Series 1 Music Index

Compiled by Ed Chang

This index lists the music cues used in each episode of Space Battleship Yamato Series 1. The track numbers are from the 2012 CD titled Space Battleship Yamato Sound Almanac 1974-1. This album can be purchased at iTunes under the search term Starblazers Sound Almanac.

The album includes 57 individual tracks, only 50 of which are referenced here. Tracks 51-57 contain short “bridge” music cues and unused tracks. Additionally, opening and closing title songs were not included on the disc. See liner notes here and a track listing here.

Once you obtain Sound Almanac 1974-1, this index can be used to create episode-by-episode playlists. See an expanded version of this index on Cue by Cue here.

Episode 1: SOS Earth! Awaken, Space Battleship Yamato!

41 Okita’s Earth forces are outgunned by the Gamilas fleet at Pluto.
02 On Mars, Kodai and Shima find a beautiful, strange envoy from planet Iscandar who has been killed in a crash-landing.
03 Kodai’s brother (Mamoru Kodai) refuses Okita’s order to withdraw.
25 Mamoru’s ship Yukikaze is apparently destroyed by the Gamilas fleet.
28 Kodai and Shima launch from Mars to join Okita’s returning battleship.
01 Okita reflects on the Gamilas attacks on Earth (montage).
42 On Earth, Kodai finds out about the fate of his brother and resents Okita.
02 Kodai and Shima meet Yuki, who looks like the woman from Iscandar.
19 Okita, Kodai, Shima and Yuki wait for translation of the message capsule.
04 Starsha’s message invites the Earth heroes to come to Iscandar for the Cosmo DNA, which will save Earth from the Gamilas radiation poisoning.
35 Kodai and Shima go out to intercept a Gamilas spy plane.
05 Kodai & Shima discover the battleship Yamato half-buried in the desolate landscape.

Episode 2: The Opening Gun! Space Battleship Yamato Starts!

01 Opening narration.
39 Okita monitors preparations for the trip to Iscandar.
06 Kodai & Shima (joined by Dr. Sado and Analyzer) ride an aircar to command HQ.
14 Kodai and the others reach Yamato’s bridge and meet Okita and Yuki. Okita explains the mission.
41 Gamilas planes bomb Yamato.
13 Gamilas soldiers plan their attack.
33 Okita orders Kodai & Shima to man the ship. Yamato emerges from the ground.
03 Yamato targets the Gamilas carrier.
36 The crew celebrate destroying the Gamilas carrier.
07 Okita reflects on the history of the battleship Yamato during WWII.
08 IJN Battleship Yamato is deployed on a suicide mission.
09 As Yamato goes down, the captain stays with the ship.
26 Okita vows to complete the mission/Closing narration.

Episode 3: Yamato Launch! The Challenge of 296,000 Light Years!

36 Opening narration
13 On Pluto base, Schulz launches a giant missile at Yamato on Earth.
10 Yamato’s crew parades through the streets toward Yamato’s launch site.
13 The Gamilas giant missile is detected as it travels toward Earth.
28 Yamato’s crew takes aircars to the launch site and board Yamato.
12 Okita gives Kodai and Shima a ship’s tour.
20 Okita explains the Wave-Motion Gun.
13 Command HQ monitors the approaching Gamilas missile.
11 Encounter with Yuki and Dr. Sado on the ship’s tour.
XX The holodeck is demonstrated with hula dancers (unreleased track).
12 Introductions to Sanada and Tokugawa.
25 Kodai and Tokugawa discuss Okita. Kodai learns Okita lost his son.
13 Yamato gathers energy for launching.
33 Yamato rises from the ground and fires at the giant missile.
14 Yamato emerges from the missile explosion unharmed/Closing narration.

Episode 4: World of Wonder! Yamato Leaps Past Light!

36 Opening narration
15 On Gamilas, Dessler and Hiss discuss Yamato.
05 Yamato leaves Earth’s atmosphere.
48 The crew observe the sorry state of the Earth from space.
21 Sanada explains how the warp system works.
37 The bridge crew nervously prepares for a warp.
34 Kodai launches with the Black Tigers to defend Yamato against Gamilas fighters as it prepares for warp.
16 Yamato‘s Black Tigers engage the Gamilas fighters.
03 Black Tigers return to the ship.
49 Yamamoto has trouble returning to Yamato.
17 Yamato warps.
37 Yamato emerges near Mars, warp successful.
20 Dessler learns of Yamato‘s successful warp; Yamato begins descent to Mars.
42 The crew laments that there is no more snow on Earth, but enjoy it on Mars/Closing narration.

Episode 5: Escape the Floating Continent! Crisis Calls the Wave-Motion Gun!

01 Opening narration
29 Yamato sustains engine damage due to influence from Jupiter’s gravity field.
07 Narrator explains Jupiter’s atmosphere.
27 Yamato enters Jupiter’s thick atmosphere, which hampers radar.
37 Yamato discovers a floating island and lands.
21 Analyzer checks the exterior atmosphere.
16 Kodai intercepts a Gamilas spy plane from the Jupiter base and is hit.
10 Kodai recovers and shoots down the Gamilas plane.
38 Engine repairs are completed as the Gamilas base fires missiles.
06 Yamato launches from the floating island.
31 Yamato tracks the floating island and prepares to destroy it with the Wave-Motion Gun.
35 After destroying the floating island, Yamato struggles to escape the turbulence and Jupiter’s gravity.
05 The bridge crew considers the awesome power of the Wave-Motion gun as Schulz wonders what happened on Jupiter/Closing narration.

Episode 6: Space Destroyer Yukikaze Sleeps in the Ice Field

01 Opening narration
18 Due to the shock of firing the Wave-Motion gun, the ship’s internal gravity is lost.
19 On the way to the bridge, Kodai wonders what the problem is.
36 As Yamato travels to Saturn’s moon Titan to obtain repair materials, the narrator describes Saturn’s atmosphere.
35 Ground shuttles and Kodai’s Black Tiger launch to search for Cosmonite on Titan.
08 Sanada’s team begins gathering materials.
07 Koda and Yuki’s team find a Cosmonite mining site.
31 A Gamilas ship lands and spies on Kodai’s team.
29 The Gamilas pilot reports to Schulz.
16 Kodai, Yuki and Analyzer evade fire from Gamilas tanks. Kodai disables one of the tanks.
41 Yuki and Analyzer are chased by the other tank.
21 Kodai, Yuki and Analyzer are held at gunpoint by the Gamilas pilot, but Kodai suddenly finds a gun on the ground.
20 Kodai discovers that it’s his brother’s gun and that he is standing in front of his brother’s crashed ship.
46 Kodai calls out his brother’s name, looking around.
03 Flashback to the destruction of Yukikaze.
24 Kodai reluctantly leaves Yukikaze and Yamato leaves Titan.
37 The bridge crew discusses the mission’s success, Kodai goes to see the Captain.
42 Kodai reports that there were no survivors from Yukikaze/Closing narration.

Episode 7: Yamato Sinks! Fateful Battle to Destroy the Enemy Stronghold!

20 The narrator describes Pluto.
21 Schulz and Ganz monitor Yamato‘s approach to Pluto.
22 Schulz and Ganz discuss their missiles and the planet bombs they have been sending toward Earth.
14 Yamato heads toward Pluto to stop the planet bombs.
16 Black Tigers engage Gamilas ships near Pluto.
33 Schulz launches missiles, and Yamato defends itself.
35 Schulz prepares to fire the Reflex Gun.
29 After being hit by the Reflex Gun, Yamato goes out of control, but its momentum is halted with the rocket anchor.
21 The Reflex gun is programmed with a new set of coordinates.
03 After another hit, Yamato descends and lands in Pluto’s sea.
21 The Reflex gun is programmed with a new set of coordinates.
09 Yamato is hit and apparently sinks.
47 Dessler is informed of the sinking of Yamato/Closing narration.

Episode 8: Yamato Braves Death! Destroy the Reflex Gun!

24 Opening narration/Yamato sinks to the bottom of the Pluto sea.
26 Yamato capsizes and plays dead.
16 Schulz sends out subs to finish off Yamato, Kodai launches a team to attack the Gamilas base.
34 Yamato rights itself.
40 Yamato destroys the subs with torpedoes.
35 Kodai’s team reaches the surface and begins looking for the Reflex gun.
50 Yamato surfaces in order to make the Reflex gun fire and give away its position.
26 The Reflex gun fires again but Yamato submerges just in time.
35 Kodai gets a fix.
07 Kodai loses the fix.
34 Yamato surfaces again in order to make the Reflex gun fire.
30 Kodai’s team finds the Reflex gun exhaust port.
06 Kodai’s team enters the exhaust port tunnel and infiltrates the Gamilas base, overcoming several booby-traps.
46 Yamato runs out of time and prepares to surface without Kodai’s OK.
09 Kodai’s team shoots some guards and reaches the Reflex gun.
50 Yamato surfaces.
05 The Reflex gun is destroyed and the Gamilas planet bomb base with it.
36 Okita congratulates Yamato’s crew on a job well done, Yuki and Shima go out to meet Kodai on the shore/Closing narration.

Episode 9: Revolving Defense! Asteroid Belt!

14 Opening narration describing the preceding events on Pluto.
08 In space, Schulz pursues Yamato as Sanada begins repairs.
07 Repairs begin on the exterior of the ship.
37 Yamato takes refuge in an asteroid belt, left over from the 10th planet.
13 The Gamilas follow Yamato into the asteroid field.
23 Sanada works on a new defense design.
31 Dessler mocks Schulz’ failure in a communication as Yamato continues to hide in the asteroids.
38 Schulz spots Yamato and orders a new course.
06 An asteroid shield is drawn around Yamato‘s hull, camouflaging the ship.
23 As repairs resume, Dr. Sado floats around outside causing trouble.
41 Schulz spots Yamato again and orders another pursuit course.
04 Yuki prepares juice for the bridge crew.
05 The asteroid ring defense is activated and protects the ship from the Gamilas attacks.
03 Schulz prepares to ram Yamato in a final suicide attack.
42 Schulz’ ship is destroyed thanks to a tactic using the rocket anchor/Closing narration.

Episode 10: Farewell, Solar System! From the Galaxy, with Love!

10 Opening narration.
46 The bridge crew sees a transmission from the ailing Earth.
01 Okita explains to the ship’s crew that they are leaving the solar system, and that he will allow a final communication for each crew member to Earth.
11 The crew discuss what they will say, but Kodai seems distracted.
42 Shima talks to his family on Earth.
44 Kato searches for Kodai. Kodai declines when it is his turn to call Earth.
24 Tokugawa talks to his family on Earth, including his granddaughter. Okita reflects alone in his quarters.
48 Tokugawa apologizes to Yuki for getting emotional, agrees stay with her for her call to Earth.
49 Yuki’s parents become tearful, Dr. Sado complains to Mi-kun about life in space and says farewell.
42 Kodai sits in silence in front of the communications screen.
25 Kodai heads to Okita’s quarters.
XX Okita and Kodai wave goodbye to the Earth (montage with The Scarlet Scarf).
26 Closing narration.

Episode 11: Resolution! Break Through the Gamilas’ Absolute Defense Line!

36 Opening narration
31 On Gamilas, Dessler strides up to his throne
34 Scene transition from Gamilas to Yamato bridge.
21 Yamato‘s tests its balloon dummy, which is destroyed by Dessler mines.
22 The Dessler mines begin following Yamato.
30 Shima begins to carefully navigate through the mines.
29 Shima navigates as Kodai teases him.
39 The Dessler mines begin moving closer together.
15 Kodai takes back his teasing of Shima.
11 Dr. Sado and Analyzer share drinks.
14 Okita orders Shima to tilt the ship in order to evade the mines. Sanada and Analyzer search for a control mine.
17 Analyzer carefully defuses the control mine.
33 Okita orders the crew outside to push the mines out of the way by hand.
09 Yamato gets underway and Dessler departs his throne room, admiring Yamato‘s ingenuity.
05 Yamato receives a congratulatory transmission from Dessler.

Episode 12: Certain Death! The Wishing Star of Orion, Hell-Star!

10 Opening narration
43 Yuki tells Kodai of her secret wish toward the nearby star of Orion (the Prayer Star).
31 Yamato is caught in a magnetic field as enemy missiles approach.
13 A second wave of missiles approaches. Shima and Tokugawa snipe at each other.
25 Okita reprimands Kodai for firing anti-missile defenses without his direct order, but suddenly collapses.
30 On Gamilas, Dessler and his retinue observe Yamato.
04 Dr. Sado takes care of Okita’s injury.
27 Dr. Sado warns Okita that he is dying from radiation.
21 Dessler’s corrosive space gas approaches Yamato from behind and the crew reacts.
38 Yamato’s crew realizes they are caught in a trap.
20 Okita orders Yamato to take their only path to escape, directly into the chromosphere of the Prayer Star.
33 Yamato puts up protective shields and the crew dons spacesuits, Okita collapses from the heat.
16 Yamato dives through the Prayer Star, dodging solar flares.
35 The Dessler dissolving gas cloud is consumed by a solar flare. Meanwhile, Yamato is faced with an unavoidable giant flare of its own. Okita orders Kodai to fire the Wave-Motion Gun.
05 The solar flare is temporarily blown out and Yamato flies through the gap.
01 Dessler contemplates Yamato‘s escape. Yuki teases Kodai, telling him she wished that a certain person would fall in love with her/Closing narration.

Episode 13: Hurry, Yamato! Earth is Suffering!

05 Opening narration
15 On Gamilas, Dessler’s bath is interrupted when he hears that Domel has returned.
33 Domel rides through the streets with the crowds chanting his name. While given a medal by Dessler, he offers to handle Yamato.
16 Kodai and Kato engage Gamilas ships while on patrol.
40 Kodai and Kato capture a Gamilas fighter.
22 Kodai and Kato discuss the ramifications of capturing a live enemy.
11 Dr. Sado transports the prisoner to his sickbay as the curious crew looks on.
29 Dr. Sado’s examination reveals that the alien looks like an Earthman.
38 Kodai approaches the alien, intending to kill him.
36 Flashback to Kodai’s childhood. His brother Mamoru returns home from cadet school.
23 Kodai is jealous that his brother gets all the attention.
49 Montage of planet bombs laying waste to Japan.
32 Mamoru suggests that Kodai join the space academy, but Kodai resists.
39 Pan across destroyed landscape and people moving underground.
42 Kodai’s parents go to pick him up from the bus stop and are subsequently killed by a planet bomb.
03 Kodai crawls out of a wrecked train car.
46 Kodai finds a scrap of his parents’ clothing. Scene flashes back to present. Kodai attempts to kill the Gamilas prisoner but is restrained.
25 Kodai is taken aback by the prisoner’s suicide attempt. Days later, after realizing that they could not get any information, Okita orders him released.
26 The Gamilas plane takes off/Closing narration.

Episode 14: The Galaxy’s Ordeal! The Year 2200 Advances!

07 Narrator explains that Yamato is stuck in the storm gases of the Octopus Planetary System.
21 Shima explains that their journey is behind schedule.
09 Kodai decides to go out alone to find a path.
08 Kodai’s ship crashes immediately.
41 Kodai is reprimanded by Okita.
17 Kodai and other crew members are made to clean the ship as punishment.
37 Yamato’s crew sleeps at night as Tokugawa continues working on the engine. Yabu talks with Tokugawa.
25 Yuki tries to console Shima.
27 Kodai has a nightmare about his parents.
20 Yamato spots a Gamilas ship, which soon disappears.
28 Kodai goes out to look for the Gamilas ship.
18 Kodai discovers a possible passageway through the storm.
11 Kodai reports his findings and returns to the ship.
31 Kodai and Shima argue and begin to duke it out before returning to the bridge.
17 Fight continues, but Yuki breaks it up.
06 Yamato flies through the passageway.
14 Kodai and Shima work together to fight the pull of the storm. Yamato makes it out and they become friends again.
45 Closing narration with montage of a desolate Earth and mention of a new year (2200).

Episode 15: Desperate Escape! The Galaxy’s Different Dimension

34 Opening narration.
11 Yuki serves the bridge crew coffee.
33 Domel’s fleet arrives at Balan and is greeted by Geru.
39 Yamato‘s flight is hindered by a space storm.
20 Yamato is drawn in the the eye of the storm and trapped in an alternate dimension.
09 Shima explains the Magellanic Stream.
13 Domel and Geru discuss what to do about the trapped Yamato.
07 When detecting a single Gamilas ship, Okita decides it is more prudent to evade rather than pursue.
03 Domel’s fleet pursues as Yamato seeks an escape route.
01 A vision from Starsha of Iscandar gives Yamato’s crew the escape coordinates.
05 Yamato escapes the Magellanic Stream. Afterward, Kodai and Shima discuss how Yuki looks a little like Starsha.
47 Domel records in his log that Yamato is not to be taken lightly/Ending narration.

Episode 16: Planet Beeland, Underground Prison of Condemned Criminals

34 Opening narration
23 Yuki interrupts the cafeteria with a fashion show (wearing a dress).
11 At the poolside, Analyzer explains to Kodai how he wants to marry Yuki.
07 Yamato stops at planet Beemela. Okita orders Yuki to investigate it for edible supplies.
28 On the flight down, Analyzer flirts with Yuki, causing her to crash.
21 Yuki and Analyzer discover and enter a giant beehive while natives examine Yuki’s crashed ship.
30 Yuki and Analyzer encounter natives.
31 Yuki and Analyzer are captured. Inside the beehive they see slave labor and cannibalism.
18 The Queen of Beemera contacts Gamilas.
XX The Queen looks out over her subjects (unreleased track).
16 The Black Tigers engage a Gamilas tanker enroute to Beemela to pick up Royal Jelly.
49 Yuki claims that Analyzer is not really alive, but Analyzer expresses a poetic soul.
17 A rebel tries to force the Queen to fire on a descending Gamilas tanker, but she shoots the rebel instead.
04 Kodai’s ground team arrives and he and Yuki embrace, leaving Analyzer to the mercy of the Beemelans.
32 At Yamato’s viewing port, Analyzer maintains his feelings for Yuki/Ending narration.

Episode 17: Charge! Balanodon Special Attack Group!

34 Opening narration
07 The narrator describes the volcanic properties of Balan.
08 Geru tries to convince Domel of the effectiveness of his Balanodon monster.
08 Geru and Domel disagree on strategy.
49 After a warp, Okita collapses. Dr. Sado decides that he needs an operation.
31 Dr. Sado operates as the crew worries.
34 Geru launches with a swarm of creatures who will form Balanodon.
16 Geru forms Balanodon and destroys a dummy Yamato.
15 Domel is informed that Geru has launched an attack.
22 The Balanodon approaches Yamato. Kodai orders the shock cannons to be fired at it.
41 The Balanodon reforms after the shock cannon strike.
17 The Balanodon is destroyed with the Wave-Motion Gun, to Geru’s disbelief.
42 Okita recovers from his operation and congratulates Kodai on his successful actions.
36 Ending narration.

Episode 18: Floating Fortress Island! Two Men Brave Death!

34 Opening narration
35 A scout is sent out to investigate a strange object, but is destroyed by magnetic repulsion.
26 Kodai and Sanada launch in a seamless plane to destroy the object, which turns out to be a robot-controlled satellite fortress.
24 In a flashback, Sanada tells Kodai about his friendship with Kodai’s brother, and how he maintained his ship.
44 In a 2nd flashback, Sanada tells Kodai about an accident he had as a child, where his sister died.
25 Kodai and Sanada continue exploring the satellite fortress as Yamato starts suffering from the satellite’s influence.
09 As Yamato is damaged, Okita considers a warp.
31 The fortresses self-defense mechanism ensnares Sanada’s limbs.
42 Kodai frees Sanada from his cyborg limbs and carries him to the exit. Sanada instructs Kodai to leave him there so he can detonate the bombs in his discarded cyborg limbs.
05 Just as Yamato is about to warp, it receives a communication from Kodai. Sanada detonates his limbs and the fortress is destroyed.
15 On Balan, Domel mocks the failure of Geru’s satellite fortress.
36 Back on Yamato, Sanada greets Kodai with new limbs and says his brother still lives in their hearts.

Episode 19: Homesickness of Space! My Mother’s Tears are My Tears!

34 Opening narration
XX Aihara sees images from Earth in the holodeck (unreleased track).
09 An ailing Okita is escorted to a communications room to talk to Earth HQ.
30 Aihara interrupts the communication with an outburst, expressing doubts about the mission.
11 The bridge crew and Sado have dinner with Okita.
45 Okita addresses Aihara’s doubts and says they must all have hope.
01 Aihara makes a secret call to his parents on Earth. His father dies. Kodai catches him and Aihara flees.
49 Kodai looks for Aihara on the bridge. A deranged Aihara leaps out into space in a spacesuit.
41 Domel explains that he established a relay satellite to enable communications with Earth and erode the humans’ morale.
17 Aihara floats in space, far from Yamato.
23 Aihara has a vision of Earth, but soon runs into Domel’s relay satellite.
14 Kodai locates Aihara. They destroy the relay satellite/Ending narration.

Episode 20: The Day Planet Balan’s Sun Fell!

34 Opening narration
16 Kodai and Analyzer fly over Balan and observe that the Sun orbits the planet. They also find a Gamilas base.
30 Kodai notices Balanodon skeletons strewn about.
13 Scene switches to Domel’s fleet, waiting in space.
15 Balan’s missile batteries are prepared for Yamato‘s arrival.
27 As Yamato prepares for battle on Balan, Kodai tells Ohta to keep an eye on the sun.
38 As Yamato engages with the missiles from Balan, the (artificial) sun begins to descend on the ship.
29 Okita tells Kodai to fire the Wave-Motion gun at the sun.
41 Yamato races to fire on the rapidly descending artificial sun. Kodai tells Shima to descend while rotating to save time.
07 Dessler calls to tell Domel to halt his plan, and the artificial sun halts its descent.
31 After the Wave-Motion Gun is fired, the sun explodes and destroys the Balan base. Yamato emerges from the fireball, to Domel’s chagrin. A team lands on Balan to collect plant samples.
37 The landing team returns to Yamato with live plant and animal samples.
05 Okita makes Kodai the deputy captain/Ending narration.

Episode 21: Desperate Challenge from Domel’s Fleet!

10 Opening narration
21 After a military hearing on Gamilas, Domel is sentenced to death for his failure. Instead, Dessler vetoes the verdict and charges Domel with destroying Yamato in a final assault.
05 Domel accepts the assignment and vows victory.
41 Kodai and Sanada predict that the Gamilas will be even more desperate in their attacks after their defeat at Balan.
15 Domel shows Geru his new weaponry: the Instantaneous Matter Transporter and the Drill Missile.
27 After receiving a challenge from Domel, Kodai and the bridge crew argue over whether to accept or not.
33 Okita accepts the challenge. Three Gamilas space carriers land and assemble on Gamilas to support Domel’s operation.
23 As Yamato crew prepare for the engagement, Dr. Sado drinks sake with Analyzer.
13 On Gamilas, Dessler prepares to send off the Gamilas fleet under Domel’s command.
33 The carrier fleet launches from Gamilas.
34 Okita gathers the entire crew for a (water) toast and wishes them good luck. Yamato approaches the Rainbow Star Cluster.
10 Yamato‘s fighter pilots launch in their Black Tigers. The Gamilas fleet assumes battle positions. The two opposing forces face each other on opposite sides of the Rainbow Star Cluster/Ending narration.

Episode 22: Decisive Battle! Fight For Honor At The Rainbow Star Cluster!

06 Cold open (no title sequence) with opening narration as Domel’s forces and Yamato approach the Rainbow Star Cluster.
16 As Gamilas fighters from Carrier group 1 are detected, Kodai and the Black Tigers launch and engage them. Carrier 2’s dive bombers launch.
35 With Kodai’s fighters lured away, Carrier 2’s dive bombers are teleported to Yamato and begin their attack runs. The Black Tigers return and drive off the bombers.
08 Domel begins teleporting Carrier 3’s torpedo boats to Yamato‘s unguarded flank.
40 The Battle Carrier launches a fighter carrying the Drill Missile. Meanwhile the Black Tigers return to Yamato for refueling.
13 After the Drill Missile has been launched and embedded in the muzzle of the Wave-Motion Gun, it begins drilling deeper into the ship. Sanada and Analyzer enter the missile to try and reverse it.
40 Domel and his carriers move in for the kill and begin firing long-range cannons.
39 Yamato fires back, but its artillery is eventually destroyed. Sanada works to reverse the Drill Missile. Domel praises Yamato for fighting well.
16 After the reversed Drill Missile has destroyed Domel’s carrier fleet, he orders his command ship to charge Yamato. Weaponless, Okita orders evasive action, and Yamato dives into a thick gas cloud. Domel uses sonar and drops (?) depth charges on Yamato.
49 Domel announces that he has no choice but to self-destruct his ship in order to take out Yamato. He attaches his ship to the bottom of Yamato.
24 Domel’s self-destruction blows a huge hole in the bottom of Yamato. A ceremony is held on the deck of Yamato for the casualties. Coffins float away behind Yamato/Ending narration (followed by credits over normal opening titles).

Episode 23: Finally Arrived! Crest of the Magellanic Cloud’s Wave!

20 As Yamato approaches a white cloud in space, Shima’s instruments begin acting strangely.
36 Yamato receives a transmission from Starsha. The crew celebrates their near-arrival. Opening narration.
37 After Yuki flirts with Kodai, Dr. Sado gives him some advice.
17 Missiles approach from the direction of Iscandar.
07 The destroyed missiles create a magnetic jamming field. Kodai orders Kato to go out and gather pieces for examination.
30 The crew discovers that the missile fragments are from Gamilas, and wonder if they have arrived at Gamilas instead of Iscandar.
15 On Gamilas, Dessler receives a surprise call from Starsha.
02 Starsha complains that Dessler is jamming her signal to Yamato. They argue about Dessler’s campaign against Earth.
31 Dessler describes to his generals the acidic/volcanic makeup of Gamilas’ interior, and his plan to sink Yamato with it.
36 Starsha communicates again and describes Iscandar as a twin planet to Gamilas. Bedridden in his quarters, Okita orders Kodai to defeat Gamilas.
16 A magnetic force field draws Yamato into Gamilas’ interior, below the outer crust.
17 While floating on the sea of Gamilas, Analyzer reports that it is acidic. Yamato immediately launches, but the third bridge melts off/Ending narration.

Episode 24: Death Struggle! God, Weep For The Gamilas!

33 After ascending from the acid sea, Yamato is hit with falling bombs (depth charges)/Opening narration.
39 Taking Okita’s advice, Kodai orders Yamato to submerge so Analyzer can scan for an underground volcanic stream to ignite with the Wave-Motion Gun.
03 After firing the WMG, volcanoes erupt all over Gamilas, destroying many cities. Dessler, at first stunned, begins laughing madly.
34 Yamato ascends from the acid sea. Dessler orders missiles to be launched at it from the hanging cities.
40 Missiles home in on Yamato and cause more damage. Kodai orders Shima to fly Yamato to the center of the Gamilas capital.
41 Between the falling missiles and Yamato‘s shock cannons, more volcanoes erupt, the roof begins collapsing and hanging cities begin falling. Dessler is seemingly crushed beneath rocks.
07 Later, everything is silent as Gamilas lies in ruins. Kodai and Yuki realize that a planet has just died.
42 Kodai expresses profound regret at the conflict, and tells Yuki that all they can do is to continue on to Iscandar.
14 Yamato leaves Gamilas. At the sight of Iscandar, Okita thanks the crew from his bed/Ending narration.

Episode 25: Iscandar! A Dying Planet Of Love!

07 Yamato approaches Iscandar’s atmosphere
01 Starsha calls to welcome Yamato and give landing instructions. Yamato descends to the sea/Opening narration.
02 Kodai, Yuki and others go out to meet Starsha, who stands on a hill.
42 Kodai explains to Starsha that her sister, Sasha, died on Mars during her mission to Earth.
11 Some of the crew tours the abandoned city of Iscandar on an train.
44 Starsha reunites Kodai with his brother, Mamoru.
45 After leaving in an upset state, Starsha explains to Yuki how she saved Mamoru from the Gamilas, but is sad that he must leave.
25 Yabu considers staying on Iscandar. Mamoru is taken to Okita’s quarters.
04 Kodai invites Starsha to come with them back to Earth, but she declines. She also tells him about a party of humans who have abandoned the ship and are heading toward a tectonically-unstable island to settle.
22 On the bridge of Yamato, Yabu radios in his intentions.
03 An Earthquake strikes and the deserters are killed. Yuki is saved by a drone sent from Yamato.
49 As Mamoru and Yamato’s crew prepare to depart for Earth, Yuki urges Starsha to tell Mamoru about her feelings.
46 After Starsha tells Mamoru that she loves him and runs away, Mamoru decides to stay on Iscandar and runs after her.
47 Yamato launches from Iscandar and departs for home/Ending narration.

Episode 26: Earth! Yamato Returns!

36 Opening narration begins over scenes of the assembly of the Cosmo DNA machine.
50 Opening narration continues over previous scenes from Iscandar.
04 On Yamato‘s bridge, the crew eagerly looks forward to returning home.
44 In his quarters, Okita contemplates with Sado where his soul will go after he dies.
15 Narration and flashback of Dessler’s escape from the destruction at Gamilas.
31 Yamato is impacted by Dessler’s ship after they both come out of warp.
41 After pumping in radioactive gas, Dessler leads an invasion force into Yamato.
42 Yuki rushes to the room where the untested Cosmo DNA machine is assembled and activates it to eliminate the radioactive gas.
46 Sanada tells Kodai that Yuki has died from a temporary flaw in the Cosmo DNA machine (which produced a brief moment of deadly radioactivity).
24 Kodai talks to Okita about his sadness, and Okita tells him to look forward to a new future.
01 As Yamato nears Earth, the crew rushes to the upper decks to get a view. Kodai walks in the opposite direction, dejected.
45 Kodai uncovers Yuki and carries her to the bridge. Yuki is solemnly placed in a bridge chair.
49 On his deathbed, Okita thanks Sado. After a final look at a picture of his son and family, Okita passes on. His escaping spirit apparently revives Yuki, who wakes up from lifelessness.
50 Kodai is overjoyed at Yuki’s miraculous recovery. The gathered crew look on at Earth through the bridge viewport.

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    • Fans have been asking that question for over 40 years. It has yet to be found. (It was a composition pulled in from an outside source, and apparently no one remembers which one.)

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