Yamato 2202 Bandai catalog, part 3

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As previously mentioned, Bandai is a tree with many branches. Several divisions operate under their own name with their own specialty. In Yamato world, the most prominent of those divisions are Megahouse, Tamashii Nations, and S.H. Figuarts.

Cosmo Fleet miniatures

Cosmo Fleet Special Yamato 2202

September, 2017

Megahouse released several “Cosmo Fleet” miniatures for 2199, all in the 7” range. Their first 2202 product was Yamato with its asteroid ring as seen in Chapter 2.

The ship is 6.5” long (about 1/2000 scale) with the standard rotating turrets and removable wings. The asteroid ring is a first, about 5.5” in diameter, which sits loosely on the stand and brings the total height to 6”. The ship can also be displayed without the ring, but who would choose that???

Cosmo Fleet Special Medalusa-class

September, 2017

This one came out the same day as the Yamato, a redo of their Megaluda from Ark of the Stars. It includes the same features (rotating turrets, optional flame gun parts) with only the hull insignia changed to reflect the “common” version of the ship.

When initially released as the Megaluda, this exquisite miniature was the first fully-preassembled Gatlantis ship in Yamato history and the first 3D rendering of a “Magna-flame ship” that wasn’t a garage kit.

The word “exquisite” is not used lightly. The level of detail would still be remarkable for a miniature twice its size (7.5”, slightly longer than the picture shown above) and the insignia labels require a magnifying glass to be fully appreciated.

It comes with four tiny Devastator fighters, moveable cannon barrels (handle with care, they’re slender!) and option parts that allow the flame strike gun to be displayed in its firing position. Rather than transforming, parts are removed and replaced.

See more photos of the Megaruda here.

Cosmo Fleet Special Hi-Spec Cosmo Zero

September, 2017

Megahouse’s deluxe Cosmo Fleet Special Cosmo Zero earns the name “Hi-spec” for its diecast metal parts and high degree of engineering. Measuring 8” long, its many option parts allow for display on a pivoting stand or in launch mode (on a catapult), armed with various weaponry loadouts, or in “folded” mode with landing gear and a boarding ladder.

See a gallery of product photos here.

Cosmo Fleet Special Andromeda

January, 2018

Andromeda is in scale with Yamato at a lengthy 7.5”. It has metallic painting inside the Wave-Motion Guns and moveable main turrets.

A mini Cosmo Tiger 1 is included as a bonus item. Package photos posted on Twitter by Sousui.

Aldebaran and Achilles

March, 2018

Once Andromeda was rendered out, its sister ships were soon to follow, but they came with different support craft.

Whereas Andromeda included a Cosmo Tiger 1, each of these ships came with a differently-colored Cosmo Falcon. They were a web-only release, not sold in stores or through major retailers like Amazon. Thus, photos are hard to come by. We have Twitter user Ayahtt to thank for these.

They both sold out quickly, but their listings at the Megahouse website can still be seen here and here.

Shining Ship miniatures

1/2000 “Shining Ship” Yamato

September, 2017

Tamashii Nations’ Shining Ship Yamato arrived in stores for the price of about $60. Measuring 6.5”, it is intricately detailed to a degree previously unseen at that size. These high-end products were sold online through Bandai Premium.

Its features are special coating and texturing, optional wing parts, rotating turrets, jointed arms for repositioning, a custom tool for changing parts, and batteries for the WMG, bridge, and engines to light up. Based on 3D modeling data used in the anime, manufactured with ABS and polycarbonate materials for thin and fine-edged components. Color gradation in the surface paint was used for a heavier feel. A mirrored pedestal enhances the display.

1/2000 “Shining Ship” Andromeda

December, 2017

Andromeda includes internal lighting, multi-layered hull paint, rotating turrets, a display stand, and the same jointed stand with mirrored panels. Its length is just over 8.5″ and it retails for about $60 US.

See the Bandai Premium home pages for this product here and here.

See a gallery of photos here.

1/2000 “Shining Ship” Dreadnought

July, 2018

Since the UNCF D-1 Dreadnought is smaller than Yamato and Andromeda (just 5” long), Bandai generously made it a two-pack.

As before, the set includes a mirrored stand, but Bandai simultaneously released a compatible action base to increase the display options.

See more photos of both products here.

1/2000 “Shining Ships” Apollo Norm

November, 2918

This was the only carrier variant of Andromeda to be released, including all the same features plus the hightop deck. See the official site for the ship here.

1/8 Yamato Girl figures

Yuki Mori “Advent Nose Art” figure

May, 2017

The first Yamato Girl figure of the 2202 era was released by Megahouse. Naturally, it had to be another Yuki.

Named and sculpted in the image of a “nose art” girl from a vintage WWII aircraft, this Yuki is posed with a loose chain and broken anchor. Her jacket is removable with a hood up or hood down option.

Yuki Mori “private coordinate” figure

September, 2017

Megahouse dropped another Yuki figure into the growing pile (14 as of this release) with this view of her in the long-admired casual outfit from 1978, now called “private coordinates.”

At right: Custom trading card, a bonus item for fans who bought the figure from the Yamato Crew website.

Akira Yamamoto figure

February, 2018

Standing about 9” tall, this striking Yamamoto figure is imagined on a hanger deck about to take flight.

She also came with a custom trading card for those who bought the figure from Yamato Crew.

See more photos at the Megahouse site here and the Bandai site here.

Yuki Mori seated figure

February, 2019

This Yuki figure was more enticing and lurid than ever. Somewhere out there, someone STILL had a Yuki-sized hole in their collection that couldn’t be filled by the 15 other Yukis released prior to this one. And that someone was no doubt very happy to have her. This one came with a postcard (above right) by Character Designer Nobuteru Yuuki.

Other Products

1/130 Yamato Jet model

May, 2017

This was not a Bandai product, but it still deserves special recognition. Skymark Airlines released this foot-long version of the Yamato Jet that was in service for about a year starting April 2017. At first it was only available directly from Skymark, but it was later picked up for online sales at the Yamato Crew online shop. Construction is extremely simple; wings on, tail fins on, stand on, done.

See a photo gallery of the model here.

Read more about the jet here.

Yuki Mori action figure

August, 2017

S.H. Figuarts released this highly-articulated 5.5″ Yuki Mori figure, the first of its kind in Yamato history.

The options for the figure are impressive: four different faces, six different sets of hands, a computer tablet, a type-97 cosmo pistol, and two removable holsters.

Action photos posted on Twitter by Chiaki Kasagi

Longtime collectors made a meal out of combining this figure with some older merch. These pics were posted on Twitter by NS-Z and M19981KOBE.

Yuki Mori Armor Girl action Figure

February, 2018

This unusual and much-anticipated figure was released by Bandai’s Tamashii Nations division, combining a remodeled Figuarts Yuki Mori with mecha elements from Yamato itself to give users a wide range of configurations. To get an idea of how wide that range can go, visit the Tamashii Nations blog here, or take a look at this photo gallery.

Akira Yamamoto action figure

January, 2018

Using the same articulation as the Yuki figure, Yamamoto came with four different faces, five different sets of hands, and a removeable flight helmet.

Find more photos here.

Soul of Chogokin GX-86 Yamato 2202

March, 2019

This is Bandai’s fourth high-end Yamato in a line that began with the BPX-01 (2001), the GX-57 (2010), and the GX-64 (2014). All of those measured about 17″ long, and this one fits right into the same pocket.

The ship comes with a large remote control loaded with functions. It rotates the gun turrets and controls lighting. Sound effects happen in response to these actions, including newly-recorded character voices for Kodai, Yuki, and Shima shouting relevant commands. Bandai’s name for this is “Motion React Sound System.”

Also included are removable wings, rocket anchors, and seven miniature craft including the Cosmo Tiger I and Keyman’s Czvarke.

Want to see more? Get comfortable…

A “sidewalk Yuki Mori” spotted promoting the GX-86 in Akihabara, photos posted on Twitter March 31 by Gangalubu.

Soul of Chogokin GX-89 Garmillas Destroyer

November, 2019

Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin lineup finally got its first Garmillas ship, which dates back all the way to the beginning of the original TV Episode 1. This version is based on the modern redesign, consisting of plastic and metal parts with a length of about 9.5″.

It is in scale with the 2202 SoC Yamato, its “headlights” change color from yellow to green to red, and its sound effects library can interact with Yamato‘s to create battle scenarios.

Visit Bandai’s official website for the GX-89 (which includes a demo video) here.

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