Kenichi Suzumura & Hiroshi Kamiya Interview

TV Station magazine
June 7, 2017

Yamato‘s new journey begins in Yamato 2202 Chapter 2, with no dividing line between enthusiastic fans new and old!

Interviewer: What are the highlights of Chapter 2?

Suzumura: This is called Launch Chapter, and Yamato finally takes off. I think that’s the biggest highlight.

Kamiya: Whereas Chapter 1 consisted of two TV series episodes, Chapter 2 has four. Now approximately two hours of episodes have been made. I think the highlight this time is how the thoughts of the crew and those who stay behind on Earth are presented.

Suzumura: I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so unfortunately I can’t say much. (Laughs) Not all of Shima’s thoughts are depicted, but when you see his actions you’ll understand his nature. There are parts of the story that people can interpret their own way, and I think that’s the appeal of the work.

Interviewer: Please tell me about the personality of Keyman, who appears in 2202.

Kamiya: He’s a mysterious Garmillas character. Garmillas and Earth are allies now, and the concept is that Keyman becomes the hands and feet to accomplish the goals of his boss Varel, who is the ambassador. You don’t really know what he’s thinking, and there seem to be many hidden things for future development. It’s difficult for me reflect his thoughts in sound, so while I’m performing I’m thinking that he should feel enigmatic.

Mutual respect between “unique” beings

Interviewer: How is Mr. Kamiya similar to Keyman?

Suzumura: They are not at all alike. (Laughs) However, it’s a character that only Hiroshi Kamiya could do. If I had to do the casting, even I would choose Hiroshi Kamiya.

Interviewer: How is Mr. Suzumura similar to Shima?

Kamiya: In his being a theorist. Thinking things through takes priority, but when I press my opinion and say “But, Kenichi…!” he’ll listen and then say, “Yeah, maybe you’re right.” (Laughs) His understanding enthusiasm is very Shima-like.

Interviewer: Please tell me about each other’s performance, and the appeal of being a voice actor.

Kamiya: It’s been a long relationship, but I’ve never talked about it.

Suzumura: I often go drinking, but I’ve never talked about acting.

Kamiya: Kenichi’s voice is unique, and he’s performed many heroic lead character roles, but being cast as a second banana, like Shima…he can weave the sound just on theory. It’s not the best way to put it, but he has a very versatile and individual voice. Really, I feel that “There is only one of this person.”

Suzumura: I think Mr. Kamiya is a one and only. Even when I watch TV I can immediately understand one of his characters. From the first time we met, the most amazing thing about him was his voice. He can still do lines like he did when he was young, but you feel like he’s doing it differently, too. Changing while seemingly not having changed is actually pretty hard to pull off, and I think it’s loved because he succeeds in doing that.

Interviewer: How about Daisuke Ono in the lead role of Kodai?

Suzumura: He’s more nervous than we are. (Laughs)

Kamiya: Because there are a lot of us in the cast, we sit in the corner and Mr. Ono sits quietly among the veterans.

Suzumura: On only half of his bottom. (Laughs) But that’s a sign of his determination. He’s conscious of being in the lead, so he sits in a tense position.

Kamiya: We smile at it, but we’re solid. (Laughs)

Suzumura: There are many leaders, but Mr. Ono works hard at it.

Interviewer: A message to the fans, please?

Suzumura: This is a work made by various things that overlap, such as the passion on the production side and the support of longtime fans, so when I look back I never see it as a waste, and there’s plenty of time for people who still want to experience Yamato. You won’t regret it, so please watch it.

Kamiya: Even for those who saw the old movie version, even as they acknowledge the differences, I think they’ll think this is great. At the same time, I hope you’ll accept the thoughts of the production side since it has the hurdle of being a remake that honors the original. It’s worth it just to see the cutting-edge visuals, so those who have never seen the original should also go to the theater.

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