Yamatour 2013 Photojournal 3

At left: the “mysterious” part is where they got the word “fooding.” (Were they going for “foodie?”) At right: this big empty space between buildings in Akihabara is where the awesome Radio Kaikan used to be, but years have passed it still hasn’t been rebuilt yet. Very odd for Tokyo. Anyway, the stores have all taken up residence in neighboring buildings, and will probably stay put even after this space has been filled up again.

Maru-Go [Circle 5] restaurant in Akihabara, home of the best tonkatsu on the planet. Now with an English menu!

Volks Hobby shop’s Yamato display.

At left: there’s a line of Evangelion cosmetics now because something, something, something, money, something. At right: if your style is to stand around other smokers until your hair and clothes become vomit-inducing, there’s a place for you in Akihabara.

The monolithic Yodobashi Camera department store’s slogan is “Total Multi-media Life,” and they’re not kidding. Case in point: Tower Records is still alive and well on their 9th floor!

…and Tower was the ONLY place I ever saw the Captain Harlock soundtrack on CD. It even came with this poster! At right: a whole rack devoted to Marvel movies. I totally could have bought Iron Man 3 there three weeks before it came out at home.

At left: Yodobashi’s model kit department still had a Yamato aisle, more fully stocked than ever. But I couldn’t seem to find the newest 2199 kits there. Then I turned a corner.

At left: Yuki Mori and Akira Yamamoto figures. First time I saw them both together. At right: Halloween is coming, and Japan will take any excuse for cosplay. Attack on Titan seems to be popular this year.

Back in Shinjuku, I spotted an SUV (the only one I saw all week) pulling these statues on a trailer in a constant loop around the neighborhood. They’re promoting “Robot Restaurant,” which I’m told is the sleaziest, most disgusting place in Kabuki-cho. Guess where my hotel was?

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