Yamato 2202 Report 18, Part 3

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Left to right: Eriko Nakamura (MC), Koichi Yamadera (Dessler), Kenichi Suzumura (Shima), Daisuke Ono (Kodai),
Hiroki Touchi (Saito), Nobuyoshi Habara (Director), Harutoshi Fukui (Writer)

January 27: Chapter 4 premiere

Destiny Chapter opened in 28 theaters across Japan, the largest number since the 2199/2202 experiment began. And it has paid off handsomely; the film took the number 9 spot in the top ten openings for the weekend with a box office take of close to half a million USD.

For the first time, a “live viewing” of the Shinjuku Piccadilly’s first stage greeting was streamed online and to all the theaters on opening day. Two stage greetings were held there: one after the first screening and another prior to an afternoon show. Hardcore fans packed into the Piccadilly screenings, since it was the only place to see voice actor Koichi Yamadera (Dessler). Afterward, the other guests moved on to Toho Cinema in Ueno and Keisei Rosa in Chiba.

Backstage before the main event. Photo posted on Twitter by the Yamato 2202 Production Committee

Media coverage of the Piccadilly stage greeting went thusly…

From Natalie:

Daisuke Ono puts his whole body into “Fire!” and Kenichi Suzumura says “Warp!”

Koichi Yamadera

On January 27, a stage greeting was carried out at the Shinjuku Piccadilly Theater for the premiere of Yamato 2202 Chapter 4, Destiny Chapter. The guests who appeared on stage were Koichi Yamadera (Dessler), Daisuke Ono (Kodai), Kenichi Suzumura (Shima), Hiroki Touchi (Saito), Eriko Nakamura (Kiryu), Harutoshi Fukui (writer) and Nobuyoshi Habara (director).

The audience got very excited when Yamadera said in Dessler’s voice, “It’s been a long time, Yamato fans in Shinjuku and across the nation.”

Ono said, “I want to say fire, but it’s nothing to do with the economy. Yamato, main guns, fire!”

Suzumura shouted, “Yamato, toward the future…warp!”

Touchi declared, “Give it a push!”

“This chapter is hot,” Ono said in an appeal for this work. “Chapter 3 talked about internal emotional conflicts and delusions and depicted great pain, but this time it’s a big-scale action chapter! We fling ourselves into a hot fleet war, and it concentrates on the dynamic side of Yamato.”

“This one is the most Yamato-like so far,” Suzumura said. “Yamato is basically always in a pinch, and this is clearly shown. Get out of this pinch! Now get out of this pinch again! Another pinch! This is the Yamato of Yamatos!” (Laughs)

“Let’s continue this trip together with this ship,” Ono concluded. “Let’s get everyone to like Yamato and continue the love from now on. Let the love explode. Fire!”

“The whole story is amazing,” Yamadera said, talking of future developments. “There’s a part with Dessler that’s never been done before…it’s really amazing! That’s all I can say. Because they’ve told me absolutely nothing.” (Laughs)

From Mantan Web:

Yamato 2202 Chapter 5: “The first half is Dessler, the second half is Earth,” says Harutoshi Fukui. “It’s amazing!”

Daisuke Ono

Yamato 2202 writer Harutoshi Fukui appeared in a stage greeting at the Shinjuku Piccadilly Theater on opening day of Chapter 4, Destiny Chapter. Talking about Chapter 5, Purgatory Chapter, which will premiere May 25, he revealed, “It is split into an A side and a B side. The first half is Dessler, the second half is Earth. The decisive battle at last…it’s going to be amazing.”

Susumu Kodai’s voice actor, Daisuke Ono, described Chapter 4. “Anyway, it’s hot! Chapter 3 depicted a mental battle with internal conflict, but it’s all action this time. The boy in me is excited, because it concentrates on the dynamic part of Yamato. I was thrilled.”

Daisuke Shima’s voice actor, Kenichi Suzumura, said, “Shima is the warp man and calls for the warp. Warping is usually an escape move, but this time we have an attack warp.”

Koichi Yamadera, the voice of Dessler, added, “I was worried about what would happen, but it was good to appear again. I was really happy. But I was nervous. There are a lot of popular people at the [voice recording] site from various generations, and it’s a lot of fun.” He joked about how the dialogue recording session went, saying “With Ono-kun and (Hiroshi) Kamiya-kun there, I was wondering is this was The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

From Animate Times:

Premiere report: Daisuke Ono, Kenichi Suzumura and Hiroki Touchi appear in a stage greeting for Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Chapter 4, Destiny Chapter!

Hiroki Touchi

An opening day stage greeting for Yamato 2202 Chapter 4 was held at the Shinjuku Piccadilly Theater on January 27. On stage for this event was a lavish lineup of cast and staff: Daisuke Ono (Kodai), Koichi Yamadera (Dessler), Hiroki Touchi (Saito), Kenichi Suzumura (Shima), Eriko Nakamura (Kiryu). Nobuyoshi Habara (director), and Harutoshi Fukui (writer). Highlights of this work and stories of the voice recording were discussed passionately. Here we deliver an entire rundown of the event!

The venue was full of excitement from the fan service of a voice acting team that cut no corners

MC Eriko Nakamura invited everyone on stage, and when the music changed Koichi Yamera (who plays the role of Dessler) entered to a room filled with grand applause. He greeted everyone with his Dessler voice, thanking the visitors who came on this cold day.

Ms. Nakamura said, “I never thought I’d see a friendly Leader Dessler!” (Laughs)

Inspired by Yamadera, Mr. Ono thanked everyone in the voice of Susumu Kodai, and the guests were excited when he tossed off a raw line: “Yamato main guns, fire!”

Mr. Suzumura cried out “Warp!” in Shima’s voice and Touchi spoke out as Saito: “Give it a push!” It was a thrilling moment for fans to hear all these voice actors play their characters.

Yamato 2202 Chapter 4 is more like Yamato than before?

Speaking about Chapter 4, Daisuke Ono gave his impression: “Anyway, it’s hot!” Keywords burst out of him as he said the third chapter depicted inner conflict, but this time it’s a fleet battle. He was excited that that they got a lot of action, such as flinging themselves at the enemy.

“It’s more Yamato-like than ever,” Mr. Suzumura said, explaining that “Yamato is always in a pinch” and the real highlight is how they break through such situations.

Ms. Nakamura said, “I hope you can get through the pinch with that warp you’re so good at.”

Suzumura responded, “Basically, warping is like running away.” And the venue was filled with laughter over his quick reply.

Finally, Mr. Yamadera said, “It was good for Dessler to appear.” He had been nervous about appearing in Chapter 4, but in the end his worries were imaginary.

The inside story of the recording site with actors of various generations

Mr. Ono said that he was happy to finally have a dialogue with Mr. Yamadera at the recording site. He said that he was very nervous, and when Yamadera heard this he answered, “same here.”

Asking if he was familiar with that sort of tension, Mr. Touchi let us in on how once the recording session was over, Mr. Yamadera yelled, “I was so nervous!”

Yamadera makes an effort to talk casually in order to relax the other voice actors before a session, and he was praised for the speed with which he can transform into Dessler when he gets in front of the mic. The form of his slightly smiling face is also impressive.

Suzumura said it is interesting to have actors from various generations in one place, noting that the veterans have conversations like, “This part of my body hurts; exercise it this way,” which gives him an advantage for the future.

Kenichi Suzumura

“Somebody said they were having some pain in the dressing room today,” Nakamura interjected, and Suzumura answered, “That makes me a little sad…”

A moment of quiet, and then laughter broke out in the audience.

The event concluded with comments from Ono, Yamadera, and the director Mr. Habara.

Daisuke Ono: “Every time a story appears, I feel like I’m going on a trip with everyone. Let’s continue this trip together on this ship by all means! Let the love explode!”

Koichi Yamadera: “The original Space Battleship Yamato began when I was in the first year of junior high. I’m very happy to have been involved in my favorite work since then. And now I feel like it’s a work that is making history. I can’t say what’s coming up in the future, but it may become clear when a part comes up with Dessler that has never been seen before! Really! It’s amazing! Look forward to it by all means!”

Director Nobuyoshi Habara: “Thank you very much to everyone who came to see it today! I am blessed with a wonderful cast, and I’m full of gratitude for being able to make this work. I’m working hard to bring these wonderful performances to you. Thank you very much for your continuing support! Thank you very much for today!”

Subsequent stage greetings at the Toho Cinema in Ueno (left) and Keisei Rosa in Chiba (right). Koichi Yamadera did not participate in these later presentations.

January 27: Chapter 4 theater-exclusive Blu-ray

Once again, fans who bought a ticket to the film qualified to also buy the new Blu-ray in theaters while supplies lasted. It contained all four of the new episodes plus bonus features. The slipcase art (above) was created by Assistant Director Makoto Kobayashi

The Blu-ray sleeve itself featured art by Character Designer Nobuteru Yuuki. The bonus features on the disc included trailers and commercials, clean opening and ending titles, and audio commentaries on two episodes. The interior booklet (at right) will also be included with the home video version, scheduled to be released February 23.

The theater-exclusive items that motivated fans to get it right away were a storyboard and script booklet, both for Episode 14. As usual, the art for the storyboard booklet cover was by Nobuteru Yuuki. These items will NOT be included with the standard home video version.

January 27: Theater goods

The new waves of merchandise in theater gift shops always add another lively dimension to the Yamato experience. See a gallery of the Chapter 4 swag here.

January 27: Theater cards, week 1

The traditional package of replica animation art was handed out to every ticket holder while supplies lasted. This set consisted of Sanada, Yuki, and a nice clean view of the Nue Deusuler flagship.

January 27: Chapter 5 promotion

No premiere is complete without the first word about what’s next. Yamato 2202 Chapter 5 (episodes 15-18) is scheduled to open on May 25. Mainstream video sales begin on June 22. The subtitle is Purgatory Chapter and the synopsis from the official website reads as follows (contains spoilers):

The story of those who make up the “great sum” [Yamato’s crew] and the “edge” is about to enter a new phase. It was not only the goddess Teresa who was waiting for Yamato to reach the legendary planet Telezart. Before Kodai, the opponent with the “edge” appears: the former enemy Dessler. Yamato battles with the Dessler fleet, where the old regimes of Garmillas gather. In the midst of that, Keyman rushes to Kodai’s cause and takes amazing action.

Meanwhile, a new Sabera is awakened in Gatlantis, and the full-scale invasion of Earth begins at last. Gatlantis clashes with the Wave-Motion Gun fleet centered around the flagship Andromeda, intending to annihilate all life and civilization. What is the true figure of the city empire that sleeps within the huge white comet? And a new devil’s choice is issued by Zordar.

You will witness a shock at the ending, and the last five minutes are filled with tears.

See a collection of stills from Chapter 5 here.

January 27: Cosmo Fleet Special Andromeda miniature

Following Yamato with asteroid ring, a reissue of the Megaluda, and the hi-spec Cosmo Zero, this is the fourth 2202 CFSP miniature from Bandai’s Megahouse division.

Andromeda is in scale with Yamato at a lengthy 7.5”. It has metallic painting inside the Wave-Motion Guns and moveable main turrets. A mini Cosmo Tiger 1 is included as a bonus item. Package photos posted on Twitter by Sousui.

January 27: Premium Bandai campaign announced

As an incentive for fans to purchase Yamato 2202 blu-rays from Bandai Visual, Premium Bandai opened a prize lottery from January 29 through April 16 and again on June 24. Those who purchase blu-rays of chapters 1-5 from Bandai’s website during those times can register for a prize campaign to win posters autographed by voice actors, original illustrations by Michi Murakawa, or limited-edition replica animation layouts. All prizes to be awarded in late June.

See Bandai Visual’s campaign page here.

January 28: Day 2 stage greetings

MC Osamu Kobayashi, Director Nobuyoshi Habara and Writer Harutoshi Fukui traveled farther afield to greet fans on the second day, visiting theaters in three wards: United Cinema in Saitama, MOVIX in Gunma, and Aeon Cinema in Niigata. (Photos from the 2202 Production Committee’s Twitter page.)

Whenever Habara and Fukui visit theaters, it is customary for the staff to create a welcome display. This was the message board that awaited them at United Cinema.

The visitors left these thank you notes in return. Habara’s at left, Fukui’s at right.

Backstage at the MOVIX theater in Gunma.

Welcome board and thank-you note at the Aeon Cinema in Niigata.

Here, the travelers were joined by manga artist Michio Murakawa in a rare public appearance.

January 29: Hero’s Record mobile game launched

After many months of lag time, the first Yamato 2202 mobile game finally made its debut on Japanese iOS and Android service providers. The concept is well-worn by now; you receive and manage a fleet of ships in battle against an in-game enemy. Victories reward you with points for acquiring characters and resources to improve your next performance.

As usual with these games, the language barrier renders them obtuse to non-Japanese speakers, but the art is always easy on the eyes.

See a gallery of screenshots here

Visit the game’s official website here, Twitter page here, and Facebook page here.

On a related note, artist/animator Kia Asamiya posted these photos on Twitter earlier in the month, on January 16.

He explained that they were prizes for an upcoming 2202 game, to be won by players who pre-registered. Visit his Twitter page here.

January 30: 2022 Coaster recall

This was definitely another first in Yamato history. It was brought to everyone’s attention that one of the new products sold in theaters had a rather significant typo. The number on this rubber coaster was mistakenly rendered as 2022 and stock was immediately withdrawn.

Above left: prerelease artwork. Above right: photo of the finished product, posted on Twitter by H Hatsuseno.

Management at the Yamato Crew website issued an apology and offered to let fans return the coaster for a replacement once the mistake was corrected. This is how collector’s items are born.

January 30: Apollo Norm sighting

Bandai model kits are often displayed in prototype form at hobby shows, but occasionally they turn up elsewhere. In this case, a 1/1000 Apollo Norm model was discovered in the lobby of the Namba Parks Cinema in Osaka

These photos were posted on Twitter by Hayatama 1975. The actual model is scheduled for release from Bandai on March 31.

January 31: Tomonori Kogawa interview

On this day, the Animate Times website did history a favor when they published a rare interview with anime giant Tomonori Kogawa, whose career in storyboarding, designing and directing just hit its 50-year mark. He is well-known to the Yamato community, having directed character animation for Farewell to Yamato and Yamato Resurrection. He currently draws layouts for Gatlantis scenes in 2202.

Read this amazing interview here.

January 31: Products at Yamato Crew

There can never be too much Yamato swag, can there? On this day, Yamato Crew opened preorders for a handful of forthcoming personal items from Bandai: a Cosmo Tiger 1 towel (about 14″ x 35″), a diecut captain’s emblem mini-towel (about 8″ square), a leather card case, Yuki-style leather wallet, and a newly-designed crew cap. All were scheduled to ship at the end of February.

January 31: Chapter 4 program book

The busy month ended with another first in Yamato history: the program book for a new chapter was NOT available in theaters on opening day. Specific reasons were not given and the Yamato Crew website merely cited “various circumstances” as an explanation, but a major contributing factor was most likely a record snowfall that interfered with shipping. Nevertheless, online orders opened January 31 with the book shipping out February 2. It was available in theaters from February 3, kicking off Chapter 4’s second week in theaters.

This 44-page full color beauty followed the well-established format with lavish attention paid to stills, designs, artwork, and much more. See it from cover to cover here

Read an interview with Composer Akira Miyagawa here.

Also spotted in January

Makoto Kobayashi on Twitter

Kobayashi took time out from his duties co-directing Yamato 2202 to share the latest output from his modeling bench, which included photos of 3D-printed fightercraft and what could be another Bandai prototype model.

See a gallery of art and models here.

Fan art

The outpouring of fan (and pro) art on Twitter was enormous in January. See a character gallery here and a mecha gallery here.

Fan models

Several modelers shared their work on Twitter, which covered both organic and mechanical subjects. See a gallery here

Roadside Yamato, still there

This oddly-situated Yamato model first appeared in 2015 out in the Hiroshima countryside, and has been occasionally photo-documented since then.

It’s a bit on the weathered side, but it’s still standing in these photos posted to Twitter by Kougakoringo. See a 2014 video encounter with the model on Youtube here.

Captain on the bridge

Twitter user PKparalysis shared these TV stills featuring a cosplayer as Captain Okita explaining that no, it is NOT embarrassing to go to Comiket as an adult. Tell ‘em what’s what, captain!

Keyman, then and now

As longtime fans know, Klaus Keyman got his name as a hand-me-down from Be Forever Yamato, since it was the original name for Lieutenant Alphon of the Dark Nebula Empire. That name was changed shortly before the film opened, and thus trickled out in some early merchandising. The image above left was published in the Be Forever Roadshow magazine special with the handwritten name “Keyman” and includes the word “southpaw.”

On January 11, longtime fan Masashi Umebayashi shared this observation on Twitter: “Now I know that Be Forever’s Lieutenant Alphon is a southpaw. And 2202’s Lieutenant Keyman eats emergency rations on Planet 11 with his left hand! 2202 is full of love!”

Hakata Yaki Yamato Restaurant in operation

Having opened its new location in Shibuya, Tokyo at the end of December (covered our last report), this restaurant was visited by many fans during its first full month.

These photos from inside were posted on Twitter by the 2202 Production Committee, S Meijin, Warp Dimension, and Piyopenta. Many more will surely follow.

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