Yamato Fan Club Magazine index, Part 2

The Legacy Years

What makes these issues of the fan club magazine so valuable today is that they remain the only source of inside information about post-Yamato activities in the halls of West Cape Corporation. Yoshinobu Nishizaki kept himself plenty busy during these years with new projects and new business interests such as the video and film distribution company JAVN (Japan Audio Visual Network).

His desire to become a one-man production and distribution juggernaut lead him to make the now-notorious Odin: Photon Space Sailor Starlight and a little-known live action film, a coming-of-age drama titled A Passenger. Coverage of these was sparse elsewhere, but the fan club magazine followed them every step of the way. These issues also provide the only known documentation of bi-annual fan club meetings and perennial trips to the Cannes Film Festival. Mail-order products continued to be offered, though stocks obviously dwindled as time went on. On the other hand, it was the one reliable source for a quick spate of Odin merchandise in 1985.

With no new Yamato productions to cover, the editorial staff outdid themselves with retrospective articles and game features. The Fan Plaza never slowed down, even taking over entire issues near the end of the run. Naturally, the intimacy that was fostered during this time lead to a very heartfelt farewell issue when the club closed its doors in the summer of 1991.

The rollout schedule became decidedly more erratic, with issues showing up long after the official publication dates. This is proven by many articles about events that occurred well after the date of the very magazine in which they were reported. Double-numbered issues were occasionally deployed to get things back on track, but it wasn’t long before they slipped off again.

Regardless, issues 36-83 offer a rare window into the legacy years of Yamato and will continuously serve as valuable reference for articles on this website.

Issue 36/37: 10/25/83
Message on future projects
(Odin & Dessler’s War), NHK concert, Odin concept art, Memories of Dessler
See content here.

Issue 38: 12/25/83
Reports on new projects (Odin, Dessler’s War, New Yamato), Final Yamato FX design
See content here.

Issue 39: 2/25/84
Nishizaki message on
Odin, production articles, club meeting report, Final Yamato FX design
See content here.

Issue 40: 4/25/84
Nishizaki message on Odin, production articles, Music Video report, 39-episode Yamato plot

Issue 41: 6/25/84
Odin press conference,
artwork & staff messages, Yamato mission maps

Issue 42: 8/25/84
Odin characters & music, Yamato SF glossary,
Odin tech design

Issue 43: 10/25/84
Odin report, NHK concert event, studio document
history review, Odin event announcements

Issue 44-45: 2/25/85
Nishizaki message on
Odin & production articles

Issue 46: 4/25/85
Odin event reports, staff messages, scene selection

Issue 47: 6/25/85
Odin fan report & production, Yamato game challenge

Issue 48: 8/25/85
Nishizaki message on
Dessler’s War, Odin staff messages, Dessler’s War fan response

Issue 49: 10/25/85
New projects for 1986, fan event report, Yamato trailer retrospective

Issue 50: 12/25/85
Nishizaki message,
staff messages, Yamato FX director

Issue 51: 2/25/86
Yamato “private” fan club report, Yamato FX director

Issue 52-53: 6/25/86
Event reports, WCC Star Blazers comics,
Yamato FX director

Issue 54: 8/25/86
Star Blazers coverage,
Yamato FX director, “private” fan club report

Issue 55: 10/25/86
Nishizaki message on 1987 projects, Star Blazers coverage, Yamato FX director, “private” fan club report

Issue 56: 12/25/86
Dessler data part 1, event report, Yamato FX director, Star Blazers coverage

Issue 57: 2/25/87
Dessler data part 2
(Series 2), Yamato
FX director

Issue 58: 4/25/87
Dessler data part 3 (New Voyage), Yamato record list, Scanimation report

Issue 59: 6/25/87
A Passenger feature film report, Yamato video list,
SFX report

Issue 60: 8/25/87
A Passenger coverage,
Dessler data part 4 (Be Forever/Series 3)

Issue 61: 10/25/87
Dessler data part 5
(Series 3), A Passenger coverage

Issue 62: 12/25/87
Nishizaki message on new projects, Yamato history from April ’73 through Dec ’87

Issue 63: 2/25/88
Dessler data part 6 (Series 3)

Issue 64: 4/25/88
Report from Cannes with English flyers, Dessler data part 7 (Series 3)

Issue 65: 6/25/88
New Yamato project announcements, Dessler
data part 8 (Series 3)

Issue 66: 8/25/88
Nishizaki at Mig Con ’88, Dessler data part 9
(Series 3)

Issue 67:10/25/88
New Yamato project announcements, first photos
of 2520 model, Dessler data part 10 (Series 3)

Issue 68: 12/25/88
Series 1 planning part 1, Dessler data part 11
(Series 3)

Issue 69: 2/25/89
Fan club meeting report,
Series 1 planning part 2

Issue 70: 4/25/89
Series 1 planning part 3,
how the magazine is made, Dessler data part 12 (Series 3)

Issue 71: 6/25/89
TV episode 1 storyboards, Dessler data part 13
(Series 3), 15th anniversary retrospective part 1

Issue 72: 8/25/89
Pilot film storyboards,
15th anniversary retrospective part 2

Issue 73: 10/25/89
Nishizaki message for
1990, 15th anniversary retrospective part 3

Issue 74: 12/25/89
15th anniversary retrospective (music), making the magazine

Issue 75: 2/25/90
15th anniversary retrospective (statistics), fan talk (collectors)

Issue 76: 4/25/90
Yasuhiko storyboards,
Wave garage kits, character personality test

Issue 77: 6/25/90
All-fan contribution issue,
video releases announced

Issue 78: 8/25/90
Mecha designs, Yamato
Party ’90 report, new product info

Issue 79: 10/25/90
Nishizaki message for ’91,
fan contribution submission guidelines, new product info

Issue 80/81: 2/25/91
All-fan contribution issue,
new product info

Issue 82: 4/25/91
Yamato history feature with timeline, event photos

Issue 83: 6/25/91
Fan contributions,
farewell issue

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