Yamato 2202 Report 11, part 2

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June 14: Cinema Today

An interview with Sayaka Kanda (Teresa) appeared on the Cinema Today website. Read the interview here

June 16: Chapter 3 advance tickets

The official Yamato 2202 website announced that advance tickets for Chapter 3 would be sold on the opening day of Chapter 2 (now just a week away) with another poster as a bonus item. This poster reused new art that had first appeared on the cover of Weekly Asahi in mid-February (above right).

June 17: TV Special

A new half-hour special titled Yamato 2202 ~ Just Before June 24 Launch!! Special program of Love debuted on Tokyo MX and would be rebroadcast three times over the next five days. It included highlights from the stage greeting at the June 7 preview event, trailer footage, voice actor comments, and other promotional bits.

The centerpiece of the show was a 10-minute preview of Episode 3 (essentially the first half) which included the new opening title. It can be seen on Youtube here.

June 17: Chapter 1 screening

Chapter 1 returned to the big screen for a full week at the MOVIX theater in Akishima, Tokyo and the Cinecitta theater in Kawasaki. Visitors to the Akishima theater could get a look at the 1/100 Yamato display model with its 2202 upgrades. The model stayed in place until July 7.

See a photo gallery here.

June 17: Great Mechanics G

This magazine from Futaba Co. continued its exemplary coverage of 2202 with a 10-page article that extensively interviewed Director Nobuyoshi Habara about Chapter 2, matching the depth of their previous piece on Chapter 1.

The text will be presented here in a future update.

June 17: Shion Wind Concert

2202 composer Akira Miyagawa made his first public appearance of the 2202 era when he conducted this concert with Osaka’s Shion Wind Orchestra at the Taishi City Cultural Center. The program included two Yamato tracks: a four-part suite by Hiroshi Miyagawa and another titled Yamato Jazz.

Fans turned up and were delighted to find Yamato merch for sale in the lobby. These photos were posted by on Twitter by Aoi2199.

June 18: Mantan Web

The next shot of print media publicity came when the Mantan Web site interviewed Kenichi Suzumura. Read it here

June 19: Aera magazine

Sayaka Kanda’s second print media interview appeared in this weekly publication from Asahi Shimbun (above right). Read it here

June 19: Promotional Meeting of Love, part 1

A limited-run Youtube series has become a new staple in Yamato promotion, and this one would consist of six episodes all dedicated to 2202. The presenters were Director Nobuyoshi Habara, Writer Harutoshi Fukui, Eriko Nakamura (voice of Mikage Kiryu) and MC Osamu Kobayashi.

The title of Part 1 was Looking back at Chapter 1, Beginning Chapter. It was a 15-minute version of a live stage presentation that accompanied a May 17 screening of Chapter 1. See it on Youtube here.

June 20: Promotional Meeting of Love, part 2

The second episode of this Youtube series covered music with studio footage of the opening title performance and Sayaka Kanda singing the Chapter 2 end theme. See it on Youtube here.

June 20: Yamato Crew Chapter 2 Blu-ray

On this day Yamato Crew announced its own customary special edition of the Chapter 2 Blu-ray. Fans who ordered it from the site would get a rare trading card and voice-recording scripts for episodes 3-6. (Only shipping to Japanese addresses, of course.)

June 20: Tokyo Walker magazine

Sayaka Kanda’s third print media interview was published in the July issue of this magazine. The text was essentially identical to other interviews and so will not be translated herein.

June 21: Online interviews

With Chapter 2 now only three days away, the media assault truly started with waves of interviews appearing simultaneously at various online sources. Today, Kenichi Suzumura (Shima) was interviewed by Animate Times (read it here), Aya Uchida (Yuria Misaki) was interviewed by Dengeki Hobbyweb (read it here), and Director Nobuyoshi Habara was interviewed by Gigazine (read it here).

June 21: Promotional Meeting of Love, part 3

The third episode of the Youtube series covered the making of the Chapter 2 trailers. See it here.

June 22: 30-second commercial

A new Chapter 2 commercial from Bandai Visual crushed trailer footage down to 30 seconds of high-octane action. See it on Youtube here.

June 22: Online interviews

Several new interviews popped up on this day with just 48 hours to go until the premiere. One interview featured Aya Uchida (Yuria Misaki) with the others dominated by Hiroshi Kamiya (Keyman) and Kenichi Suzumura (Shima). Find them in our media roundup here.

June 22: Promotional Meeting of Love, part 4

The fourth episode of the Youtube series covered the process of voice recording with Eriko Nakamura in-studio. See it on Youtube here.

June 22: Ship’s Log #18

This issue of the Yamato Crew Premium fan club magazine was perfectly timed to arrive in subscribers’ mailboxes as Chapter 2 opened. The features this time were news updates from all fronts (mainly product announcements and highlights of the last two months), five pages of character design, two of mecha design, interviews with scriptwriter Hideki Oka and voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya, animation layout art, and a fan event roundup.

Read the Hideki Oka interview here.

June 23: Yamato 2202 Hero’s Record official site opens

Hero’s Record is the first simulation game derived entirely from Yamato 2202. Designed for Japanese mobile phones, pre-registration opened with the debut of the website. A Twitter page and a Facebook page opened on July 4 and official registration began July 7.

June 23: Online interviews

The final rush of voice actor interviews (11 this time) flooded the internet on the last day before the Chapter 2 premiere. One was with Director Nobuyoshi Habara, one was with Kenichi Suzumura (Shima), and the remaining nine interviewed Daisuke Ono (Kodai) in the single largest volume for a Yamato actor in one day (though some were repeats).

Read the interviews here.

June 23: Number One Lottery prints

Ichiban Kuji [Number One] Lottery is a prize campaign held at all the major convenience store chains in Japan. Yamato 2199 prizes were offered in previous campaigns, and 2202 went for a round on June 23. The offerings this time were print-on-demand card images, twenty for each chapter, for the price of 150yen apiece.

See the Chapter 1 set here. See the Chapter 2 set here. See a partial gallery here.

June 23: Mr. Hobby custom paints

The Gunze Sangyo hobby company kept pace with Bandai’s Yamato 2199 model kits, releasing custom paint colors as needed. On this day they picked up the line again with their first two 2202 products, Andromeda colors 1 and 2.

June 23: Promotional Meeting of Love, part 5

The fifth episode of the Youtube series brought us a rare glimpse of the world of Yamato model kit production at the Bandai factory, with additional footage from the Shizuoka Hobby Show. See it here.

June 23: Newspaper ad

Major newspapers carried this ad for Chapter 2 one day prior to the premiere. For the first time, a scan code was included that would take a cel phone user to the 10-minute segment from the first half of Episode 3.

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