Captain Gideon and Comet Empire in 2199? Why??

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  • Why is Captain Gideon in the remake of the First Season of Yamato? Why am I seeing Comet Empire Ships?

    Admiral Ryu Hijikata (Captain Gideon in Star Blazers) is given a bit of backstory in 2199. It shows that he’s a part of the establishment already, and knew both Kodai (Wildstar) and Shima (Venture) as an instructor at the UN Cosmo Navy (EDF) Academy, as well as being old friends with Captain Okita (Avatar). They're establishing his background rather than him just being there like he is in the original Series 2.

    Likewise, the appearance of Gatlantis (Comet Empire) warships in the series was to establish their presence as an antagonist in the Yamato universe.

    Other characters from later series have been brought into the fold, notably Wolf Flarken, the submarine commander known as the Galman Wolf in The Bolar Wars. Flarken is a significant supporting character in the new series.
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