Will the Live-Action Yamato movie get an English Dub?

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  • In a word? No.

    As Tim Eldred reported in his series on the live-action film (see towards the bottom of the page), there is a clause in Takuya Kimura's (Susumu Kodai's) contract that his voice cannot be dubbed over. Thus any and all English language releases will be subtitled-only releases. This has already been seen in the Australian R4/B release (Madman's Eastern Eye label), and will be the same for Manga Entertainment's British release and Funimation's North American release.
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  • That really sucks.
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  • Todd S wrote:That really sucks.

    Personally, I'm glad. Dubs of anime are all fine and good, but it just doesn't fit having an entire Japanese cast with American accents, unless you're intentionally going for a bad comedy style of performance like Iron Chef or the American dub of Takeshi's Castle .
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