How can I get Space Battleship Yamato 2199 now?

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  • How can I get Space Battleship Yamato 2199 now? Is it streaming anywhere?

    Unfortunately, no streaming licence has been announced for Yamato 2199, and if one does eventuate it will most likely be as part of a home video licence announcement, which will most likely not occur until after the series has finished airing in Japan.

    If you can’t wait, can afford it, and want to help the production as it goes along, then Amazon Japan and CD Japan are your friends! They generally have all the available volumes in stock; as of 2 June 2013, the first five volumes have been released, comprising 18 episodes. Be warned, though, that only the Blu-Ray Disc releases have English subtitles; the DVDs do not (i.e. only raw Japanese). The Blu-rays are, however, all-region and will play in any country’s region. If you don’t have a Blu-Ray player, I would recommend buying one as these days you can get one relatively cheaply (some under $100) or worst case if you’ve got a decent computer and monitor you can buy a Blu-Ray drive for your PC for well under $100.

    If you’re going to buy all the available discs in one go, it’s usually best to go with Amazon Japan; they discount ~25% from MSRP as a rule and their shipping costs are comparable with CDJapan’s for the same class of shipping (they ship via DHL only for international orders). Base cost is pretty expensive, but the overall cost of shipping is lower if you order multiple items, as generally incremental shipping on additional units is comparatively low.
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