Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Report 27

The double hit of Yamato 2202’s arrival on TV (October 5) and the final countdown to the premiere of Chapter 6 (November 2) made for a nicely-packed month of activity that easily outpaced August and September with online coverage, live events and more. Here’s everything that kept fans busy in October (with one step back into September).

September 26: Okinawa Living magazine

First up, the last thing you expected to see in one of these reports: a magazine…in English…published in Japan…with Yamato coverage. Published by Marine Corps Community Services, the magazine serves the English-speaking personnel and their families at the US military base in Okinawa, and covers a wide range of topics.

The October issue sported a Yamato cover (probably for the first time) to front for a 7-page interview with Okinawa resident Junichiro Tamamori, who designed Yamato and other Earth mecha for 2199 and 2202. This isn’t his first interview in English (Cosmo DNA earned that distinction in 2011) but it’s definitely the first of its kind.

See the magazine from cover to cover here, or click here to read the interview article.

October 1-5: TV countdown

The 2202 Production Committee’s Twitter feed marked off the week leading up to the first broadcast with one character image per day leading up to October 5 and Episode 1.

October 4: Ono & Suzumura interview

A casual and spirited interview was published with voice actors Daisuke Ono (Kodai) and Kenichi Suzumura (Shima), catching them in a unique moment when the series was poised to both begin on TV and reach for climactic heights in the theater. It was published at multiple sources, and our translation can be read here.

October 4: Yuki figure announced

The next Yuki figure to join the ranks of Yuki figures that have already formed a Yuki army is this one, due in February 2019 from Megahouse. The only possible explanation for this is that someone somewhere doesn’t have enough Yuki figures yet. If that’s you…congratulations, here’s another one.

October 5: Music news

Animate Times announced that the ending theme for Chapter 6 would be titled Great Sum, a term used by Teresa to describe the collective spirit of Yamato’s crew. What’s more, the vocalist would be none other that Dessler’s voice actor Koichi Yamadera. A CD single would be released October 31.

The announcement was accompanied by a promo video that can be seen here.

It was also announced that Yamadera himself would perform the song live at the November 3 stage greeting for the new chapter. If that didn’t result in a sold out theater, nothing would.

October 5: Hatena blog

This blog, run by Bandai Spirits, published these development photos of the forthcoming Cosmo Tiger II Mecha Collection model to be released in January.

Visit the blog here and keep an eye on it for future news.

October 5: Episode 1 on TV

With the roar of Yamato’s main guns, the series made its long-awaited TV debut with Episode 1: The Year 2202, Revive Space Battleship Yamato. It was aired in a late night slot, starting a countdown that (if unbroken) will reach Episode 23 on March 8, one week after it premieres on the big screen as part of Chapter 7. (This was almost certainly the deciding factor on when to begin the broadcast.) Unlike Yamato 2199, a custom end title was not created for the series, instead using the one seen on the Blu-ray for Chapter 2.

October 6: Hobby Round 20

Sponsored by Volks, this one-day hobby show took place in Tokyo and had no specific Yamato connection, but these two garage kits were for sale; one of the Ginga and a another of the Cosmo Tiger 1, as yet unreleased by anyone. (Photos posted on Yahoo Japan by user “mb883g5b”.)

Visit the Volks website for a photo-report of Hobby Round 20 (scroll all the way down for access to categories).

October 7 & 8: Hokkaido Modeler’s Exhibition

One day after Hobby Round 20, this event convened in Northern Japan and quickly found its place on fan radars when pictures emerged on Twitter of a huge, elaborate 1/200 diorama of Yamato under construction.

See the photos here.

October 9-15: Lawson promotion

For a limited time, fans could purchase advance tickets to Chapter 6 and pre-order tie-in products at Lawson convenience stores. Each day, exclusive announcements by Hiroshi Kamiya in the role of Klaus Keyman could be heard in stores. Probably suggesting everyone participate for their own good.

October 10: Chapter 6 video art revealed

On this day, the official 2202 website revealed packaging art for the Chapter 6 Blu-ray, which gave some visual clues to what lay in store.

Above is the slipcase with front and back by Assistant Director/Mecha Designer Makoto Kobayashi. On the front we see Yamato undergoing modifications and diagrams on the back depict the modifications themselves (more weapons). See enlargements of these images at the end of this report.

At right is sleeve art by Character Designer Nobuteru Yuuki that emphasizes Captain Saki Todo and her Ginga crew members. Below are covers for the storyboard and script booklets that accompany the theater-exclusive edition. Both focus on Episode 20, which digs deep into the history of Gatlantis.

October 12: Travelogue update

In our last report, we covered the launch of Yamato Travelogue, a website from V Storage (Bandai’s video promo arm) that aggregates Yamato 2202 news into one place. On this day (and several more days throughout the month) new “Cast Comment” features were added with quick Q&A sessions. Here are all of them from the month of October…

Hideaki Tezuka (Zordar) Cast Comment

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

There was an impact when I saw the character design. He has an arrogant energy to push forward for his own love. Between the music that flows in Zordar’s scenes and the images at the time of recording, I hope to express him better.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

There were many people and many leading figures there on the first recording day. Usually there are only one or two people at the site, so I identified this as a masterpiece just by looking at the faces, and switched over to that mindset.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

Battle, revenge, betrayal, justice, and love unfold in the grandeur of space! It’s a universal story. The images are beautiful with realistic depictions, solid and detailed and powerful! I think it’s a work that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender.

Yuko Kaida (Sabera) Cast Comment

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

I play Sabera and Touko Katsuragi, two people with a similar appearance but with very different impressions. Sabera always hands down orders from above whereas Touko seems to be toying with the hearts of Yamato’s crew with a slight smirk. But when the two resonate with each other, confusion happens. Once you see the truth on that basis…please look at their behavior again.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

Mr. Tezuka and I have worked together many times. I’ve always had the duty to do certain roles, but we never had a chance to talk properly, one on one. This time, we had a chance to discuss our roles with each other, and it was a good time. I’m able to rely on my seniors for a wide pocket that I can jump into. It was more appealing than I thought.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

Even for me, who deviates from the Yamato generation, there is a thrill and excitement to hear that theme song and see the battleship flying through the universe! And battles with men at the edge of their passion. Work on 2202 is quiet right now…but the active scenes of women with strong feelings is a new charm.

Hiroshi Kamiya (Klaus Keyman) Cast Comment

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

When seeing him, and as his name says, I got the impression that he would be the cool key man of the story.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

The scene where he joins as a member of Yamato. I was impressed by his line, “It would be good to take me on board.”

What is the appeal of Yamato?

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Yamato is already a classic that goes beyond the genre of SF animation. I think one of the reasons for this is that those who are possessed by the history and appeal of the work continue to create a new history. I’m very happy that I can participate as one of them.

Masaki Terasoma (Loren Varel) Cast Comment

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

Ambassador Varel has a strong sense of responsibility for the serious mission of representing Garmillas, and risking his life for the sake of his country feels very mature.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

He’s a serious person in the main story and he becomes my favorite interesting person on the drama CDs [from Amazon], so I’m satisfied. (Laughs)

What is the appeal of Yamato?

Epic human drama! It’s simply that!

Rie Tanaka (Akira Yamamoto) Cast Comment

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

Though she was assigned to a purser position at first, Akira Yamamoto had a hopeful impression when she became active as a fighter pilot.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

Her scenes with Melda were impressive, but the sudden approach with Keyman was striking. Their trend as a future couple is interesting.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

This is a female point of view, but it’s the beauty of the characters, and I think the scale of Yamato’s worldview is also attractive.

Houcho Otsuka (Shiro Sanada) Cast Comment

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

He has a very clear mind, decisiveness, and the ability to act. A soldier’s soldier. He’s a cool man filled with compassion, and he thinks of Susumu Kodai as his younger brother.

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

In the first voice recording, various memories passed through my mind of hanging out with the late Takeshi Aono, who played the first Sanada, and it became quite a measuring stick. I thought deeply and carefully about every line.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

It is made to think about the nature of the distant universe and human existence, and it can also make us think deeply about the irreplaceable Earth. It’s a story of deep miracles and love.

Kenichi Suzumura (Shima Daisuke) Cast Comment

Tell us about your impressions and features of the character you’re playing.

Shima is the unsung hero of Yamato. He doesn’t stand out…but without him, Yamato wouldn’t move. (Laughs) But I say he’s a cool guy!

Please tell us about an impressive moment in relation to your work.

It would be the episode where we started on a new voyage, wouldn’t it? I was struck by the scene of Yamato, which saved Earth in the previous work, launching in a state of adversity. I hope you’ll pay attention to Shima in that episode.

What is the appeal of Yamato?

It shows us what it’s like to overcome any difficulty without giving up. I think there are many difficulties in daily life, but by looking at Yamato, I think you get a feeling like, “Let’s do our best!”

October 12: Episode 2 on TV

This day saw the broadcast of Episode 2: Tension – Go to the secret underground moon base.

See the trailer for Episode 2 here.

October 12: Scale Aviation vol. 124

This issue of the modeling magazine from Dainippon Pictures carried a 6-page article by Makoto Kobayashi featuring his custom-built variations of Andromeda, all of which would be seen on screen in Chapter 6. This included the hybrid ship Aquarius and a refurbished ZZZ Andromeda.

See all the pages here (with some text background on Aquarius) and check out our Kobayashi Twitter gallery at the end of this report for photos directly from his workshop.

October 13: Kia Asamiya on Twitter

Speaking of 2202 staff members on Twitter, Painter/Animator Kia Asamiya posted these exquisite images directly from his own drawing board.

The industry term for these is “genga” a catchall that essentially means original art. It can refer to original manga art or animation layouts.

These genga by Asamiya are all derived from the 2202 opening title depicting Yamato being rebuilt before the series begins. Visit Asamiya’s Twitter page here.

October 14: Loppi goods announced

As mentioned previously, Lawson convenience stores have a role to play in getting fans to purchase advance movie tickets. By teaming up with a goods company called Loppi, they offer exclusive bonus products to those who buy in.

Now, in addition to a 2019 desk calendar, they have sweetened the deal with a pass case (a slipcase for an ID card) and a wall scroll. Above are images from inside the calendar.

October 19: Chapter 6 10-minute preview

The first deep look into Chapter 6 came on this day with the customary online release of the first 10 minutes. This segment covers the first half of Episode 19, with Yamato spiraling out of control as Gatlantis advances on Earth. We also get our first look at Ginga’s crew in action.

See it on Youtube here.

The “story so far” segment that precedes a chapter in theaters was also released, and can be seen here.

October 19: Episode 3 on TV

Episode 3: Impact – The legacy of Cosmo Reverse made its debut on late night TV, moving into the content of Chapter 2.

See the trailer for Episode 3 here.

October 21: Yamaket 12

Another gathering of Tokyo’s most passionate Yamato fans took place at a twice-yearly minicon called Torilozi. Yamaket [Yamato Market] is a con-within-a-con where fans who specifically create their own DIY products, mainly fanzines, gather to sell their work to the public and each other.

See a gallery of products and photos from Yamaket 12 here.

Visit the Yamaket Twitter page here.

October 22: Chapter 6 preview

A full-up preview of Chapter 6 took place on this day, described thusly at the Official 2202 website

Chapter 6 Regeneration Chapter advance screening event report

An advance screening of Yamato 2202 Chapter 6 was held at the Shinjuku Piccadilly on Monday, October 22. Director Nobuyoshi Habara, Writer Harutoshi Fukui, and Voice Actor Eriko Nakamura were present for a stage greeting. In addition, they made it a “special edition” by providing a live audio commentary for Episode 18 [from Chapter 5]. Up until now, audio commentaries for 2202 were included on the Blu-rays and DVDs, but this was the first time one was performed live in front of fans.

Here we’ll introduce some parts of the audio commentary, which began with Isao Sasaki’s opening theme and the appearance of Director: Nobuyoshi Habara on screen. Eriko Nakamura asked, “Do you get used to seeing your credit?” to which Habara answered, “I don’t see my name too much, I just think ‘Yamato looks great!’ every time, like a regular fan.”

In the scene of the battle near Saturn, Fukui said, “When fighting in the solar system, you tend to use Jupiter, which is the largest planet. But movies that mess with Jupiter haven’t been a big hit, so even in the original Yamato, Saturn worked fine.” His comment won some laughs.

Ms. Nakamura shared some inside stories of the voice recording, and all three made some points that led up to Chapter 6. It was then time to review the preparation of Chapter 6, which would be shown next. Director Habara said, “I’ve kept you waiting, but it’s finally completed. Now I turn it over to you to enjoy for yourself and then with many other people.”

Mr. Fukui said, “I’ve been asked, ‘Is the script going to have another cruel cliffhanger ending this time?’ and I think whether it is cruel or not is a subjective matter. I don’t think it’s the case.”

Habara jabbed him with, “Eh…I sort of think it is,” a reaction that got a huge laugh from the audience.

Mr. Fukui continued, raising expectations for unknown moments in the further development of the story. “In Chapter 5, Yamato was always close to losing, but in Chapter 6, ‘How can we get back up now?’ clearly comes into view. I think everyone who is familiar with suspense dramas knows there are moments where everything falls apart…but there are continuous ups and downs beyond that, so please look forward to it.”

Ms. Nakamura brought back Mr. Fukui’s words about Chapter 4 when he said, “The cloth is being steadily unwrapped” and gave her own personal impression: “Chapter 6 has the feeling of a cloth being unwrapped, but when it starts the unwrapping feels very different. I mean this in a good way. When you talk about unwrapping a cloth, the impression is that the story gets smaller, but this one really feels like its expanding.”

In fact, it seems a lot of the staff felt the same way. Mr. Habara asked the question, “How is it going to end?” Apparently, many people are likely to ask the same from here on. [End of report]

It’s also worth noting that the giant Yamato and Andromeda models were both on display for the entire month at the Shinjuku Piccadilly, and photos were posted by many fans on Twitter. See an extensive gallery here.

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