Why are there scenes from the original that are not in 2199?

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  • Why isn’t IQ-9 chasing Nova’s skirt anymore? Where’s the Balanosaurus? Where are the Bee People?

    Some things were better left in the original and not revisited.

    IQ9’s skirt chasing is very politically incorrect now and adds nothing to the story.

    The Balanosaurus was used to illustrate the incompetence of Goer (Volgar) and why Domel (Lysis) was sent to relieve him of his command. In 2199 Goer’s role and incompetence come into play much earlier in the show, thus there’s no need for the Balanosaurus.

    Other than that, the answer is timing. In order to expand the story and improve it, some sacrifices had to be made, and these sorts of minor side-stories were what got the chop.

    [oh, and for the record, the Bee People are still on Beemerra... just not quite as you remember them].
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  • And they did a much better job with Bee planet on 2199 and I am glad that Analyzer is no longer skirt chasing
    perv. With all the ladies on board in 2199 he'd be reduced to a scrap pile of circuits after they all got
    a hold of him.
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  • You could also add Sanada's Cybernetics here too.

    Reason being that it really didn't add to the story and was a gimmick to get them out of a jam in the original. It should be stated that there are 2 subtle references in 2199 that he does have them though. Kodai's comment that he's a "Computer Human" and the scene where the ship gets rocked and everyone in the briefing room falls down except for him.
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