Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Report 48

Yamato activity in June 2020 pulled roughly even with May, highlighted by the debut of the all-new Star Blazers Lambda manga and another banner month for fan activity. Here’s what went down during lockdown…

May 25: Star Blazers/Yamato fan club magazine Vol. 7

As indicated last month, this issue didn’t make it to the Cosmo DNA nerve center in time for a full overview in the May report, but it’s here now and there’s a lot to talk about. Most prominent was the magazine’s first interview with Ryuko Azuma, writer and artist of Star Blazers Lambda, which was counting down to its June 10 debut. You can read that interview right now here.

The time seemed right for us to get some substantial news about Yamato 2205, The New Voyage, but this was not to be. Instead, the magazine devoted two pages to these designs with the following text…

Left side:

Scheduled for release this winter / Space Battleship Yamato 2205, The New Voyage
Latest updated information / First public visual!!

This time, we publish two character and mechanic visuals that haven’t been seen yet! Please look forward to how this mecha and character will appear!! New character visuals appear in Yamato magazine first!

Right side:

First public visual!!

Only part of it was shown before now, but this time the whole picture is unveiled only in Yamato magazine! Look forward to the latest 2205 information in the next issue!

The centerpiece of the magazine was a pair of interviews on the real science and physics in the Yamato reboots. The first with 2202 and 2205 science advisor Shinya Ogura can be read here. The second, a roundtable discussion on Yamato science, can be read here. Meanwhile, here’s an intriguing preview that describes the physics of the White Comet.

Commentary by Shinya Ogura: These images were drawn for Mr. Fukui and the script team to share the image and sense of scale of the White Comet. The front view extracts the image from the original work, Farewell to Yamato, and the large figure shows how the White Comet moves forward like a spaceship. This is a consideration of how it works. On the assumption that a kind of “field promotion” is used, it is a mechanism that advances forward by moving the space in front of it backward. Its drive system consists of energy rings being sent backward from the tip of the White Comet through the surrounding outer layer of hot, high-pressure gas, so the outer layer of gas becomes “wavy.”

The magazine also included Chapter 3 of the Aquarius Algorithm novel and a couple of related features. Above, a timeline of events leading up to the story. As a comparison exercise, see how this list lines up with another one written for Yamato Resurrection in 1993 (translated for you here).

Aquarius Algorithm chronology

• Galactic Crossing occurs (Stars in the center of the Milky Way suffer great damage)
• Aquarius incident (Conflict between Earth and Dengil Imperial Army, Yamato sunk)

• Galman-Gamilas Empire decides on a large-scale evacuation to the Magellanic Galaxy (Magellanic Exodus)
• Armistice agreement takes effect between Galman-Gamilas and the Bolar Federation

Earth Federation announces support for the Magellanic Exodus

Earth Federation establishes diplomatic relations with Planet Amal of the Sairam System

The Berlaina incident: the Earth fleet intervenes in turmoil during the evacuation of a star system, which violates a treaty with Bolar. The Earth Fleet commander is replaced.

The Boginia Massacre: remnants of the Dengil Army attack the colony planet Boginia, causing catastrophic damage to colonists and troops.

A Wave-Motion radiation reaction is detected in the Aquarius ice mass orbiting Earth.

Read Aquarius Algorithm chapter 1 here.

And finally, a second Algorithm support article gave us an interesting backgrounder on a new craft featured in the story. (Note that all of this material is based on the original Yamato saga rather than the reboots.)

Cosmo Tiger III

Design and text by Shinji Nishikawa

A successor to the Cosmo Tiger II, a masterpiece that served as a mainstay for many years. Officially adopted in 2209. The basic design follows its predecessor as seen from the characteristic twin engine of the Cosmo Tiger II, now reinforced with the main focus of increasing its output. Speed and mounting capacity are greatly improved at the cost of cruising range and maneuverability. It is powerful, but has become an aircraft that requires elite pilots. Therefore, though beloved by some veteran pilots, it was not widely supported and eventually the Cosmo Pulsar become the mainstay.

Cosmo Tiger Development History

The Cosmo Tiger I was developed at about the same time as the Type 100 recon plane, the first space fighter to be officially adopted by the Earth Defense Force. However, there was no ship in the Earth fleet akin to an aircraft carrier at the time, and it was judged that fighters could not render effective damage to Gamilas ships, so its production volume was small and it was rarely deployed into battle.

After receiving the message from Iscandar, the EDF had to equip Yamato with fightercraft, so design changes were made to enable quick mass production with the Cosmo Tiger I as a base, strengthened with new technology. This is how a new aircraft was born that should have been called the Cosmo Tiger Kai, but it was named Black Tiger because of the unit color.

The human race was still in a situation of imminent extinction, so the Cosmo Tiger development team continued aiming for the perfect form of the Cosmo Tiger Kai as if to defy despair. Eventually, the combat data brought back to Earth by Yamato provided feedback for their efforts. This led to the birth of the Cosmo Tiger II, a complete fighter that appeared surprisingly soon after reconstruction.

Its achievements since then are well known. While many Earth ships underwent repeated model changes, the Cosmo Tiger II stayed in operation for a long time while producing several variations. Furthermore, when the possibility of large-scale combat increased after the Galactic Crossing, with Earth as a direct target amid the chaos, its life span was further extended. However, new development is always important for maintaining and developing technological capabilities.

Thus, the development plan started for the Cosmo Tiger III. It was also a sign of enthusiasm for novelty that went beyond only minor changes from the Tiger II. As a masterpiece machine, the spell of the Tiger II was stronger than expected. Development without a clear operational image seemed to result in some imbalance. The Cosmo Tiger III is certainly a powerful aircraft, but breakthroughs in inertia control led to new fuselage design concepts that already threaten its existence.

And now, onward into the month of June…

Photos posted on Twitter by Stike Gundam

June 3: 1/350 Diecast gimmick model Vol. 71

With the midsection of the ship still under construction, modelers began the month by installing a motor to drive the opening and closing of the flank missile launchers. With this, the hull pieces could finally be joined together.

See Hachette’s instruction video here.

See an unboxing video here.

See a modeler’s blog here.

June 8: Akiba Souken article

On this day, Akiba Souken opened up an online popularity poll to find the top 50 Yamato characters. Live results could be found day by day with a deadline of July 7, when over 11,000 votes were registered. See the final results here if you don’t feel like waiting for our next report.

June 8: Concert news

Some light finally appeared at the end of the Corona tunnel when Akira Miyagawa and the Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra announced their first public concert of the year. Though still subject to precautions and policy changes from local authorities, they worked toward a performance date of July 12 with Yamato music on the playlist.

June 10: Star Blazers Lambda debuts

The undisputed highlight of the month for Yamato fans was the debut of Star Blazers Lambda, a completely new manga at Comic NewType. Following in Gundam’s footsteps, it takes place in its own world, separate and distinct from the Yamato we know. The first two chapters (adding up to about 100 pages) went live for viewing around the world, though of course all text is in Japanese.

But don’t let that stop you – click here for an introduction to the comic and a full rundown of the opening chapters. You won’t miss a beat!

Photo above right posted on Twitter by Take Channel 36

June 10: 1/350 Diecast gimmick model Vol. 72

The next phase of construction began at the belly of the ship with the base mount for the much-loved third bridge and its attendant electronics.

See Hachette’s instruction video here.

See an unboxing video here.

See a modeler’s blog here.

June 11: Leiji Matsumoto speaks

Sankei Sports (Sanspo) Newspaper was the first of two news sources to check in with Leiji Matsumoto in June and get his perspective on the ongoing threat of Corona Virus. The article could be found in both the print edition (above) and website (here).

Special feature: Let’s do our best against Corona, Japan!

Leiji Matsumoto to the children and young people under the shadow of Corona:
“There’s always a new tomorrow, let’s find our willpower”

Coverage by Pan Maruyama

Because of the simultaneous closure of schools due to the spread of Corona Virus infection, the high school baseball Koshien tournament, sports, culture, and other youth events have been concelled. For over 60 years, manga artist Leiji Matsumoto (82) has continued encouraging young people through his works. Thinking about the children and students all over the country now filled with anxiety about returning to school, he pushed back with a hand-drawn illustration saying, “Keep your present days in your heart and find your willpower.”

Leiji Matsumoto in his familiar cap with the red skull.
Even at the age of 82, his desire to create hasn’t waned.
(photo provided by Midnight Company)

I was troubled when I fell down in Italy last year, but I’m doing very well. I lost muscle in my legs when I was hospitalized, so I work hard at home every day on my muscles.

The new Corona Virus is nothing more than an unusual disaster. Even in Japan, schools were closed for a long time. I was shocked when infections occurred at an elementary and junior high school in Kitakyushu where I grew up. It’s really hard when I think of the children in my hometown.

I felt the same anxiety when I was in elementary school. Immediately after the defeat [in World War II], various illnesses occurred such as influenza. It was a time when there were no supplies. However, girls in my class made masks for everyone, including me. This time, I learned on the news that many young people are making masks and donating them to others. I want to do something useful. Is there anything I can do? I understand that urgent thought. I’m heartened by the enduring form of the Japanese people.

To the children who are going back to school with anxiety about the second wave and the future, I want you to keep your present days in mind. You are now having a very important experience for the next generation. You’re learning many things, such as avoiding the “three densities” [three conditions for disease clustering: poor ventilation, crowds, and close contact]. Based on these experiences, some children may choose to study medicine and prevent infectious diseases in the future. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to draw manga and make movies. The feelings I gained when I was young have supported me forever. I saw a high school baseball player crying on TV, and I felt sorry for him being cut off from the road to Koshien. I used to play baseball in high school, too. My position was left field. I loved baseball.

”Tetsuro and Maetel say to everyone, to do your best”

I want to say something to young people who feel that their dreams have been cut off: “There will always be a new tomorrow.” Tetsuro Hoshino, the main character of Galaxy Express 999, will continue his journey with an indomitable fighting spirit. After graduation from high school, I got ahold of 700 yen got a one-way ticket from a pawn shop. I left Kokura for Tokyo on a night train that took 24 hours. If I hadn’t gotten on that train, my fate would have been different. My willpower was the same as Tetsuro’s on that day when I set out to become a manga artist.

I’ve always told myself, “There is no shame in today’s tears. I’ll be stronger tomorrow than I am today.” Youth is a treasure with infinite possibilities. “Time doesn’t betray your dreams.” The days of working hard and not giving up lead to bigger dreams. The times have changed from Showa to Heisei to Reiwa, but I found willpower for each, and there should still be many boys and girls like Tetsuro. Willpower comes from the heart. You always decide the future for yourself.

My dream is still on the way, too. Galaxy Express, Harlock, and Emeraldas are all still unfinished stories. That’s why I continue to draw. The dream world of 3-dimensional images and pictures you can move with just your own consciousness is now becoming a reality. Manga and pictures are drawn with the heart. How fun would it be if we could draw more freely?

It may end as a dream, but my willpower is still on the way. I want to draw stories of Tetsuro and Maetel that encourage the children and youth of Reiwa. Let’s work hard together with our mutual willpower.

Thanks to Italy

Last November, Leiji Matsumoto visited Italy and Turin City for an event based on his masterpiece Space Pirate Captain Harlock. He complained of poor health and spent 20 days in hospital.

“I fell on a frozen surface, and I was sick because of the extreme cold,” Matsumoto said. “I want to express my sincere appreciation to all the people who supported me, including the hospital staff in Italy and the Toei Animation people who accompanied me to the end.”

This spring, Italy endured a medical collapse due to the spread of the Novel Corona Virus. In support of Morinette Hospital where he was hospitalized, Mr. Matsumoto created a hand-drawn illustration for a charity auction that sold for 7,000 Euro (about $8,000).

“I sincerely hope that you will be able to regain your daily life as soon as possible,” he said.

Photos by Saki and Take Channel 36

June 17: 1/350 Diecast gimmick model Vol. 73

Third bridge ahoy! This week modelers received the upper half of the structure and fiber optic cables for lights on the fins.

See Hachette’s instruction video here.

See an unboxing video here.

See a modeler’s blog here.

June 19: Leiji Matsumoto speaks some more

The second of this month’s check-ins with Matsumoto could be found in the pages of the Yomiuri Newspaper, and was picked up for English readers on Yomiuri’s international website, The Japan News. It offered different content than the Sanspo article and can be read here.

Photos posted online by Saki (blog link below)

June 24: 1/350 Diecast gimmick model Vol. 74

More parts arrived this week for continued construction of the third bridge, which will include a boarding ramp that opens and closes. Hachette closed out June with these parts and crossbeams to help strengthen the support stand for what is becoming a very heavy model.

See Hachette’s instruction video here.

See an unboxing video here.

See a modeler’s blog here.

June 26: Yamato Crew T-shirts

2202’s collaboration with Under Armour appears to have run its course, but that hasn’t stopped Yamato Crew from continuing to generate new apparel. On this day they announced three new shirt designs:

Key visual art on a T-shirt (upper left) | Ship lineup size comparison T-shirt (upper right)

And most handsome of the three, an all-over T-shirt with a space field created by CG studio Sublimation.

You can access each one at the Yamato Crew online shop using the links provided, but (as usual) you’ll need someone in Japan to actually acquire them for you.

Photo by friend-of-the-website Gwyn Campbell (note Valkyrie at lower right)

June 26: Yamato 2199 on Netflix Japan

These days you have to work harder than ever not to see Yamato 2199 if you live in Japan. It’s been shown multiple times on the Family Theater satellite channel and elsewhere. As of June 26, it is fully available on-demand through Japan’s Netflix. Another of your lame excuses is now off the table, holdouts!

Also spotted in June

Hero’s Record promo art

The Hero’s Record mobile game is now in its final month of circulation, so players furiously posted screen shots during the month of June. See a substantial roundup here.

Fan art

A particularly good bumper crop of artwork popped up on both Twitter and Pixiv in June. See a character gallery here and a mecha gallery here.

Fan models

Custom modelers pumped out an absolutely enormous showcase of kits to while away the quarantine hours. So many they had to be split into these three galleries:

Earth capital ships | More Earth ships | Other ships

Aquarius Algorithm fan art

Yumata Hazuki continued a valiant effort to create character art for the Aquarius Algorithm storyline. See these creations larger at Yumata’s Pixiv page.

Star Blazers back on the air!!!

Having Yamato 2199 on Netflix in Japan is a pretty big deal, but what could compare to THIS? Longtime fan Scott Baker shared the glorious news on Facebook that his local station in Buffalo New York WBXZ-LP had brought Star Blazers back to its classic timeslot of weekdays at 4 some time in 2019. It appears as part of a 90-minute timeslot called Yesterday Anime which also includes Battle of the Planets.

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