's 8 months since Yamato left Earth. The key problem here is that they've completely forgotten or disregarded the "three weeks later" that appears on screen just before Kirishima arrives at Mars to pick Kodai and Shima up. The date we see on Sasha's grave is January 17, 2199; however, it's quite clear from the animation that Sasha crashed on Mars at the same time as Operation M was fighting. Had it not been the case, her crash would have been after the "three weeks later" sign, and would in that case have contradicted the "reaching Mars in 5 minutes" in the dialogue as Sheherazade passed Neptune.

Since the final episode preview simply says, "The journey never ends", we can't estimate how many days pass between the end of Episode 25 and the start of 26. More observation is needed there, and I'll get to that at a later date.

All we know is that 78 days pass between the start of Episode 25 and the end of Episode 26, and that the return journey takes 142 days.

Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Timeline Project

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:16 am
by DanGeorge
Okay, since I haven't updated this in a while, and now I have Chapter 7 in my possession, and many of us have seen it through now, I can start adding some explicit dates. Please note that these dates are those relating to events in the series for which explicit dates occur. These will serve as the framework for extrapolating other dates based on references. It is duly noted that events such as Kodai's birthdate are seen in the footage, and they will be added later to the overall timeline. For now, we are sticking to specific dates explicitly mentioned inthe show and relative to the chain of events in the Earth-Garmillas war.

2199-04-01: First sighting of Garmillas ships in Solspace. In the ensuing weeks, Earth forces encounter and engage the enemy. (Source: Propaganda film seen in Episode 11).

2199-01-17 1200: Operation M takes place to act as a decoy against Garmillas forces at Pluto, so that Sasha Iscandar's ship, code-named Amaterasu can obtain safe passage to Mars. It enters the solar system at extremely high speeds crashing on Mars ten minutes after it was spotted passing Neptune. A rendezvous force of Susumu Kodai and Daisuke Shima based at Arcadia base on Mars intercept the damaged ship and find its sole occupant, Sasha Iscandar, dead in an escape pod, holding the Wave Motion Core she was due to deliver. She is buried on the planet with a makeshift gravestone which included the date "2199-01-17". The time was explicitly stated, but this could either be JST (with UNCF HQ being based in Japan) or GMT ("Zulu", which is used as a military convention).

2199-02-07: Kirishima rendezvous with Kodai and Shima in Martian orbit, recovering their Type 100 aerospacecraft before continuing onto Earth. This date is taken as semi-explicit, given on-screen text that says "three weeks later", it's fairly safe to take this as verbatim.

2199-12-08: Yamato returns to Earth. (Source: Episode 26 screen text).

I am about 1/4 of the way through the series in terms of recording notable observations in-depth for each episode; I have notes for other episodes where I've wanted to put something down before I forget it. At this stage, I will open it to the floor whether people are interested in seeing individual episode notes put up, or to wait until the set of observations for the complete timeline is complete. How I will work this is that eventually, the primary post will be updated with the overall timeline, and individual reply posts will cover updates.