Daisuke Ono and Kenichi Suzumura interview

PASH! March issue, February 10, 2017

Daisuke Ono & Kenichi Suzumura, the new Yamato generation
“2 people in 1” The relationship of Kodai and Shima

We asked two people in the main crew about the appeal of this work, set three years after Yamato 2199!

Both Shima and Suzumura are spiritual brothers with Kodai and me (Ono)

Interviewer: Please tell me the appeal of the characters you each play.

Ono: Daisuke Shima, played by Mr. Suzumura, is Yamato‘s navigation chief, so the ship doesn’t go anywhere if he’s not psychologically sound. Shima watches his surroundings very well and takes the best action for each situation, and you feel really safe with him around. But in fact, Shima doesn’t appear in the first episode (the first half of Chapter 1), so I and the rest of the cast felt distinctively uneasy. I heard, “Where is Shima?” (Laughs) In fact, Mr. Suzumura is also my spiritual guide.

Suzumura: Susumu Kodai, played by Mr. Ono, has a tremendous sense of justice. He’s a most heroic character who sticks with what he decides to do to the very end. He’s a reliable presence for Shima. Even in the previous work, when Shima says, “That’s not good” to Kodai’s decisions, he finally compromises in the end and believes in Kodai. Kodai has the kind of decisiveness that Shima longs for. If you put Kodai and Shima together, you’d have an ideal human being.

Interviewer: They have opposing ideas in the work, but can you sympathize with both of them?

Suzumura: This time, Kodai snorts roughly and says, “We should go, let’s get on Yamato right now!” but Shima says, “Think about Mori.” (Laughs) Shima’s the only one who can say this to Kodai, isn’t he? For example, in daily life one person might say, “I’m going to quit the company and go independent” and another might say, “You have a wife, stop it.” The person saying that would have quite a deep relationship. I think it’s a really nice relationship.

Ono: A very close friend. And their relationship hasn’t changed over the last three years. It was a scene that gave me the tingles. I thought, “Eh, leave it!” like Kodai and felt for him, since there are many things we can’t push forward. I couldn’t play that part if I didn’t share the feeling. I become like my role, because I like Kodai’s way of life.

Suzumura: What I was hoping for was the “double-portion” of Shima and Kodai. The boldness that lets them break every deadlock, coexisting with a serenity that lets them cooly make decisions, would be the ideal. I thought that had to be brought to life, and that’s what I’m aiming for. Let’s all study Yamato so it gets closer to completion! (Laughs)

Interviewer: The word “love” is in the title, so is “love” also depicted in this work?

Ono: I talked with Houko Kuwashima who plays Yuki Mori, and Kodai and Yuki flirt quite a bit. (Laughs) But it’s really the fact that Earth is a “symbol of peace” and it’s an omen that their love will be tested in a moment that’s predicted to come. A battle of life and death will surely be depicted in the future. That’s why I have a painful feeling when I look at the love growing between these two now.

Suzumura: I suppose one form of love is “patriotism.” The previous work was a battle to protect one’s hometown, but as a result of protecting it in this work that hometown is now a little shaky. However, Yamato is still definitely depicted as a figure that wants to protect its home. People of Earth love the Earth, and the people of Garmillas and Gatlantis have the same heart. It’s sad to have to fight to protect one’s values, but it always happens in everyday life. I hope that this work will provide the power to fight when the time comes.

Interviewer: Please tell me the appeal of this work to those who don’t yet know Yamato!

Suzumura: Yamato is a deep ensemble drama, and one of its charms is a script that gives you likable characters. Even if you’re starting with this work, there’s no problem at all, and seeing it will make you concerned for developments in the future as well as the past. To those who are interested, we’ll be glad if you can enjoy the previous work together by all means!

Ono: A lot of so-called “reluctant boyfriend” characters also appear among the elders, and please pay attention to those not from Earth. I’ll be glad if everyone can board this ship together. Thank you very much.

Interviewer: An Suzuki (Vanfleet)

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