Yamato 2202 2019 Timeline

About this list: this is a work-in-progress with the goal of assembling as complete a timeline as possible of the entire Yamato/Star Blazers phenomenon. Data will be added and revised as new information becomes available. As the entries on this list receive coverage elsewhere on this site, links will be added to help you find them. If you notice missing, incorrect, or incomplete items on this list, please contact us and make noise!

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No-class 2019
No-class JAN
ON AIR 4 Episode 14: Zabaibal’s Violent Attack, Discover Teresa
EVENT 5,6 Yamato models at Facebook Society model show
ON AIR 6 Second TV broadcast begins in Hiroshima
PUBLICATION 10 Voice actor interview in Animage magazine (Tokuma Shoten)
CINEMA 11 Chapter 1-3 marathon at Shinjuku Piccadilly theater, Tokyo
ON AIR 11 Episode 15: Teresa, Cry for Dessler!
ON AIR 18 Episode 16: Farewell, Teresa! Flowers from Two Desslers
ONLINE 22 Hobby news at Hatena Blog (Bandai Spirits)
MODEL 24 Mecha Collection 09 Cosmo Tiger II (Bandai)
PUBLICATION 24 Voice actor interview in TV Guide magazine (Tokyo News Service Co.)
PRODUCT 25 Chapter 7 flyer in theaters
PRODUCT 25 Clear file with advance tickets for Chapter 7
PUBLICATION 25 Coverage in Hobby Japan #597 (Hobby Japan Press)
ONLINE 25 Official 2202 website announces conclusion of voice recording
ONLINE 25 Chapter 7 video package art revealed
EVENT 25 Pepper Lunch tie-in campaign (through March 7)
ON AIR 25 Episode 17: Naval battle off Saturn’s shore • Assemble the Wave-Motion Gun fleet!
MODEL 30 1/350 diecast gimmick model vol. 001 (Hachette)
ONLINE 31 Chapter 7 trailer

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