Star Blazers Episode 27 script

The name “Vermon” wasn’t heard in the show, but it did apply to a character we know.

Here the name “Vermon” corresponds to dialogue from Dire. “Vermon” was probably an earlier idea for his name.

All of the information on the left side of the page describes (with scene numbers) the shots that the dialogue applies to. A character name simply indicates that they are on-screen in that shot.

The term “No Sync” indicates that the character is not seen on camera while speaking this line (or they are turned away from camera). This makes things easier on the voice actor, since they don’t have to match mouth movements.

“General Ralik” was another early name that was later changed.

Desslok specifically refers to “General Vermon” by name, clearly addressing Dire. Evidently, the script was only partially updated when this copy was made. Further changes could have been written in.

Dire says “Star Fighters,” which was changed to “Star Force” in the recording.

The “CUT TITLE” notation here and throughout the script indicates an on-screen caption in Japanese that has to be edited out. In the first Star Blazers series, these captions were covered up by new ones. As Series 2 went into production, there wasn’t enough time for this work to be done, so they were trimmed out instead.

Scene 88 indicates “Tokyo in Autumn,” a rare reference to a real Earth city.

(VO) is the abbreviation for “Voice Over,” indicating the character is off screen.

“VO – Filter” indicates that a voice is being transmitted, and should be treated with an audio filter.

Scene 110 indicates “Yudachi in flames,” giving us a ship name.

Interesting reference to the “Cosmo Zero” here, which was called the “Super Star” in earlier episodes.

“VO – Filter” is applied to Sandor even though he’s on screen. That’s because a different filter was applied when characters are thinking to themselves.

In scene 171, one of Sandor’s words is in parentheses. This may indicate that the word could be dropped if the actor couldn’t fit it in.

The note to use shot #178 as #208 indicates that it should be repeated later in the show.

Here we see the spelling “Treleana.” In later scripts, it will be rendered “Trelaina.”

The note indicating a “strange thumping sound” may refer to a sound effect in the original recording made in Japan.

“Alternate recording” offers a different option for a line. Both versions were probably recorded and one was chosen later.

Longtime fans will know what the “CUT SKIRT SEQUENCE” indicates.

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