Yamato 2199 Chapter 6 Program Book

Conversation with the primary voice actors:

“Everyone, please give more praise to Shima!” – Kenichi Suzumura

“In the scene where Kodai cried “Yuki!” for the first time, I thought, “I said that well.” – Daisuke Ono

Ono: After the TV series began in April, I heard “I saw Yamato 2199, it’s good!” in many more times and places.

Suzumura: The reaction certainly got larger. There are still many people who didn’t go to the theater screenings for various reasons. I’ve also continued to hear “Yamato is good this time” in several places.

Ono: A certain sound supervisor was asked, “what is the sound in that sound effect” with bright, boyish eyes. “Live ammunition was used there,” was the answer. “Huh!” (Laughs)

Suzumura: Of course, the reputation is good among those who know the original work, but I’m glad that Yamato seems to be accepted by a new generation for the first time. I heard a story from a guy at my gym that his 6th grade son enjoys watching Yamato 2199 every week. And it seems to be a hot topic at school on Monday. Now I’m happier at a workout than ever before. (Laughs)

Honestly, I thought it would be difficult for a 6th-grader. When we first saw Yamato, we thought it was kind of a grown-up anime, that we were stretching ourselves as we watched it. We thought of it then and now in the same way.

Ono: Because there is a variety of character types on both the Yamato and the Garmillas side, it’s a work that goes to both men and women easily. There’s the friendship story of Kodai and Shima, and for people who like cool characters, there are Domel and Frakken.

Suzumura: Frakken is cool. It’s also a big feature that the story on the Garmillas side is much denser this time. I keep thinking, is it possible we can just have these characters go on without fighting anymore, since I don’t want to fight against them. That’s what I think. (Laughs)

Ono: Although there’s only a little bit left until the end, I don’t know what will happen from here on, either. Even though we know it’s based on a previous work, we’re still excited.

Suzumura: That’s because we’ve said, “it’s going this way!” several times. It has the element of surprise while at the same time there’s a sense of security because the foundation isn’t greatly removed.

Ono: With respect to Kodai and Shima, the growth of their characters so far has been the fun part. Although Kodai looked like an introspective character at first, after he saw the wreckage of Yukikaze on Enceladus and sublimated his thoughts of his older brother, he rapidly became a more passionate and aggressive character.

Also, in relation to Yuki, when he said “Yuki!” for the first time in Episode 14 rather than “Ms. Mori,” I was glad that “I said that well.” It was like I was looking at them with a father’s eyes. (Laughs) But I’d never say that in front of someone. When I watch the relationship of these two it has the feel of a romantic comedy, and that’s another fun thing about this work.

Suzumura: I also like such warm scenes of Kodai. If you look at Episode 1, Shima approached Yuki quite casually, and it was brilliant. (Laughs) At first blush, I wondered whether he was a lightweight character who liked girls, but I got the feeling that the heavy responsibility of being a chief navigator made him an adult. It’s typical that a mission changes people. But even though he does important work, it seems natural to everyone and Shima never gets any praise. Everyone, please give more praise to Shima! (Laughs)

Ono: Shima has the feel of a person of faith. So at the time of the mutiny, he didn’t feel it was betrayal at all.

Suzumura: And “This is the path that I chose.”

Ono: Since Kodai had gone down to Beemela, I felt impatient at not being involved at all. But I also felt that he would have made things worse and been more troublesome if he was there. (Laughs)

Suzumura: Though some women might be attracted to the wild side, only Kodai is popular for that. While I wish Shima was more popular with the ladies, the only one who seems to like him or find him cute are the older characters like Tokugawa. I’m not popular with women for some reason.

Ono: Finally, I pray for all the characters to be happy in the end.

(Continued in Chapter 7)

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