Space Battleship Yamato: first novelization

Welcome to the first English translation of a Space Battleship Yamato novelization originally written and published in Japan. It first appeared during the premiere broadcast of Series 1 and takes the story into territory never explored in anime form.

Written by Arashi Ishizu from a draft by Aritsune Toyota
Illustrated by Munehiro Minowa
Planning by Yoshinobu Nishizaki
Published by Asahi Sonorama
Translated by Tim Eldred (special thanks to Neil Nadelman for support)

Volume 1 cover art by Leiji Matsumoto

Volume 1: The Fall of Earth

Published December 20, 1974

Chapter 1: Mysterious Invaders

Chapter 2: Desperate Struggle of Mimas

Chapter 3: Mars War

Chapter 4: Strange Spaceship

Chapter 5: Earth Crisis

Chapter 6: Phantom Battleship

Chapter 7: Super Engine, Warp

Chapter 8: Space Battleship Yamato

Chapter 9: Yamato Departs

Chapter 10: Graveyard of Space

Chapter 11: Mystery of the Spaceship Phantom

4 thoughts on “Space Battleship Yamato: first novelization

  1. Just started watching this Anime yesterday. VERY INTERESTING ANIME! It kinda reminds me of Thundersub, another Anime I watched as a kid back in the late ’80’s. The Battleship Yamato even has a very similar design to that of Thundersub. I wonder if it opens up to reveal a flight deck like Thundersub. 

  2. Hi Tim,
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    Many thanks!

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