Yamato 2202 2021 Timeline

About this list: this is a work-in-progress with the goal of assembling as complete a timeline as possible of the entire Yamato/Star Blazers phenomenon. Data will be added and revised as new information becomes available. As the entries on this list receive coverage elsewhere on this site, links will be added to help you find them. If you notice missing, incorrect, or incomplete items on this list, please contact us and make noise!

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No-class 2021
No-class JAN
ONLINE 1-3 Staff interviews on Mantan Web
ON AIR 3 Selected Yamato 2199 and 2202 episodes on Tokyo MX (weekly)
EVENT 4 Blood donation campaign announced with Kyoto Red Cross blood center
ON AIR 6 Yamato 2202 rerun begins on Family Theater
EVENT 8 Age of Yamato theatrical premiere delayed
ONLINE 8 Star Blazers Lambda manga Chapter 9 (Comic NewType)
ON AIR 10 Age of Yamato TV special on Tokyo MX
MODEL 13 1/350 diecast gimmick model vol. 103 (Hachette)
MUSIC 15 CD: Symphonic Suite Yamato 2202 (Lantis)
ON AIR 15 Yamato radio special on All Night Nippon Gold
BOOK 17 Leiji Matsumoto: Essays on the Manga and Anime Legend (McFarland)
MODEL 20 1/350 diecast gimmick model vol. 104 (Hachette)
PUBLICATION 20 Flyer for 1/350 Andromeda Diecast Gimmick Model (Hachette)
EVENT 23 HOBAS model exhibition (Sapporo)
MODEL 27 1/350 diecast gimmick model vol. 105 (Hachette)
PRODUCT ? 2202 face masks, set of 4 (Yamato Crew)
PRODUCT ? Yamato flight jacket (Yamato Crew)

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