Analysis of the World of Yamato

Elsewhere on this website we examine in detail the legendary wave of book publishing that followed the Space Battleship Yamato saga in Japan, which set the standard that still exists today in the anime community. As years passed and more stories were added to the Yamato pantheon, the context of the Yamato universe grew larger. The first opportunity to examine it as a whole was taken by Shogakukan Publishing, in a 1983 edition of the This is Animation series. That multi-part text is presented here.

Analyzing the role and the time frame Yamato filled in the Cosmos…

If we analyze the entire Yamato saga from a Cosmic Perspective, we note the rise and fall of many stellar civilizations, including Earth, Gamilas, and Iscandar to the White Comet Empire, the Dark Nebula Empire and the Denguil. All of these drive the cosmic history of the world of Yamato.


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