Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Report 67

After a long and VERY healthy run, this appears to be the last 2199 Report for the foreseeable future. A few things are still happening under the 2199 umbrella (that manga should restart aaaaaaany day now…) but they aren’t numerous or frequent enough to hold this spot, so they’ll be folded into 2202 reports from here on. Therefore, let’s take a final fling through the first quarter of 2017 and call it “mission accomplished,” shall we?

February 13: Family Channel Reruns

Japan’s Family Channel satellite network provided the best possible buildup you could get as you counted down to the premiere of 2202 Chapter 1: a complete 2199 rerun capped by both of the feature films. The broadcast order went as follows:

Episodes 1-12 February 13-16
Episodes 1-3 Feb 13
Episodes 4-6 Feb 14
Episodes 7-9 Feb 15
Episodes 10-12 Feb 16

Episodes 1-12 marathon Feb 18

Episodes 13 & 14 Feb 20
Episodes 15-18 Feb 21
Episodes 19-22 Feb 22
Episodes 23-26 Feb 23

Episodes 13-26 marathon Feb 25

A Voyage to Remember Feb 27 & March 4
Ark of the Stars Feb 28 & March 4

This was not the first 2199 rerun on Family Channel and probably won’t be the last. And even though we can’t access such a thing outside Japan, it brings an interesting contrast with the time we waited for months between chapters, a situation we’re just starting to experience again.

February 17: 1/1000 Operation M box set reissue

While the Family Channel reruns were underway, another kind of rerun came to the model kit world, a reissue of the remarkable Operation M box set containing all 22 of the Cosmo Navy ships from the Episode 1 battle at Pluto: Okita’s battleship, 9 cruisers, and 12 destroyers.

See an extensive photo collection of the set here.

February 20: Pachislot game

The newest addition to the world of Yamato pachinko games arrived on this day when 2199 Pachislot first appeared in Japanese game rooms. The attraction to these games outside Japan always lies in the new art and animation, which in this case is equal to anything seen in the anime series.

Visit Sammy’s official website here.

See an extensive gallery of promo art and game stills below.

February 23: Super Robot Wars V game

After a long wait (some would say decades), Yamato finally took its rightful place among the pantheon of anime to be combined with other anime in the mash-up to end all mash-ups, Bandai/Namco’s highly successful video game series Super Robot Wars. It became a participant and mobile base of operations for a host of mecha from other series from Mazinger Z to Gundam and Evangelion in an all-out war too big for any single giant robot to fight.

The animation is all new and the international version of the game includes English subtitles for the first time. See the magic for yourself in these clips on Youtube:

Yamato weaponry demos | Prologue and Yamato launch | Yamato launch | Wave-Motion Gun event | Yamato vs Pluto Base | Black Getter and Great Mazinger team up with Yamato | Wish Upon A Star episode | Graveyard of the Universe episode

March 28: Final Hope 365 game announced

Ironically, the last 2199 entry in this last 2199 report is the announcement of another restart. Set to debut this summer, Yamato 2199: Final Hope 365 is a smart phone game that reboots the journey to Iscandar in a strategy game scenario reminiscent of Battlefield Infinity. Based on the anime, it allows players to upgrade the ship and direct the crew to utilize multiple resources against the Garmillas. The goal is the same as always: survive and return in 365 days.

And with a glimpse at what will certainly NOT be the last doujinshis devoted to 2199, the voyage of these reports comes to a close. Stay tuned to the 2202 Reports from here!

Yamato 2199 Pachislot art & still gallery

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