Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Report 62

Activity in the 2199 sphere dipped again in September 2016, but even now there are still new things to see. The Battlefield Infinity mobile game brought a new villain into the fray, the first-ever 2199 Blu-ray box set was announced, Sega added another game to the growing tally, and Twitter action continued apace. On the other hand, word finally came down through the Nico Nico and Comic Walker manga sites that the Yamato 2199 manga by Michio Murakawa has been discontinued until further notice. Hopefully this means he was drafted into special missions for Yamato 2202. If there IS a further notice, it will be shared here.

Here’s the September roundup…

September 5: Game news

The Battlefield Infinity mobile game expanded farther into its Version 2 iteration, in which scenarios having nothing to do with the anime now rule the day. (With an occasional interesting exception…)

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity Ver 2.1 update commemorative campaign!

On September 5, Version 2.1 is released, which includes a new “Blitzkrieg” system! A commemorative campaign for the update is in effect at the same time! In conjunction with the update, we’ll introduce new information on Yamato, which accomplishes a new evolution!

Long-awaited by Yamato fans! The heroes of Operation M clash again!

A commemorative campaign is carried out along with the Version 2.1 release! The battle of the men who risked their lives for the Yamato Plan is depicted when Operation M is revived! Commanding officers who log in during the campaign period on either the Earth or Garmillas sides will be presented with fleets for Operation M!

Also! Super-rare Yuki Mori and Melda Dietz will be present along with the “M fleets”! The armies have eight matching units! Don’t miss this chance to log in and get 8 units! Organize your “M fleet” and reproduce Operation M with your own hands!

Furthermore! There is a chance to obtain resources in large quantities! Log in every day during the campaign period to obtain three types: energy, ammunition, and steel every day in rotation!

Lightning fast “Blitzkrieg” implementation!

“Blitzkrieg” is implemented so that you can skip operations and go right to battle! Before performing a battle in a normal stage, you are now able to choose either “Blitzkrieg” or “Conventional Warfare.”

“Conventional Warfare” lets you command a battle on your own as usual! This is recommended when you want to aim for a high evaluation! With “Blitzkrieg” you can replay a battle in digest form. It’s handy if you want a battle! Choose a battle in accord with your own style!

The area selection screen is redesigned!

The normal area selection screen is redesigned to a visual of outer space! You can experience the world of Yamato by advancing through the planets!

Combat operation improvement!

Combat operations have been further simplified! You can more easily enjoy the great power of a fleet battle! With the newly-added “Blitzkrieg” you can play a simplified “Conventional Warfare” battle all you want!

September 5: Game news

With Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity 2, enjoy watching the full moon with characters dressed as rabbits!

From September 5, a limited event is held that lets you feel the arrival of autumn: Galactic Moonwatching Party ~ First Half!

Enjoy watching the moon with figures in formal Japanese wear: get Hijikata and Zoellick!

During the event period, a limited area appears in the event stage! Defeat more enemies and gain ranking points to earn limited units! An enemy destroyer gains the advantage by blocking the view of the moon; organize a “Cruiser” to confront it! In the first half of the event, use ranking rewards to obtain distinguished men in formal Japanese wear, Hijikata and Zoellick!

In addition, the ranks expand to give you a greater reward! Not just the medium-rank layer, but now the low-ranking layer can also earn a round-number reward! Try to win a remodeling plan and further enhance your proud fleet!

Galactic Moonwatching Party ~ First Half period: September 5 – 12

A bunny girl is indispensable when watching the moon! An elite unit makes the difference against your rival!

In the delightful autumn event Galactic Moonwatching Party, elite units appear in both normal or rare buildup with no difference in their outstanding performance! Obtain elite units dressed as bunny girls and enjoy the Moonwatching event!

In the Galactic Moonwatching Party, Ultra-rare elite units Yuki Mori and Melda Dietz appear dressed as bunny girls! Their elite skill is super-strength! They increase firepower by six times in the event stage! The chance of Ultra-rare buildup rises to double just three days before the event date!

You definitely want Yuki Mori and Melda dressed as bunny girls…every commander wants Ultra-rare buildup chances to double in the period just after an event starts! Moonwatching elite unit rare buildup is recommended for commanders who want to aim for a high ranking!

Only a cruiser will be built, so the chance of getting an elite unit is higher than in permanent rare buildup! Obtain an elite unit and cruiser in the Moonwatching elite rare buildup and capture the event!

Galactic Moonwatching Party ~ First Half event period: September 5 – 12
Elite unit buildup period: September 5 – 20
Ultra-Rare buildup probability period: Sept 5 – 7

A rabbit appears for the ticket buildup? Catch bunny versions of Saijo and Hilde with tickets!

A limited search stage appears during the event period! Transform into a rabbit in the limited search stage and win “Bunny Tickets” that are needed to catch Saijo and Hilde! Collect “Bunny Tickets” in the Bunny Ticket Buildup to catch the limited units!

In the Bunny Ticket Buildup, the Ultra-rare Saijo and Hilde have been transformed into rabbits! The chance for buildup with limited units and Ultra-Rare units will be listed on your screen!

There are two different kinds of buildup that require a different number of tickets. Use the buildup properly in accordance to the number of tickets you collect!

Also! Get Bunny Tickets every day just by logging in during the event period! Login alone becomes profitable by buildup up tickets!

Bunny ticket buildup period: September 5 – 22

September 6: Video box set announced

The first actual Yamato 2199 Blu-ray box set will be released January 27; all the original discs with their respective bonus features for 35000Y, or about $350 US – basically the same as the seven volumes cost on their own. brings that down to a little over $280US, which is the best price you can expect, so get your preorder in here. The actual box art has yet to be revealed.

September 12: Game news

In Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity 2, characters are dressed as rabbits! Galactic Moonwatching Party ~ Second Half is held from September 12! Especially cute rabbits appear; get Saijo and Hilde dressed as bunny maids!

In the second half of the Galactic Moonwatching Party event, a limited EX area newly appears! Use your “cruiser” to stand up to an enemy destroyer that is stronger than in the normal event stage. Defeat more enemies and collect ranking points to obtain a limited unit!

The ranking reward in the second half of the event is Saijo and Hilde dressed as bunny maids! Don’t miss these cute girl figures!

The centerpiece of the event rewards is not only a limited unit. Valuable “Remodeling Plans” are a way to expand the rank reward! Not just the medium-rank layer, but now the low-ranking layer can also earn a round-number reward! Try to win a remodeling plan and further enhance your proud fleet!

Galactic Moonwatching Party ~ Second Half period: September 12 – 20

Pull away from your rival and get lots of ranking points! New elite units appear!

In the second half of Galactic Moonwatching Party, new elite units appear in rare event-exclusive buildup! These new Ultra-Rare units are Harada and Elisa dressed as bunny-eared shrine maidens! In addition to organizing with these two, the number of ranking points you can acquire increases! Get up to seven times the usual number!

Also! The chance of Ultra-rare buildup rises to double just three days before the event date! Every commander wants Ultra-rare buildup chances to double in the period just after an event starts! Moonwatching elite unit rare buildup is recommended for commanders who want to aim for a high ranking!

In addition, these elite units appear for exclusive use in the second half, so Moonwatching Elite Rare Buildup is recommended! In exclusive buildup, there only two types of buildup: “Cruiser” and “Carrier”! Use these two types appropriately for the event: “Cruiser” if you want to clear the stage and “Carrier” if you want to aim for a high ranking!

Galactic Moonwatching Party ~ Second Half period: September 12 – 20
Rare and Ultra-rare buildup probability periods: September 12-14

A rabbit appears for the ticket buildup? Catch bunny versions of Saijo and Hilde with tickets!

A limited search stage appears during the event period! Transform into a rabbit in the limited search stage and win “Bunny Tickets” that are needed to catch Saijo and Hilde! Collect “Bunny Tickets” in the Bunny Ticket Buildup to catch the limited units!

In the Bunny Ticket Buildup, the Ultra-rare Saijo and Hilde have been transformed into rabbits! The chance for buildup with limited units and Ultra-Rare units will be listed on your screen!

There are two different kinds of buildup that require a different number of tickets. Use the buildup properly in accordance to the number of tickets you collect!

Also! Get Bunny Tickets every day just by logging in during the event period! Login alone becomes profitable by buildup up tickets!

Bunny ticket buildup period: September 5 – 22

September 14: War Pirates game announcement

Move over, Battlefield Infinity! And the many other mobile Yamato phone games that have already moved over for Battlefield Infinity! On this day, Sega announced a collaboration between Yamato 2199 and another game they’ve been running for the past year called War Pirates. How exactly do these two fit together?

In War Pirates, you gather a fleet and fight on the open ocean. In this scenario, Yamato comes to that same ocean in pursuit of Garmillas ships and the war is on. This two-part event was announced to begin on September 29 with a Sega-sponsored website giving out the data here.

See a War Pirates promo video on Youtube here and keep reading for more specifics.

September 20: Game news

Strengthen your fleet for a counterattack from the Raging Thunder! An advantageous “Reinforcement and Remodeling Search” campaign begins September 20! Pick the character you’re looking for in exclusive buildup!

During the reinforcement and remodeling search, you can build up 12 people including newly-drawn characters. “Pick Buildup” is here! Get a character you’re looking for!

The four newly-drawn characters are the Ultra-rare Yuki Mori, Niimi, Melda, and Elisa! You can only get these four valuable units only with “Pick Buildup”! It is recommended to commanders who want to obtain characters of high rarity!

The “Pick Buildup” period is limited to just three days from the campaign’s opening day! These three days are divided into a first half and a second half, replacing the characters that can be built! Check the unit list for the character you’re looking for and try to build it during the limited time!

“Pick Buildup” period: September 20 – 23

First half: September 20 – 21
First half character buildup:
UN Cosmo Navy: Yuki Mori, Susumu Kodai, Yuria Misaki
Garmillas Empire Forces: Melda Dietz, Gul Dietz, Herm Zoellick

Second half: September 22 – 23
Second half character buildup:
UN Cosmo Navy: Kaoru Niimi, Shiro Sanada, Akira Yamamoto
Garmillas Empire Forces: Elisa Domel, Eruk Domel, Fomt Berger

Reinforce your fleet to prepare for a powerful forthcoming enemy! Collect “Reinforcement Parts” and “Remodeling Plans”!

A limited search stage appears during the campaign period! Valuable items can be acquired there to strengthen your fleet: “Reinforcement Parts” and “Remodeling Plans”! Collect these items and strengthen your proud fleet!

There is also a chance to get a limited Gatlantis decal! At the same time, only half the resources are needed to earn double the reinforcement experience value necessary to remodel for the campaign! This campaign is jam-packed with valuable fleet reinforcement!

Strengthen the units you pick during buildup and prepare for a powerful enemy!

“Reinforcement, remodeling” search period: September 20 – 26

September 23: Game news

Goran The Raging Thunder strikes back! Challenge a powerful enemy with a good fleet combination!

A powerful fleet approaches for a fierce attack in the Counterattack! Raging Thunder event! Defeat a powerful enemy and obtain an intensely-colored Thunder Megaluda!

For two days only, starting September 24! An event stage appears in the limited area! Defeat the ultra-powerful enemy flagship and obtain a limited unit! This limited unit can only be acquired as a drop reward and has a powerful skill to deliver 3,000 damage points to enemies within range. Get the Raging Thunder Flame Strike Gun!

Take this opportunity to obtain it by all means! Commanders will need essential information to face this unbeatable enemy flagship! The key to capture is in your fleet formation! Assess the attack of this forthcoming enemy and organize your extravagant fleet to confront it!

Counterattack! Raging Thunder period: September 24 – 25

See a promotional video on Youtube here.

Capture is recommended for Counterattack! Raging Thunder! Repel the enemy with a new elite unit!

The super-strong enemy flagship Rage of Goran demands excellence! New elite units with flawless performance appear for rare buildup in the event stage! Obtain this unit and organize your fleet to challenge this powerful enemy!

The elite units are newly-drawn versions of Mikage Kiryu and Melia Rikke! With these two people against the enemy flagship in the event stage, their skill is to deal out double damage with super strength! Obtain them and organize your fleet to capture the stage!

You definitely want the elite Kiryu and Melia units…every commander wants Ultra-rare buildup chances to double in the period just after an event starts!

Elite unit buildup period: September 23 – 26
Ultra-rare unit buildup probability improvement period: September 23 – 24

September 24: Hobby Japan

After many months with no new Yamato news to report, Hobby Japan issue #569 gave us a followup to the interesting announcements made by Megahouse at Wonderfest in July (seen in Report 60).

Specifically, they gave us some additional prototype photos for the Cosmo Fleet Special Cosmo Tiger miniature, which can be displayed in stowed and flight configs, and still appears to come with a catapult. Second, the mysterious new figure in the Yamato Girls Collection now has a name: “Yuki Mori nose art version,” evoking the “cheesecake” images that were sometimes painted on World War II airplanes.

Dates and prices are still to be announced.

September 26: Game news

Discover a new planet! New area opened! Battle and search stage campaign starts September 26!

Good news for commanders: the 61 Cygnus star system is open! Five new areas have finally been discovered as of September 26! Two big campaigns are launched along with this! Commanders are advised that these areas have not yet been entirely cleared. Let’s proceed at once to the edge of this area!

Open battle and search stages:
・Groombridge 34 star system
・Indus Ypsilon star system
・Tau Ceti star system
・Teegarden star system
・Kapteyn star system

Campaign 1: Battle stage experience gain doubled!

Along with the newly-opened area, all battle-stage experience levels are doubled! It gets easier for both units and commanders to go up a level! If a commander goes up a level, rare high-cost units can be organized and the upper limit of accumulated resources goes up when you advance!

Keep it up and cut your losses! During this sortie, commanders can aim to advance by one rank!

Double experience level period: September 26 – October 3

Campaign 2: Ticket Buldup drop preceding next event!

In all normal battle stages and search stages, it is possible to obtain tickets that can be used in ticket buildup for the next event! When you defeat an enemy and succeed in a search, you can accumulate tickets and save them for the next event! Commanders who want to obtain limited units earlier than anyone else should not miss this chance!

These tickets seem to be called “Support Tickets.” What is the next event? What kind of units can you get? Stay tuned!

Support ticket acquisition period: September 26 – October 3

September 27: Ship’s Log Premium Fan Club magazine #15

The 2199 content in this issue was very light, since the bulk of the issue was concerned with Yamato 2202. A new diagram of the ship was presented with the 2199 version (upper right) for comparison. The main article was an interview with Makoto Kobayashi, which will be presented in our next update. Several pages of his 2199 designs accompanied the text. More information about this issue will be featured in the next 2202 report.

September 29: Dengeki Hobby Web article

Garage kit maker Soy-ya! continued describing their ground-up creation of a scratch built Megaluda model in the third installment of this series. See their article here.

September 30: War Pirates launch

This was the kickoff day for Sega’s War Pirates X Yamato 2199 collaboration, and Dengeki Hobby Web published this article to describe it:

Wave-Motion Gun and Dessler Cannon, fire! Yamato fan must-see super-collaboration with War Pirates starts!

Various gun turrets and launch tubes are reproduced in the War Pirates version of Yamato.

The first half of a collaboration has started between Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and War Pirates, the smart phone game from Sega! The period for the first half of the game is September 29 to October 6.

In War Pirates, players gather ships and pirates in an ocean battle adventure to build their own huge pirate fleet. During the collaboration period, a special area appears in the game called Space Battleship Yamato 2199 in which you can start the collaboration story and play a limited event. Some of the elements you can enjoy in the collaboration are introduced here. More detailed information, and information about the second half of the game, can be found on the collaboration special page.

The limited Yamato 2199 collaboration ocean area has a fantastic atmosphere. Limited characters (units) and ships appear! Get familiar characters by searching, and when you advance through the game Space Battleship Yamato is also available as a mothership! Of course, it is possible to fire the “dimensional wave-motion explosion radiation machine” known by the popular name “Wave-Motion Gun”!!

Some of the characters who appear are Juuzo Okita (artillery), Susumu Kodai (swords), Sakezo Sado (hammers), Akira Yamamoto (musketeer), and Leader Abert Dessler (artillery). When you obtain Susumu Kodai, the “Wave-Motion Gun” is available! In addition, if you get Abert Dessler, it is possible to fire the “Wave-Motion Gun” as the “Dessler Gun”!

Analyzer is a henchman available as an event reward. As a henchman, he can improve the ability of a character (unit).

Collaboration event story

A pirate fleet calling itself the “Garmillas Empire” has suddenly appeared. They conquer nearby islands against the backdrop of a powerful military force and are beginning to expand. When you help the stranded Yuki Mori, you meet Juuzo Okit and Susumu Kodai, the main characters of Space Battleship Yamato who are investigating the Garmillas Empire. When you realize the Garmillas Empire is your common enemy, your main characters cooperate to challenge them.

Win commemorative collaboration rewards!! During the War Pirates collaboration period, a lot of helpful items are available, such as Juuzo Okita and Yamato‘s Wave-Motion Gun!! Anyone who begins now can start with a dash!

September 30: Weekly Ascii article

Ascii is a website that specializes in consumer electronics and related gadgetry. This article contained some additional promo for the War Pirates collaboration, which was wrapped around a far more interesting topic: astronomy.

You can see it from Australia! We asked the staff of the world’s best planetarium, where is Planet Iscandar of Space Battleship Yamato?

By Chuyan

War Pirates, delivered by Sega Games for iOS/Android, has announced a collaboration event with Space Battleship Yamato 2199. In War Pirates, you make your own pirate fleet and enjoy battles that change the course of a war in real time. To participate in the Yamato 2199 collaboration event, you clear a particular quest in the story event so you can obtain a free Space Battleship Yamato!

Speaking of which, in order to save the Earth from radioactive contamination, Yamato must travel to the planet Iscandar for a purification system and return in one year. In Yamato 2199, Earth and Iscandar are separated by 168,000 light years, which requires a round trip of about 336,000 light years. (One light year = approximately 9.5 trillion km.)

It’s hard for me to understand that, but it’s enough to say that it’s really hard to make that round trip in one year. In fact, it’s impossible. However, to make the distance truly meaningful, we can ask someone who seems to know how far it is.

Boom! Meet the Science Egg

Certified as the world’s most advanced planetarium

I paid a visit to the Tamarokuto Science Center in Nishi, Tokyo. I heard that the planetarium at Tamarokuto is great, so I went there. In 2012 it was certified as the world’s most advanced planetarium. That’s the best in the world. Not just in the country. Worldwide.

Before asking the question, “How far is it to Iscandar?” I took a look at the planetarium. When you think about an ordinary planetarium, it has a sleepy feeling. Don’t some people fall asleep at a planetarium? The whole room darkens with pleasant music and you’re attacked by drowsiness…but at Tamarokuto it’s different! Quite the opposite, it’s a lot of fun.

They put a premium on live commentary from the professional staff and communication with the viewer, so they’re the ones I would question on my main topic, “How far is it to Iscandar?”

Yuichi Amamori and the Chiron II projector

The 4th biggest planetarium in the world

I directed by question to the Tamarokuto astronomy group’s team chief, Yuichi Amamori.

Interviewer: This planetarium’s really big.

Amamori: The dome-shaped “Science Egg” is 27.5 meters in diameter. It’s the fourth largest planetarium dome in the world.

Interviewer: The fourth!?

Amamori: The world’s largest, in order, are the Nagoya City Science Museum (35 meters), China Science and Technology Museum (30 meters), and the Ehime Prefecture Science Museum (30 meters). Then the dome at the Tamarokuto Science Center.

Interviewer: They’re almost all in Japan!

Amamori: Most prefectures in Japan have a planetarium. Size notwithstanding, even if you look around the world, there is a considerable number of facilities in our country.

Interviewer: Certainly, there are a lot in Tokyo. Isn’t it true that Tamarokuto was chosen for the Guinness World Records?

Amamori: In 2012 it was certified as the world’s most advanced planetarium.

The planetarium is one of the impressive attractions
at the Tamarokuto Science Center

An Analog and digital hybrid

Interviewer: Ohh! Amazing. For what reason was it chosen?

Amamori: Using an LED bulb as the light source, we can project 140 million stars in the big 27.5 meter dome. It’s a projector called the Chiron II, which was revamped in 2012.

Interviewer: Chiron II?

Amamori: An old-fashioned planetarium projector is called an “optical.” In an optical system, the projector contains a plate with holes for the number of stars. Light emitted from an electric bulb shines through the holes and is collected in an exterior lens to project the stars in the dome.

Interviewer: Can the Chiron II produce the entire starry sky?

Amamori: In addition to the Chiron II, a projector called the Virtuarium II is used simultaneously. The Chiron II is called an “analog system” and the Virtuarium II is a “digital system.”

Interviewer: Which uses a PC?

Amamori: That’s right. The Virtuarium II projects star data made in a PC with a 4K projector.

Interviewer: It’s a digital and analog hybrid!

Amamori: But I can only project stars that are visible from Earth, so an optical system has limitations. A starry sky is not two-dimensional, since every star is a different distance from Earth, so wouldn’t they be three dimensional? To simulate that, we make a three-dimensional map of space in the PC and output it through a digital projector. Thanks to this digital system, we can view the starry sky from positions other than on Earth.

Interviewer: So the digital system compensates for what can’t be done in analog.

Amamori: The biggest feature of the Tamarokuto Science Center is that you can enjoy a mix of the two types! Depending on the program at the planetarium, we can also use the digital projector to take a trip through space.

Chiron II. The Chiron logo is a half-man, half-horse.

The staff can change the content even within a program

Interviewer: By the way, how far away are the stars you can project?

Amamori: For example, the star Deneb in the posterior of Cygnus. It’s located about 1400 light years away. Although the projection in this planetarium is very bright, I don’t think we could project more distant stars.

Interviewer: But the facility is still recognized as the best in the world.

Amamori: In addition to the facilities, the museum has a professional staff doing commentary. They also perform improvised commentary in the planetarium with videos they program themselves.

Interviewer: With homemade visuals?

Amamori: They can do it all on their own, from planning the content and the story. The program changes every 2-3 months. In addition, there are five staff members giving commentary and each provides something different. The basic content is the same, but each one has a different style.

Interviewer: Even with the same program, each staff member has their own fun with it.

Amamori: Besides the content, the music that flows with the projector is different and it completely changes the atmosphere. Depending on the staff member, sometimes there is a quiz.

The black Virtuarium projector and the Chiron II

The motto is communication with the customers

Interviewer: You also respond to planetarium viewers in the science center.

Amamori: Basically, if a customer speaks I give them an answer. I want them to participate in the program.

Interviewer: I just quietly watch the image in the planetarium.

Amamori: In addition to the planetarium, the entire Tamarokuto Science Center has a policy of communication. By talking positively with visitors, we help them enjoy the exhibition through communication.

Interviewer: It really is a fun science museum.

Amamori: Speaking of the planetarium, in addition to the usual constellations, original drawings of them by the facility staff are also projected. By projecting a pretty illustration as a constellation we get customers to laugh and that leads to communication.

And now, off to Iscandar

Interviewer: Finally, I’d like to ask you about the “main subject.” Is it possible to see the Planet Iscandar?

Amamori: The Iscandar that appeared in Space Battleship Yamato?

Interviewer: That’s right! In Yamato 2199, it is 168,000 light years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud [Galaxy].

Amamori: (Laughs) You really want to see it?

It can be observed from Australia?

Amamori: We can’t see the Large Magellanic Cloud [Galaxy] from Japan, so I’ll move the projection to show the southern hemisphere. In fact, the Magellanic Cloud [Galaxy] can be seen now.

Interviewer: (Where is it…)

Amamori: The Large Magellanic Cloud [Galaxy] is here. We call it a cloud, but it’s not a nebula, it’s a large collection of stars called a galaxy.

Interviewer: There it is!

Amamori: Iscandar is defined as a “planet,” so it doesn’t give off its own light. There should be a fixed star that Iscandar orbits around. Because the Large Magellanic Galaxy is a collection of such stars, it can be projected in a planetarium.

I never dreamed I would get my own private planetarium show.
(Since photos can’t be taken, please try to imagine it.)

There are roughly 100 billion stars in a typical galaxy, and Earth’s galaxy The Milky Way is a well-known example. Because the Earth is in a galaxy, we’re seeing the galaxy from the inside. The hazy strip of stars you can dimly see on a dark night is The Milky Way.

Interviewer: Pardon me for asking, but is there a famous heavenly body that is about the same distance away as Iscandar?

Amamori: That’s a very distant star, so I think it would be hard to understand. (Laughs) However, to explain it a little more clearly, the brightest star in the constellation Altair is about 16.7 light years from Earth. In other words, it would take 16.7 years to get there at the speed of light. So Iscandar (168,000 light years) is about 10,000 times farther away. Do you understand?

Interviewer: I see. That really is far away.

Amamori: The Large Magellanic Galaxy can be observed from Australia in the southern hemisphere. I haven’t seen it myself, but Australia gets very dark outside the cities, and if you go just a little outside the urban areas, the night sky is full of stars, so you seem to understand it immediately.

Interviewer: Ohhh! But you can’t see very much from Tokyo.

Amamori: It gets easier to observe as you get away from the city center, but it’s tough in Shinjuku…

Interviewer: I can see stars in Tokyo inside a planetarium!

Amamori: That reminds me, it seems that an astronomy teacher from Kagoshima University was an advisor on Yamato 2199. It’s a work that was done with proper scientific research.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your help today.

Now we can use Space Battleship Yamato to prevail!

Iscandar is incredibly distant, but it is also renews our hope. As described in the beginning of this article, Yamato 2199 can aim for Iscandar again with the War Pirates collaboration event. Yamato can be used as a mothership in War Pirates, and characters who appear in Yamato 2199 are also available!

By accumulating “Yamato 2199 points” in a quest, it’s possible to get collaboration characters and items. In the advance registration campaign, 15,000 people will get extravagant presents including “Juuzo Okita”, and you can earn rewards from enemy kills and login bonuses in the Defeat! Garmillas Pirates! event held simultaneously. Furthermore, the unforgettable Abert Dessler appears as the boss of an event called Joint Struggle Quest.

The first half of the collaboration period goes until October 13, at which point the second half begins with stronger event bosses and new collaboration characters!

However, the planet Iscandar does not appear in the collaboration between Yamato and War Pirates

Also spotted in September

2199 bracelets

Despite Cosmo DNA’s dragnet for product news that has been in place for years, it should probably be expected that the occasional item will slip through. Such was the case with these 2199 bracelets that escaped notice until the day before this report was published. Release date unknown…but here they are!

Fan models

The selection was thin this month, but you don’t need much more when you find a 1/1000 Deusular II Dreadnought staring you in the face. See a photo gallery of this and other kits here.

Fan art

Yamato 2199 seems to be waning in terms of fan art posted on Twitter as attention shifts over to Yamato 2202. But the loyalists that still carry the torch are entirely worthy of attention. See a gallery of recent finds here.


The month of September belongs entirely to cosplayer Haruyuki “Harunosuk” Akiyama, who previously turned heads with her live rendition of Kaoru Niimi and has now added three more crew members to her retinue. See a photo gallery here.

Yamato 2199 Concierge

With the ubiquity of Battlefield Infinity, you can be forgiven for forgetting the other Yamato 2199 mobile apps that are still around, including Yamato 2199 Concierge, an earlier release (from February 2014) that allows you to customize your phone or PC with beautiful images like this one. (Shared by Twitter user Tsukun on September 9.)

Cut Model sighting

And finally, a blast from the past. Specifically, 1978. This 2-meter long “Precision Cut Model” was built back then for promotional exhibitions related to Farewell to Yamato. Two of them were built, one of which became the property of Leiji Matsumoto. It now resides in Yamato Gallery Zero, a satellite of the Battleship Yamato Museum in Kure, Japan. This photo of the Cut Model display was posted by Twitter user Hideo Tsuchiya in a visit to Gallery Zero on September 13.

Read much more about the Precision Cut Model here.

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