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February 6: Chapter 1 Completion Screening Event

If you were in Tokyo on February 6, you had an opportunity to see Yamato 2202 Chapter 1 before anyone else – and a lot more besides. Special screening events popped up like wildflowers throughout the run of Yamato 2199, so it was only natural to keep them going. A preview screening is a terrific way to get media and fans buzzing, and that’s exactly what it accomplished.

This page is devoted to that event. (And there’s still another page after this one that you DON’T want to miss.)

Part 1: Exhibits

The venue was Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo. The doors opened at 3pm for exhibits and sales. The screening event started at 6:30 and was followed by a live stage presentation. We’ll start exactly the way the fans did, making our way through the exhibits.

Photos were gathered from Twitter and various online articles. A more extensive gallery can be found here.

This photo accompanied a Tweet from Panpapan, who reported on what sounded like new music playing in the venue. The exhibits and sales only took place prior to the screening, so the crowd was understandably heavy.

Tables selling advance tickets for Chapter 1 with an exclusive “homage postcard and poster.” The Bandai Visual table offered the new Yamato 2199 Blu-ray box set and presales for the Chapter 1 video.

Engraved Yamato and Andromeda stainless steel tumblers.

Two mini-canvases from Ichiban Kuji V Premium lottery, available from February 25. The Yamato portrait is by mecha designer Junichiro Tamamori

Panasonic displayed the forthcoming Yamato-color version of their Electric Fan Q.

Forthcoming products from various Bandai companies: Yuki Mori figures from S.H. Figuarts and Megahouse, and model kits from Bandai Hobby.

The Under Armour display included apparel and a display version of Akira Yamamoto’s flight suit (not for sale).

Skymark displayed a model of the “Yamato Jet” to go into service on February 25.

A photo area with Yuki wearing the uniform of a Skymark flight attendant, a Chapter 1 standee with Kodai as a cutout, and Akira Yamamoto in uniform.

Yamato herself (one of the 1/100 display models built for 2199) waited patiently inside the theater for guests to take their seats for the main event.

Again, a more detailed photo gallery for all the above (and more) can be found here.

Part 2: Stage Presentation

We’ll begin with most comprehensive account of the event, which was published at Gigazine.net.

“One step was finally taken” Harutoshi Fukui and the director are relieved

Yamato 2202, Soldiers of Love completion screening report

Prior to the theatrical premiere on February 25, a completion preview screening for Yamato 2202 Chapter 1 was held on February 6. On hand were writer Harutoshi Fukui, director Nobuyoshi Habara, and voice actors Kenichi Suzumura and Sayaka Kanda, who play the roles of Daisuke Shima and Teresa. Anticipation rose during their talk at Yomiuri Hall near Yurakucho Station.

Staff and Cast talk

The MC for the event was Ms. Chiaki Matsuzawa. The on-stage guests were Director Nobuyoshi Habara, Writer Harutoshi Fukui, and voice actors Sayaka Kanda and Kenichi Suzumura who play the roles of Teresa and Daisuke Shima.

When asked about “hardships,” Director Habara said taking over from the masterpiece of 2199 was a lot of pressure, but he seemed relieved to have safely seen Chapter 1 through to completion. Mr. Fukui said it was still just the beginning, but one step had finally been taken and he was confident in what he had started from scratch with no regrets.

Suzumura, who played Shima in 2199, said that he had left off his character with the atmosphere of having grown in his journey with Kodai and the others, and said that he was conscious of playing him as a reliable person.

On the other hand, Ms. Kanda had newly joined for this work. She now rises to the challenge of her veteran co-stars, and when she was an understudy to Daisuke Ono, his advice was “It’s OK to have a full stomach” Mr. Habara chose her after seeing her ability in Frozen, and said that when her name was suggested for the role of Teresa he rushed to reply “OK” before he even finished reading the mail.

Fukui described Teresa as “one of the top three anime characters that are hardest to tangle with,” and had the feeling that she would come off as cold, but he seemed to feel that Ms. Kanda’s voice was perfect. While Shima unfortunately doesn’t appear in Episode 1, and Mr. Suzumura viewed this version with complicated feelings, not only did he end up watching it three times while exclaiming of the content, “This is Yamato!”, but also suggested to his wife Maaya Sakamoto, “You should see Yamato.”

Suzumura doesn’t know how 2202 will develop in the future, but since he had come on stage for this event with Ms. Kanda in the role of Teresa, he requested that Shima and Teresa somehow get involved…even if it’s difficult.

Matsuzawa asked for a “hit prayer from the goddess Teresa” and Ms. Kanda borrowed a line from her to jokingly pray for a hit. With this, contrary to our expectation of seeing the screening of the film, a Yuki Mori version of comedian Nora Hirano appeared, leading Garmillans with the cry of, “A Shima that comes rolling off of Iscandar.” Following Ms. Hirano’s lead, Mr. Suzumura cracked the joke, “Isn’t tiramisu awfully similar to Garumirasu?”

[Translator’s note: Hirano’s act satirizes the “bubble era” of Japan’s economy in the 80s and 90s, mocking the clothing, hairstyle, and attitudes of that time. She has a famous line that sums up its excesses, which references the costly Rainbow Bridge (in Tokyo Bay) and the Nissan Cima, a luxury car that was a big seller at the time. The “Shima” joke here is wordplay on “A Cima that’s come rolling off the Rainbow Bridge.”]

In fact, Ms. Hirano is said to be the same age as Farewell to Yamato, and she’s determined to launch the buzzword “Yamato Bubble” this year. This got a big laugh from Suzumura and the others.

Nobuyoshi Habara and Harutoshi Fukui talk

After the screening, a talk was held between Mr. Habara and Mr. Fukui. Fukui said that he was nervous about the audience reaction immediately after the screening, but the hall was filled with applause.

From Yamato With Love, Kenji Sawada’s ending theme from the original movie, was used as the ending theme again. Mr. Fukui said that prior to seeing Farewell in a theater, he heard it for the first time on a friend’s copy of the drama record, in which Yoshinobu Nishizaki spoke the lyrics to this song along with Kenji Sawada’s vocals. He said that “It was extremely valuable” that From Yamato With Love could be used to express deep emotions.

Also, as an inside story, it was revealed that the Cosmo Tiger II, the main space fighter that appears in the work, has a regular version and a “Version K.” This is an homage to the animator Yoshinori Kanada in which the wingtips hang slightly lower and the “nose grows” as it approaches the camera. As for the large Gatlantis battleship, a double-size model is sometimes used depending on the scene, a practice that gives priority to visual impact over consistent size.

Although Yamato 2202 is based on Farewell to Yamato, this work is a modern interpretation that can be enjoyed by both longtime fans and those who haven’t seen the original. Please make sure to take this journey with Yamato. Incidentally, Director Habara received his Farewell to Yamato baptism in the eighth grade. Likewise, Mr. Fukui seems to have met Legendary God Giant Ideon when he was an eighth-grader. What a person sees at that time may have some influence on their life…

Special thanks to Neil Nadelman for translation support.

Kenichi Suzumura, Sayaka Kanda and others appear on stage for the Yamato 2202, Soldiers of Love screening! Nora Hirano appears in Yuki Mori cosplay as a surprise guest!

From Animate Times

On February 6, a completion preview screening was held for Chapter 1 of Yamato 2202, Soldiers of Love (opening February 25) at Yomiuri Hall in Yurakucho.

Members of the staff and cast appeared in a stage greeting for the audience: Kenichi Suzumura in the role of Daisuke Shima, Sayaka Kanda as the legendary goddess Teresa, Director Nobuyoshi Habara, and writer Harutoshi Fukui. Also, comedian Nora Hirano was invited on as a surprise guest to celebrate the completion of the work. We deliver the goods!

In 2017, the “Yamato Bubble” arrives!

Space Battleship Yamato, the immortal masterpiece and founder of Japanese SF anime history, is being remade in Yamato 2202, Soldiers of Love, a long-awaited new series set three years after the big hit TV anime series Yamato 2199. Many fans rushed to Yomiuri Hall to see a completion screening of Yamato 2202 Chapter 1, “Beginning Chapter” (tentative title).

When the stage greetings began, the MC invited Mr. Habara, Mr. Fukui and others to the platform. They greeted the fans in shirts to signify the Under Armour collaboration.

Nobuyoshi Habara (left) and Harutoshi Fukui (right)

It began with a question to Mr. Habara about the difficulty of the production. He invited laughter when he said, “It was nothing but difficulty.” As a sequel to the masterpiece Yamato 2199, Chapter 1 was made under enormous pressure, but he was filled with joy that it could now be shown to the public.

“I think we’ve finally managed to take a historic step with Yamato 2202,” Mr. Fukui said. Displaying his confidence, he added, “It’s still just the beginning, but I made it from scratch from the start with no regrets.”

Mr. Suzumura and Ms. Kanda, who play the roles of Daisuke Shima and Teresa, were next to enter. The cast members were greeted with enormous applause.

Kenichi Suzumura (left) and Sayaka Kanda (right)

Regarding the three-year passage of time for Daisuke Shima, Suzumura said, “I thought it would be good to express how much he has grown since he experienced the journey in the previous work.”

Ms. Kanda talked about the affection she feels for her character. “I deeply appreciate this,” she said enthusiastically, “and I’m honored to play a part in this historic work. I will humbly try to do my best to the end.” The conversation expanded to discuss cast interactions at the recording site, and the event went on with a peaceful atmosphere to the end.

Comedian Nora Hirano, dressed like the heroine Yuki Mori, burst in on the event as a special guest along with two Garmillans.

“There are fans here from the old days, so be careful,” Mr. Fukui warned. But without breaking character, she pulled in Mr. Suzumura and talked about a “Yamato Bubble.” Ms. Kanda seemed overwhelmed and couldn’t stop laughing. Mr. Suzumura joined in with her schtick to warm applause.

Finally, Ms. Kanda said, “I was recording with real veterans, so I was really nervous! Everyone, please look forward to this as Yamato fans!”

Mr. Suzumura said, “This is the red-hot work called Yamato, and it’s a truly exciting story. Please enjoy it to the end!”

Mr. Habara said, “Each line in this film was created by our staff. I hope you’ll look upon it with a loving eye.”

Mr. Fukui said, “This is a story that will meet 120% of your expectations. It’s a long way to Chapter 7, but I’m in it with everyone to the end.”

Finally, Ms. Hirano gave the farewell line: “I want this year’s buzzword to be ’Yamato Bubbly’ and I want to be a woman as big as Yamato!” With that, the curtain came down.

Bursting with the passion of the staff, Yamato 2202, Soldiers of Love Chapter 1 “Beginning Chapter” (tentative title) opens February 25 for a two-week limited engagement in 15 theaters nationwide!

From Yamato With Love by Kenji Sawada was determined to be the ending theme of Yamato 2202 Chapter 1. Originally released as the ending theme of Farewell to Yamato, Soldiers of Love (1978), it was a huge hit. In addition to this announcement, a new trailer with the song was made public!

Nora Hirano’s bubbly “presence” in Yuki Mori cosplay, Sayaka Kanda flinches “Such destructive power…”

From Mantan Web

Nora Hirano appeared in the stage greeting after a screening of Yamato 2202, Soldiers of Love Chapter 1.

The popular comedian, who was a member of Bubble Era, appeared on stage after a completion screening of the theatrical anime Yamato 2202, Soldiers of Love (directed by Nobuyoshi Habara) at Yomiuri Hall (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) on February 6. Hirano appeared in cosplay with the heroine Yuki Mori as her motif, delivering a series of “Bubble Stories” that made the others flinch, including Sayaka Kanda who plays the role of the goddess Teresa.

Photos posted by Nora Hirano on Twitter. Visit her page here

Instead of her usual red costume, Hirano adopted a Yuki Mori image with a black and yellow jacket with shoulder pads and long boots, appearing with two “Garmillans” named “Ashy” and “Meshy.”

“I want to start a buzzword this year: Yamato Bubbly,” she declared. “I’d like to become a VIP woman who rolls Yamato!”

She called out to Ms. Kanda on stage, saying, “Teresa, let’s pray together so the bubble doesn’t burst!” Kanda flinched from her onstage “presence,” saying, “Such destructive power…” Series writer Harutoshi Fukui invited a laugh from the audience by saying, “This was an event that put human power to the test.”

See a collection of event photos at Nora Hirano’s blog here

Sayaka Kanda in a flashy translucent dress reveals advice from Daisuke Ono

From Mantan Web

Actress and singer Sayaka Kanda appeared at a preview screening of the theatrical anime Yamato 2202, Soldiers of Love (directed by Nobuyoshi Habara) on February 6 at Yomiuri Hall (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo). When she appeared in a pale blue translucent dress, she was bathed in the flashes of cameramen. Writer Harutoshi Fukui got a laugh by saying, “We got a different number of flashes.”

Kanda, who plays the role of the goddess Teresa, talked about the voice recording. “Since there were so many veterans, I squeezed my shoulders together when I sat down.” She also shared some advice she received from Daisuke Ono. “I was worried about making stomach sounds, and he advised me to eat rice balls and bread.” Kenichi Suzumura, who plays the role of Daisuke Shima, was relieved. “I’m glad he didn’t give you a joke answer.” Ms. Kanda offered a Teresa-like prayer for Yamato to be a big hit.

February 7: Day-after reporting

The image above left appeared on Nobuyoshi Habara’s Facebook page. He wrote:

An article on last night’s preview was posted in Sankei Sports magazine, and some information appeared on the morning information program. I was overwhelmed by the size of the work and the power of the performers. I would like to encourage everyone who came to the venue to hold onto your passion for Yamato and create works of your own.

See TV reports on YouTube here and here.

Find more coverage at Anime News Network and Tag Hobby.

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