Yamato 2202 Report 6, part 3

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February 6: The Final Trailer

A final, full-length trailer for Yamato 2202 Chapter 1 hit the internet like a tidal wave the same evening as the screening event, expanding on scenes we’ve seen in the teasers and taking it up a level with lots of juicy new bits. For starters, a better view of Zordar and “something” happening to a Gatlantis character.

A group of aliens being attacked, maybe part of a “Gatlantis vs. the universe” montage.

A nearly unbroken sequence of the Hero’s Hill ceremony, taken practically shot for shot from the original.

A closer look at the Okita statue and a name plate with real English on it:

In 2199 AD, Jyuzo Okita, captain of the Space Battleship Yamato, took the 168,000 light year long voyage to Iscandar to save the human race and mother Earth from the verge of total extinction. Over many sacrifices and suffering, he remained humanity’s last hope, but on the return journey home to Earth his life vanished. The hero who had saved our lives was not able to step onto the reborn Earth again. The memories and example of a great heart and his bravery and heroic death will be handed down for generations. Jyuzo Okita rest in peace, December 8th, 2199 AD.

Special thanks to friend-of-the-website Taylor McCready for that interpretation.

Post-ceremony scenes, including the Andromeda flyover.

Kodai and Yuki reunited with a ring on her finger. “I’m happy already,” she says.

Quick shots of Yamamoto and Yamanami.

The four Andromeda-type ships warp out of Earth’s atmosphere. Close inspection reveals that the foreground ship is named Antares. Director Makoto Kobayashi revealed five names for these ships, all in the new “AAA” class. Battleships: AAA-01 Andromeda, AAA-02 Aldebaran, and AAA-04 Achilles. Carriers: AAA-03 Apollo Norm and AAA-05 Antares. (Posted by him on Twitter February 14.)

“Apollo Norm” is likely an homage to a vessel of the same name from the seminal 1963 manga Submarine 707.

More battle scenes from Episode 1. A Gatlantis battleship warps into the fray and “someone” lines up a targeting device on the enemy fleet.

Gatlantis ships fire away, unaware of what’s about to hit them.

One of the Andromeda-type ships blasts away with her rear guns. And in what looks like a different location, a double Wave-Motion Gun punches right through a planetoid. Big stuff on the way!

See it on Youtube here.

February 7-12: Additional preview screenings

Writer Harutoshi Fukui got on the road right after the big event on February 6 to keep the momentum going in other cities. His first stop on February 7 was a theater in Fukuoka. The handmade sign at left welcomed him by name.

February 8 found him in Osaka with yet another handmade image to make him feel at home.

On February 9 he attended a screening in Nagoya and buckled in for a continuing string of media interviews. According to a Tweet from the Production Committee, he soldiered through no less than 28 sessions in three days, for which they thanked him profusely.

Finally, Fukui was joined by Mr. Habara once more on February 12 for a fourth preview screening in Sapporo, Hokkaido and did one final round of media interviews. This would be their last public appearance until the February 25 premiere.

February 10: TV Commercial

“Yamato Friday” came around again and they somehow managed to squeeze out one more commercial. Mostly a combination of previously-seen shots, it still delivered a single new one that is a dead ringer for a scene in the Yamato 2 opening title.

See it on Youtube here.

See the entire collection of trailers and TV commercials at the official site here.

Also spotted in January & February

Makoto Kobayashi on Twitter

Most human beings who direct anime programs with the overwhelming demands of, say, Space Battleship Yamato, don’t have time to build model kits – let alone customize them to an insane degree. But most human beings aren’t Makoto Kobayashi. He got his hands on a pre-release of the new 1/1000 Andromeda and put it through his paces.

See the results (and more production art) here. Visit his Twitter page here.

Fan art

Twitter was fairly exploding with fan art (hand drawn, painted, and CG) in January and February, to such a degree that it became necessary to split it up into categories.

See a gallery of character art here and mecha art here.

One last shout-out from 2016: this photo of a 2202 billboard was posted December 31 on Twitter by Takenobu Yamato.

Twitter user Infinity Lagna made a nice discovery in a Bic Camera store in the Yurakucho district of Tokyo on February 3: an ad for the 1/1000 Andromeda model coming in March. Another nice surprise was to hear it being promoted on the PA system.

A friend from the past made a welcome return in these photos, posted on Twitter February 7: Rui Tamaki, the professional model who was the regular Kaoru Niimi cosplayer for the weekly Yamato 2199 talk shows on Nico Nico (relive the fun in our 2199 reports from 2013). She’s alive and well and feeling nostalgic. She also reminded us that she portrayed Yuki in a single live event.

Twitter user Puchohenza 1981 made quite a discovery while out on a February 3 walk in the Kokubunji district of Tokyo: Animation Studio Xebec, where 2202 is now in production. Learn more about Xebec here and here.

Here’s your occasional reminder that a special restaurant exists in the Sengawa district of Tokyo: Yakitori Yamato, owned by Producer Shoji Nishizaki. Its exterior is shown above left. They now feature Yamato 2202 coasters inside.

A view of one such coaster, shirking its duty as a tall cool brew sits just millimeters away. Posted on Twitter January 14 by Warp Dimension.

Further evidence was provided in this photo from Yakitori Yamato, posted January 29 by Aoi 2199 (who also snapped the exterior).

And finally…are you kicking yourself right now for never recognizing this? Posted to Twitter February 4 by Kendama 567

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