Keystroke Heroes Typing Game 4

3D Movie Collection

For Windows, March 2001

This release was less a game than a showcase of the amazing animation and CG resources that were created for its immediate predecessor, Typing Warp. It is the only Yamato typing game released exclusively for Windows; all others were made for both Windows and Mac.

The movie viewer was a simple interface with a visual menu on the left and a viewing window on the right. A full-screen viewing option was also available. A total of 60 movie clips could be accessed via five menus, and any five clips at a time could be lined up across the top and played in sequence.

The second most prominent feature was a 3D model viewer in which ten different spaceships could be turned and viewed from any angle. This was very similar to a feature that had been created for the earlier Master Edition CD Rom, but with higher-resolution models built for the movie clips.

One actual typing game was created especially for this release in which glowing starflies flit across the deck of Yamato. Typing the text that flits with them allows Analyzer to scoop them up in his net as Yuki cheers him on.

Rounding out the software was a pair of Analyzer interfaces; one to play Yamato music tracks and another to function as a calculator. The next Yamato release from Sourcenext would take six months to appear, the ambitious and expansive Dispersion Wave-Motion Gun. A second edition of the Movie Collection followed hot on its heels to wrap up the product line in style..

3D Movie Collection DX

For Mac and Windows: Sept. 2001

Sourcenext’s final release was a second edition of the 3D Movie Collection containing CG movies derived (and expanded) from Wave-Motion Gun. It re-used the player from 3D Movie Collection and provided unlimited access to all of the spectacular animation created for the Battle of Saturn sequences.

Two movie player interfaces contained a total of 77 movie clips (some long, some short) that could be viewed full screen or set to run in blocks of five. There was also a goofy bonus game titled Yamato Whack-a-Mole Operation in which Analyzer and Mi-Kun popped up to be hammered down by quickly hitting number keys while Yuki and Dr. Sado watch approvingly. Playing it would make you feel sadistic if it wasn’t so much fun.

Battle Scene CG Collection DX interface

3D Theatre interface

CG still from the Battle of Saturn

Whack-a-Mole Operation!

Movie clip: Leaving marine dock Movie clip: Formation flying Movie clip: Yamato into warp
Movie clip: Rings of Saturn Movie clip (large):
EDF fleet vs. Comet Empire Fleet
Movie clip:
Comet Empire vs. Andromeda

Boxed Collections, left to right:

Mac Special Typing 2 Big Works: June 2001 | Typing 3-Pack for Windows: June 2001 | Complete Box for Mac: Sept. 2001 | Complete Box DVD for Windows: Oct. 2001 | Complete Box for Windows re-release: June 2005

Mousepads released with Typing Warp and the Typing 3-Pack in 2001.

Mousepad and bag released with Typing Warp, Screensaver released with Wave-Motion Gun

Stickers released with Wave-Motion Gun, 2000

Life-size Yuki Mori standee for display in stores

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