Galman & Bolar model kit catalogs

Like Yamato III itself, the mecha created for the series didn’t get their due back when they could be considered “current.” Bandai gave its attention to only a small percentage of them before the show was off the air and the original saga entered its final phase.

But as the technology for homemade garage kits improved, fans harnessed the DIY spirit and filled in nearly all the gaps Bandai left vacant. This in turn put Galman and Bolar back on the map when Bandai’s polystone miniatures appeared in the early 00s through the B-Club label. Of course, garage kits have very limited runs and are extremely difficult to get outside Japan, but sometimes it’s enough just to know they’re out there ticking the boxes for completists.

Illustration by Yuji Kaida, originally published in Yamato Fact File magazine

Galman-Gamilas Empire models

Dessler’s flagship
Large battleship
Mid-size battleship
Dessler Gunship
Planet-destroyer Missile Ship
Gustav’s Ship
Dimensional Submarine
Battle Carrier
Three-deck Carrier
Twin Three-deck Carrier
Torpedo Plane
Twin-hull Fightercraft
Heavy Bomber

Galman-Gamilas mecha NOT made as model kits: mobile fortress, magnetic plant ship, exploration probe ship

Twin-disc flagship, Reflection plate craft, asteroid absorption system vessel

Illustration by Shinji Nishikawa, originally published in Yamato Fact File magazine

Bolar Federation models

A-type Battleship
B-type Battleship
Battle Carrier
Heavy Carrier
Bemlin Cruiser
Balcom’s Battleship
Golsakov’s Battleship
Hakins’ Battleship
Mid-size Fightercraft
Atmospheric Fightercraft

Bolar mecha NOT made as model kits: mobile fortress, Battle Planet Zespaze

Troop carrier landing craft, Bemlin shuttlecraft, prisoner transport barge

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