Yamato 2202 Chapter 2 synopsis

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Chapter 2: Launch Chapter

Episode 3: Impact • The legacy of Cosmo Reverse

From the theatrical program book (left side above):

Is this the future Yamato brought home at the end of the great voyage…?

What is the true nature of Earth’s reconstruction that Kodai sees in the time fault? The Yamato crew, who heard the voice of Teresa, approaches a moment of decision…

Kodai, arriving at the Garmillas embassy on the moon, hears the secret of Telezart and Teresa from Ambassador Burrel. However, it was almost unbelievable.

Telezart is a legendary planet that was supposed to reach the pinnacle of civilization, and the residents were able to use their own will as a physical force. They were able to use this infinite power to the limit of their imagination, and they reached a plane where their spirit no longer needed a body. It crystallized as life in a distant dimension. That is Teresa. Teresa exists in the space between worlds, and is said to be a goddess who prays for peace for all.

It’s like a fairy tale, and Burrel says there is a lot of evidence for her existence. He says that Teresa has summoned people in the past. Burrel then orders Keyman to guide Kodai to a certain place.

In the antigravity singularity (time fault), which was born as a side-effect of the Cosmo Reverse, time flows ten times faster than in the outside world. This different space made it possible for Earth to succeed in mass-producing a fleet including Andromeda in just three years. This top secret military factory builds not only vessels for the Earth Defense Army, but also for Garmillas. This is the legacy of Earth’s revival.

Angry over these facts, Kodai tries to negotiate for an investigation of Telezart by the Earth Defense Forces Command, but it ends in failure. Furthermore, everyone from the former Yamato crew will be ordered to change stations. Kodai, with Sanada, decides to take on the disgrace of a traitor and launch Yamato. However, he tells Yuki that he wants her to stay on Earth. She returns his engagement ring, saying that despite their time on the Iscandar mission, he really doesn’t know her after all.

Meanwhile, a Gatlantis vanguard fleet approaches the eleventh planet at the edge of the solar system.

Episode 3 notes
(from the video booklet)

The story of Teresa and Telezart is told to Kodai by Ambassador Burrel. Teresa is defined as having an extra-dimensional presence.

The existence of a time fault which underlies the worldview in 2202 is revealed in order to explain how five Andromeda-class ships and so many other vessels in the Wave-Motion fleet were constructed in only three years. Time flows ten times faster inside the fault than outside.

It should be pointed out that Garmilloids are working inside the time fault.

In the first draft of the script, a woman [!] pours liquor for Dr. Sado.

Episode 4: Departure to the unknown!

From the theatrical program book:

Okita’s children proceed…

Even if they are called traitors, there is a mission to achieve. Yamato launches on an undesired voyage.

Yamato has secretly moved to a dock in the old underground city. Preparations for launch are ongoing. Everyone on the former crew gathers with Yamato as their goal. Sanada, recognizing Kodai’s command instincts that go beyond logic, entrusts him with the seat of acting captain.

On the other hand, when Serizawa senses the disturbing movements of Yamato, he sends in the armed forces. In the midst of battle, the main control room that controls water injection and the opening of the gate is destroyed. At Yamazaki’s suggestion, Kodai understands that it will be possible to control them from Yamato if system data is transferred from the sub-control room, so Yamazaki, Hoshina, and Kiryu are dispatched as a trio. Along with Yuria Misaki, they successfully transfer the data but are forced to give up returning to Yamato.

Yamato begins to move thanks to them, but neither Yuki nor Shima are seen on the first bridge. Yamato moves away from the dock as Kodai’s ship, but Shima appears at the end of all this trouble, determined to depart with his friends.

Space Battleship Yamato leaves Earth once again…

Episode 4 notes
(from the video booklet)

The events of this episode correspond with those of Episode 4 of Yamato 2.

Kodai and the others utilize Kirishima, the only surviving battleship from the Garmillas war, to outwit headquarters.

The scene after Sanada’s water injection is roughly equivalent to the layout and dialogue from Farewell to Yamato.

The appearance of Yamato bursting out of the water is one of the most outstanding anime scenes of all time.

Additionally, the scene where Yamato destroys the combat satellites comes from Yamato 2, though their shape differs here.

Episode 5: Clash! Yamato vs Andromeda

From the theatrical program book (left side above):

Your son is a stubborn one, Okita-san…

Yamato vs Andromeda!? Both ships fight to the finish here and now!!

While on an exercise, the Andromeda fleet receives news of Yamato‘s rebellion, and the Yamamoto corps abandons their post to join up. Klaus Keyman, who rushed toward the commotion, directly appeals to Kodai to board Yamato as an advisor.

Captain Yamanami, in command of Andromeda, pursues Yamato. Yamato is short on maintenance and cannot use the Wave-Motion Barrier, so there is no possibility of standing up to the newest ship. Therefore, Sanada proposes that they execute the “Asteroid Ship” plan. Yamato is covered in rock to resist Andromeda‘s attack, a strategy that earns time for more maintenance.

Yamato fearlessly advances against Andromeda even as the rocks are bombarded with hits. Andromeda also continues straight on. There is an unnamed rivalry between the stubborn Kodai and Yamanami. Yamato‘s Wave-Motion Barrier is restored at the last second, and both ships pass each other at close range after threatening to collide.

A notice comes in from Defense Force Headquarters that Yamato is cleared of suspicion of treason. Headquarters has relented in response to Ambassador Burrel of Garmillas. Members of Yamato‘s flight corps are dispatched to the ship and Yamanami allows Kodai to pass.

Episode 5 notes
(from the video booklet)

Cosmo Tiger IIs occupy the second hanger while Keyman’s Czvarke is in the third hangar. If you look closely, the Cosmo Tiger I is also in the third hangar due to its large size.

The asteroid ship disguise which appears in Episode 9 of the original series was regrettably omitted from Yamato 2199. It was based on a preliminary concept for the Yamato series called Asteroid Ship Icarus.

This is the first time Andromeda and Yamato engage in full swing.

Episode 6: Desperate struggle • The eleventh planet

From the theatrical program book:

You decided to do it?

A space boat is collected by Yamato, a ship from the eleventh planet which was exposed to the onslaught of the Gatlantis fleet. On board is Nagakura, a female member of the Space Cavalry, who escaped the crisis alone, swearing to bring rescue to her companions.

The eleventh planet is located at the outer edge of the solar system. This frontier land, settled by the human race and Garmillas, has been overrun by Gatlantis and turned into hell. The civilians who barely survived are on the verge of annihilation. The closest Earth vessel that can deviate from its route is Yamato. However, Defense Force Headquarters judges it to be too dangerous for a single ship. Yamato is told to leave it to the Defense Forces and continue the search for Telezart.

On board Yamato, the senior officers discuss whether to follow the directive or go for a rescue. They decide to rescue the eleventh planet using Okita’s tactics from the assault on Balan. Kodai leaps into the heart of the enemy by warping.

In a town reduced to rubble, Touko Katsuragi has escaped with a young Garmillas girl and Saito of the Space Cavalry, but they are cornered by Needleslaves. The Cosmo Tiger I comes flying in and the majestic figure of Yamato appears! Yamato goes to ground to rescue survivors while the Cosmo Tiger team fights an air battle above. However, Yamato‘s Wave-Motion Gun is sealed and they can only fight defensively against the enemy’s overwhelming offensive. The powerful energy of the Gatlantis fleet strikes Yamato during an escape run through a large valley!

Is it Yamato‘s destiny to be lost in the flames…!?

Episode 6 notes
(from the video booklet)

In the original series, the name Faust was attached to the eleventh planet. In Star Blazers, it was called Brumis.

The Cosmodart vanguard fleet of Gatlantis was named after Admiral Cosmodart Naska from Yamato 2.

Nagakura’s line, “I will not run away” was spoken by Saito in the original Episode 6 of Yamato 2.

Characters and Mecha

From Ship’s Log issue 18

Professor Robert Redrauz

He came to Planet 11 leading a university research group. He goes to Admiral Hijikata to seek permission to investigate writings in the ancient Akerian ruins.

Touko Katsuragi

Assistant to Professor Redrauz. A beautiful woman shrouded in mystery.


Garmillan brother and sister who live on Planet 11. He is a big fan of Yamato. The two are separated during the onslaught led by the Gatlantis army.


Commander of the Gatlantis vanguard battle fleet. He raids Planet 11 and massacres many of its inhabitants, even after the colony offers its surrender. He’s a ruthless extremist commander who wants to achieve victory with death.

President of the Earth Federation

a 60-year-old with an idealist’s heart. An excellent politician who gives top priority to realistic compromise. He’s highly regarded in diplomacy, but is skilled at conveying an image of strength when required.

Armed guards

Dispatched by Serizawa to prevent Yamato‘s launch. They raid the dock aboard Cosmo Seagulls and destroy the control system for the main gate.

Dreadnought-class Vanguard Battleship

The main battleship of the Earth Federation Aerospace Fleet. Built with the technical assistance of Garmillas, it has the same basic structure as the Gaiderol-class Space Battleship. Due to its characteristics, it can be said that the ship is a mass-production type of Yamato. It is equipped with a Wave-Motion Gun which can be operated in dispersion mode, with two chambers arranged in series and a splitter in the muzzle. Together with the Andromeda-class, it forms the core of the Wave-Motion Corps.

Asteroid Ship Yamato

Yamato uses an exterior system devised at the time of Izumo plan. A passenger compartment was added to the outside of the hull and the concept was to have it covered with rock. Magnetron probes are attached to rock masses (asteroids), causing them to attach to the hull, sailing as an “asteroid ship.” It became unnecessary after the ship was equipped with the Wave-Motion Barrier System. Shiro Sanada has the idea to operate it as a defense system (ARGO system), which creates an asteroid ring by guiding the rock mass in a rotating fashion that absorbs the enemy’s beam attacks.

Cosmo Tiger II Booster

Long distance flight booster unit, mounted at the rear of the aircraft.


Mechanized soldiers created by science slaves of Garmillas. An autonomous small-weapons platform created by copying Garmilloid technology, it transforms from flight form to semi-human type ground battle form. It wields an anti-personnel “needle gun” equipped in the “arms” which fire dagger-like projectiles. It is transported to target areas by being attached to the bomb rack of an aircraft. It can also be ejected from a ship’s torpedo launch tube. There is a secondary bombardment type, equipped with four beam guns in each arm.


Imperial Garmillas Army Space Fighter with a custom white fuselage. It was assigned as a special plane to the Garmillas embassy on the Moon. Keyman’s beloved machine.


Chapter 3: Pure Love Chapter

The official 2202 website was the first (naturally) to break the news of Chapter 3. Titled Pure Love Chapter, it will premiere in theaters October 14. The dramatic key art features this ominous phrase: The devil says, “Choose your love.” The following descriptive text also appeared:

A vast number of Gatlantis reinforcement ships arrives over the head of Yamato, buried in a mass of rock on the eleventh planet. There is no way to fire the Wave-Motion Gun that is sealed up. Which road will Kodai take in the end?

Even when Yuki appears before Kodai, having smuggled herself on board, the situation is not improved.

Driven by need, Yamato is hit by two huge traps and stopped at the planet Shutrabaze. Yamato is attacked by a rebel Garmillas army, as if it was waiting there. During the confusion, Kodai comes face to face with a man embodying the intention of Gatlantis in ruins of the Akerius civilization. This man, who preaches absolute “love” as the truth of the universe says “Choose your love,” pressing Kodai to make a terrible choice…

Episode 7 preview

From Ship’s Log issue 18

Let’s introduce images from the trailer that followed Chapter 2. Yamato has left on the journey to find Telezart and are attacked by the Gatlantis forces. The trip has only just begun, and Yamato already encounters a desperate crisis situation. What is the fate of Saito, Hijikata, the crew of Yamato, and the others? Just wait for the screening in October!

Kodai: How many of them are there?

Miki Saijo: The total number is over 15,000!

Sanada: That shape, impossible!

Ota: A supernova?

Nanbu: I just want to do the right thing, of course.

Saito: Kodai, fire the Wave-Motion Gun!

In Chapter 3, Yamato faces an unprecedented crisis against the large battleships of the Gatlantis forces that fill all of space. What are the Gatlantis forces doing? Will Yamato finally break the vow not to use the Wave-Motion Gun? And what does the title Pure Love Chapter mean?

Continue to Chapter 3

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  1. Huh, so the new Dreadnought-class battleships are modeled after the Garmlilas’ Gaiderol-class battleships? Make sense considering how they are mass produced but the size difference is questionable… I wonder if they are also equipped with wave-motion shields….

  2. By the looks of the shoulder boards of the Yamato crew members (in screen grabs here and in the chapter 1 synopsis, and in the 2202 character guide), it kind of looks like *nobody* received a promotion! Kodai has lieutenant stripes on his new 2202 uniform–despite having been made captain of a destroyer–as do Mori and Shima. Misaki, Hoshina, Yamazaki, Kiryu, Sanada, Tokugawa, and Ota all have the same rank stripes on their boards (although this might just be a leftover from their old 2199 uniforms). Is it true? And if so, what does it take to get ahead in the UNCF?

  3. I may be mistaken of course, but… Aren’t those Gamillan leutenant onboard “Yamato” looks pretty much like younger version of Dessler? Too much, maybe, to make it just a coincidence?

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