Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Report 57

April 2016 saw a noticeable dip in activity, but no more than we should expect for a series that’s been over and done for almost a year and a half. Campaigns for the Battlefield Infinity mobile simulation game continued to dominate, but the usual satellite activity kept rolling and we even got what is likely to be the very last 2199 art book.

So, without further ado…

April 1: Game news

Mori and Hilde appear in school uniforms when Spring Encounter ~ Preparation Edition is held!

During Spring Encounter ~ Preparation Edition, search for “cherry tree tickets.” When enough are collected, Yuki Mori and Hilde Shulz become available in school uniforms with special elite skills that will be effective in the main story.

Exclusive “cherry tree tickets” can be built up and used to obtain elite units in two kinds of buildup: Elite cherry tree ticket buildup and Decision! Elite cherry tree ticket buildup.

In addition, in the main story Spring Encounter ~ Debut Edition limited units Kodai and Berger appear in school uniforms as a ranking reward. The main story event is divided into two parts with different characters rewarded in the second half!

Limited elite units

UN Cosmo Navy
Akebon (Yuki Mori)

Garmillas Forces
Meltoria-class (Hilde)

Special skill: increase firepower.
Skill effect: raises firepower in the Spring Encounter event area up to 4,000!

Buildup period: March 30 to April 13

April 5: Gamilas 2199 fan comic

Finely Fabricated Garmillas 2199 is a rough translation of this new addition to the Nico Nico multimedia website, also the home of Nico Nico Ace (carrier of the official 2199 manga). This comic is more like an online doujinshi and features a growing library of short Garmillas gag comics. You’re not going to get most of the humor if you can’t read Japanese, but you can at least get a taste of what a doujinshi is like if you’ve never held one in your hands.

Visit the page at Nico Nico here.

April 6: Game news

Large-scale warship elite units Niimi and Celestella appear as mistresses!

In the Spring encounter ~ Debut edition event, large-scale warship elite units Niimi and Celestella appear as mistresses during rare buildup! Earn luxurious ranking points and rewards with their special skills, which overwhelm the other commanders!

Their special skills are the greatest, earning “8 times up” ranking points! At the same time, the probability of building up units beyond ultra-rare is doubled! Also available during rare elite buildup are the medium-size ship units Yuki Mori and Hilde Shulz. This is a limited chance to obtain characters dressed as mistresses!

Limited new elite units, large-scale warship rare buildup

UN Cosmo Navy
Kirishima (Kaoru Niimi)

Garmillas Forces
Polmeria-class (Celestella)

Special skill: Acquisition of ranking points increases in Spring encounter event area, up to a whopping eight times!!

Ultra-rare probability increase period: until April 8
Elite unit construction period: April 6 – April 13

Get Yuria and Mirenel in limited school uniforms during Spring encounter ~ Debut edition!

The second half of the Spring encounter ~ Debut edition will be held from April 6! A new stage has been added to the event area for the second half! Collect ranking points when you defeat the enemy in the event stage and get new ranking rewards in the second half, Yuria and Mirenel in school uniforms!

Also available during rare buildup during this limited event are medium-size warship elite units Yuki Mori and Hilde. Make use of the large-size warship elite units Niimi and Celestella in mistress form to aim for a high ranking!

If you want to aim for the top ranking but your fleet lacks power, lots of reinforcement request forms are easily available with a search. Try to strengthen your fleet with the reinforcement form search event held at the same time!

Event second half period: April 6 – April 13
Reinforcement campaign period: April 6 – April 8

Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity has a variety of events that provide content everyone can enjoy. Don’t miss it!

April 9: Astronomy exhibition opens

As mentioned in Report 56, See the Universe with Space Battleship Yamato 2199 opened at the Ueda City Multimedia Center. Based on the work of astrophysicist and 2199 science advisor Toshihiro Handa, it revived an exhibition he originally curated for the Sendai Science Museum in the summer of 2014. Handa himself delivered a lecture on April 23.

Fans posted a few photos of the exhibit on Twitter, including “Nono 2479,” a father who brought his two sons. According to his Tweets, the younger son got bored and fussy within the first half hour, but his older son was thoroughly engaged with the displays and the information. So it would appear that at least some of the future is in good hands.

April 9: Family Theater broadcast

This satellite network has been the TV home of Yamato 2199 for some time, and made their mark again when they broadcast reruns of the original seven theatrical chapters. The first three ran back to back on April 9, followed by two apiece on April 16 and 23.

April 13: Game news

A new area is opened! New enemy spacecraft carriers appear!

Areas 23 and 24 are now open! New enemy spacecraft carriers appear as the area boss!

New open areas

UN Cosmo Navy

Area 23: Van Manen star system
Area boss: Balgray (Ghetto)

Area 24: Wolf 424 star system
Area boss: Lambea (Berger)

Garmillas Empire forces

Area 23: Eridanus 40 star system
Area boss: Soriyu (Shou Yamazaki)

Area 24: Leonid AD star system
Area boss: Houshiyo (Hajime Hirata)

Permanent units added!!

The UN Space Navy’s “new spacecraft carrier” and six types of Garmillas Guipellon-class carriers have been added as permanent units in both rare and normal buildup! Reality is added with limitations during rare buildup, characters are different from the norm, and newly-drawn versions appear!

Newly-added units

UN Cosmo Navy

Soriyu (Shiro Sanada, newly-drawn version)
Soriyu (Sho Yamazaki)
Houshiyo (Akira Yamamoto, newly-drawn version)
Houshiyo (Hajime Hirata)
Hiryu (Miki Saijo, newly-drawn version)
Hiryu (Daisuke Shima)

Garmillas Empire forces

Balgray (Zoellick, newly-drawn version)
Balgray (Ghetto)
Lambea (Elisa, newly-drawn version)
Lambea (Berger)
Schderg (Melda, newly-drawn version)
Schderg (Kraitz)

Also! The chances of getting ultra-rare units is doubled during rare buildup! A chance to get a new spacecraft carrier!

Higher probability period: April 13 – April 15

Reinforcement request form search campaign begins!

In accordance with the newly-opened areas and the addition of new units, a lot of reinforcement request forms are available! A spacecraft carrier unit will quickly make you stronger!

Reinforcement campaign period: April 13 – April 15

The voyage continues with Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity and delivers content everyone can enjoy. Don’t miss it!

April 20: Game news

Characters who have appeared in the past are added as permanent units for rare buildup!

Eight people have appeared as elite units in the past: Okita, Niimi, Kodai, Shima, Gimleh, Hilde, Melda, and Domel. Now they revive and board different ships as permanent units in rare buildup! In addition, Niimi and Hilde possess new skills!

New permanent units

UN Cosmo Navy

Large-size ship buildup
Nagato (Juuzo Okita)
Kirishima (Kaoru Niimi)

Medium-size ship buildup
Kuroshio (Susumu Kodai)

Fighter buildup
Cosmo Falcon (Daisuke Shima)

Garmillas Empire forces

Large-size ship buildup
Deusular I (Gimleh)
Shangri-la (Hilde)

Medium-size ship buildup
Destria-class (Melda)

Fighter buildup
Czvarke (Domel)

Newly-added skills

Kaoru Niimi: psychology
Skill effect: Reduce the firepower, armor, and mobility of a chosen enemy unit within range by 50% for three turns.

Hilde Shulz: Honor the Garmillas people
Skill effect: Increase the firepower, armor, and mobility of an allied enemy unit within range by 50% for three turns.

Version 1.5.1 now available! Unit thumbnail appearance is renewed!

•The appearance of unit thumbnails has been renewed!

Thumbnails have changed from “ship-oriented” to “character-oriented” so your favorite characters are clear at a glance! Also, the elite unit icons have renewed skill icons! Take this opportunity to review your formations!

•Login bonus sent to your present box!

When you receive a direct bonus from login, the distribution has been changed to your present box! This makes it less likely that you will miss an item that was distributed. Also, you can receive it from the opposing forces!

•Emission rate of each reality is displayed in rare buildup!

The emission rate of each reality is displayed to “buildup unit confirmation” during rare buildup! Confirm the degree of probability for each unit before buildup!

Other updates can be confirmed in the store or the news section of the official website!

Double buildup probability of ultra-rare units, Reinforcement request form search, and Double probability of unit remodeling!

To add units, these three campaigns are put into effect: Double buildup probability of ultra-rare units, Reinforcement request form search, and Double probability of unit remodeling! Get ultra-rare units in a search stage, reinforce them, and exceed the limits by remodeling them!

Campaign period: until April 25

A powerful new enemy approaches, and Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity heats up to provide content everyone can enjoy. Don’t miss it!!

April 22: Game news

Defeat “Silver” Sabera with Neredia and Kiryu!

An assault event will be held at midnight on April 23; prepare for Bewitching white! Sabera’s descent with large-size warships in rare buildup as the elite units Neredia and Kiryu appear!

Neredia is in her dress and Kiryu appears in plainclothes, both as they appeared in Ark of the Stars! Make full use of their special skills to double the firepower of your entire allied fleet! Defeat Sabera and get the limited “Silver Megaluda”!

Make full use of elite units to challenge the most evil enemy with your strongest fleet!

Elite unit buildup period: until April 25

Following the sword of The Thunder, the “Bewitching White” has descended upon Battlefield Infinity!

This limited assault event begins at midnight on April 23! Make full use of your elite units in the limited area and defeat Sabera in Bewitching White! Sabera’s descent!!

The “silver” nickname isn’t for show! The total endurance value lead by Sabera in the Megaluda is 140,000! Reinforcement, fleet formation, and elite units are your key to victory!

Also! If you defeat Sabera, you have a high probability of getting the silver-painted Megaluda! Obtain the power of silver!

Assault event period: April 23 – April 24

Forces of the fleet…time for a reinforcement campaign!

In this reinforcement campaign, you can only sortie into limited search stages, and a large quantity of reinforcement items is available! Organize multiple fleets to conduct many searches! Strengthen your fleet in this reinforcement campaign!

Reinforcement campaign period: April 20 – April 25

The fear of silver spreads through Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity, which delivers content everyone can enjoy. Don’t miss it!!

April 25: Game news

Special limited elite warrior doll versions of Harada and Domel appear!

The Golden Japanese spirit event lasts for a limited time! Harada and Domel both appear as elite units for normal and rare buildup! In the limited rare buildup, get Harada and Domel in limited warrior doll versions only in the Ultra Rare reality!

Also try to get other limited elite units, warrior doll versions of Shima and Mirenel! Furthermore, the elite and reward unit characters will change in the second half of Golden Japanese spirit!

Elite units

UN Cosmo Navy
Yukikaze (Makoto Harada, warrior doll version)

Garmillas Empire forces
Kripitera-class (Domel, warrior doll version)

Elite skill: Success probability UP
Skill effect: Search skill for the fleet. Raises the probability of success in the Golden Japanese spirit search stage. When it is ultra-rare, the search will succeed by all means!

Elite unit buildup period: Until April 30

Get limited tickets for commander units as warrior dolls! Golden Japanese spirit search event to be held!

“Warlord tickets” are available when you succeed in the Golden Japanese spirit search stage! Using the “commander tickets” you collect in exclusive ticket buildup to get limited warrior doll versions of Shima and Mirenel!

In addition, if you log into the game during the event period, you can get “warlord tickets” in the non-limited search stage. Log in every day to collect “warlord tickets”!

In exclusive ticket building:

• When the necessary number of tickets is lower, buildup probability of limited units is low.

• When the necessary number of tickets is higher, buildup probability of limited units is high.

There are two kinds of buildup! Warlord ticket buildup and High probability warlord ticket buildup. Use strategy to collect as many as possible, and take a chance on High probability with a large amount of tickets in your reservoir! Or take the more steady path. Which method you take is up to you!

Also, the reward characters that can be acquired will change in the second half of Golden Japanese spirit! The rewards in the first half of the event are warrior doll versions of Daisuke Shima and Mirenel!

Reward units for the first half of the event:

UN Cosmo Navy

Mutsu (Daisuke Shima)
Special skill: Reckless rush
Skill effect: Continuously affects motion. When you’re in a damaged state, increase firepower, armor, and mobility to 200%.

Garmillas Empire forces

Haizerad-class (Mirenel)
Special skill: For someone
Skill effect: Increase mobility of all allies and yourself by 80% for three turns.

Ticket buildup period (the first half): April 27 – May 2
Event period (first half): April 25 – April 30

Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity continues to expand and provide content everyone can enjoy. Don’t miss it!!

April 25: Manga chapter 46

Artist Michio Murakawa only delivered four pages this month, but made them as good as they could be with full color throughout. The adaptation of the Izumo mutiny still goes on, and these pages are slated to open the next paperback collection. Opening pages often get special treatment, which is one reason why color pages sporadically appear in weekly and monthly manga magazines.

See the pages here.

April 30: Dengeki Hobby Web article

Dengeki Hobby Web, the site formerly known as Dengeki Hobby magazine, ran an article that would likely have been a photo-feature if they were still publishing on paper. In it, a professional modeler from the garage kit company Soy-ya turned his attention to Bandai’s massive 1/1000 Domelaze model.

The purpose of this project was to match as closely as possible the exquisite production art published in last year’s Hyper Mechanical Detail Artworks. This was the first of a multi-part article, and can be seen here.

The second part (posted May 7) can be seen here.

April 30: Hyper Mechanical Detail Artworks, volume 2

It probably wasn’t a coincidence that the Dengeki article appeared the very same day we finally got the follow-up volume to Hyper Mechanical Detail Artworks. This second volume, very likely the last Yamato 2199 art book we’ll get, is as big a treasure trove as its predecessor.

Personally supervised by Chief Mechanical Director Masanori Nishii (who also did the new cover art), the book is a showcase for the hand-crafted “detail up” mecha from the production studio, images that appeared for only a few seconds of screen time. Special effects and overlays have been removed so that the mecha can be appreciated all on its own.

At 128 pages, it is the same length as the previous volume. The first half picks up with images from the TV series (primarily the later episodes) and the second half gives lavish attention to Ark of the Stars with the most glorious Gatlantis ship art we’ve gotten so far, and plenty of new angles on Yamato herself.

If you got volume 1, you don’t need convincing that this one also belongs on your shelf. If you don’t have either volume yet, breathe deep. You’re going to be OK.

Volume 1 at

Volume 2 at

April 30: Game news

Win a Battlefield Infinity original postcard in the 6th Real Present Campaign!

The sixth prize giveaway features a postcard of a character drawing that appeared in Battlefield Infinity in the past. This premium Battlefield Infinity original prize is only available to be won by 50 people!

Depending on the type of buildup, a number of entries will be added automatically. The drawing will be held according to the total number of applications in the lottery, and the winners will receive a special prize! Your chance of winning improves with more applications! The higher your VIP rank, the more applications you can build up!

Also! You can double your number of applications! You can earn applications quickly with this opportunity to get an original Battlefield Infinity postcard!

Double application period: April 30 – May 2
Campaign period: April 30 – May 6

Search event to be held in the second half of the Golden Japanese spirit game!

Warrior doll versions of Yamamoto and Melda newly appear in Warlord ticket buildup!

After collecting Warlord tickets in the event search stage, get limited units in the Warlord ticket buildup. Get warrior doll versions of Yamamoto and Melda starting on May 2! Collect tickets and get ready!

There are two types of buildup for these tickets: Warlord ticket buildup and Probability rise! Warlord ticket buildup. In the second, a lot of tickets are needed and there is a higher probability of building up limited units! Also, just log in during the event period and get warlord tickets every day!

Furthermore! A bonus stage appears suddenly in this event period! You can earn lots of warlord tickets in this bonus stage! Don’t miss the advance notice!

Login present period: April 30 – May 9
200 warlord tickets available on May 4 and May 7
50 warlord tickets available on other days

Event period (second half): April 30 – May 9

Warlord ticket appearance buildup period: May 2 – May 11

Elites! Warrior doll versions of Mori and Hilde appear!

Elite units appear in both normal and rare buildup in a search event in the second half of the Golden Japanese spirit game! Rare elite warrior doll versions of Yuki Mori and Hilde can be built! Their elite skills show the greatest effect! You will succeed in the search event by all means!

Also! The probability of ultra-rare buildup doubles until May 2! Furthermore! You can win a Battlefield Infinity limited original postcard during rare buildup!

The real present campaign is underway! The number of applications is double for a few days, so rare buildup is very advantageous!! Take advantage of elite units to collect warlord tickets, perform a ticket buildup with limited-event warlord doll versions of Yamamoto and Melda, and obtain a Battlefield Infinity limited original postcard!

Elite units

UN Cosmo Navy
Murasame (Yuki Mori, warrior doll version)

Garmillas Empire Forces
Kelkapia-class (Hilde, warrior doll version)

Special skill: Success probability up
Skill effect: Search skill. Improves possibility of success in the Golden Japanese spirit search stage. With these ultra rare units, a search will succeed by all means!

Ultra rare buildup probability period: April 30 – May 2
Elite unit buildup period: April 30 – May 9

Reinforcement campaign Reinforcement request form search begins!

In the Reinforcement request form search campaign, pick up a lot of forms and try to strengthen your fleet! This campaign is underway!

There are four kinds of Reinforcement request forms, and you can find lots of them in the limited search stage! It is recommended that you get lots of these forms and strengthen your fleet in this event!

Search stage period: April 30 – May 2

Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity is lively during Golden Week and delivers content everyone can enjoy! Don’t miss it!!

Also spotted in April

Czvarke “deform” garage kit

A new garage kit landed on the radar in April, a deformed version of Melda’s Czvarke fightercraft, a little under 5” long. It debuted at Wonder Festival 2016 Winter (see Report 55) < 091a, sold by garage kit maker Hondara Shokai. This is a custom-painted version.

Fan models

As always, fan-generated models are a great barometer of creativity. This month we’ve got a deformed Czvarke, a modded Medaluza, more views of last month’s floating continent, plenty of Cosmo Falcons, and a bonus you’ll never see coming.

See them all here.

Fan art

This month we highlight the artwork of two very accomplished fans from Japan. See their work here with links to more.


Over the past few reports we’ve seen a lot of one particular cosplayer with the Twitter handle xxraidenxx900 who has absolutely nailed the look of a real-world Yuki Mori. She gave us plenty of new images to admire in April, all of which can be seen here.

Online sighting

The MMO game Phantasy Star Online 2 first announced that Yamato 2199 would have a virtual presence back in November 2014, but not much has been made of it since then. However, we got a reminder on April 20 when Twitter user “nagimitsurugi” graced us with a screenshot.

Seiko High School

How does a high school in Yokohama that you’ve never heard of earn a place in this report? By upholding one of the finest Japanese high school traditions, providing meeting space for an otaku club. In this case, it’s called the Space Battleship Yamato Study Group and we know about it because of these two photos posted on Twitter. Imagine how much more you would have enjoyed high school with this option.

See a Youtube promo for the group here.

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