Star Blazers Episode 28 script

On this title page, the major scene cuts are listed at the top, totaling 45 seconds of footage. This sort of information is vital to an editor whose responsibility is to bring an episode to its precise broadcast length, also referred to as TRT (Total Running Time).

The note for “Commercial message” indicates a break that was built into the Japanese edit of the show. In this case, it was not preserved for the US broadcast.

“Megalopolis” was the name of the big city in Japanese. Interesting to see it here, even though it was never spoken out loud.

Nova’s line in scene 38 was re-written to conclude with “all of those funny, adventurous star blazers,” the only time “Star Blazers” was actually spoken in the story. The title of the series was changed from Star Force to Star Blazers about a month after this script was finished, so the line was probably re-recorded afterward.

“Heroes Hill” is another term direct from Japan, but never spoken aloud.

Missing from this page is Homer yelling “IDIOTS” at the receding Andromeda. It may have been ad-libbed in the recording booth.

“Andromedes” is probably a typo.

The scenes described in the lower portion of this page are quite curious, since they didn’t appear in the original Japanese version of the episode. The most likely explanation is that they were created and shot in Japan as extra footage in case the episode ran short and needed some padding. Since they were not needed, they wouldn’t have been augmented with dialogue or sound. If they were offered to the US production company as optional footage, it’s easy to see why they wouldn’t be used. On the other hand, it would have been an interesting reversal if Star Blazers aired scenes that were cut from Yamato 2.

A cut was indicated for 14 seconds of footage that was deemed “too boring.” The Yamato 2 version didn’t include it either. More optional bonus shots, perhaps?

Here’s an interesting bit of editing that didn’t actually get to the screen. In the original episode, Sanada uses the time radar to catch footage of Tokugawa (Orion) secretly peeing in a corner. That couldn’t be shown in Star Blazers, so it was proposed that footage from earlier in the show be reused. In the end, this demo of the time radar was cut entirely.

Two points of interest: the “Secretary” indicated here will later get the name “General Stone.” Also, the lines for 214 and 215 were not heard in the finished episode.

The “New Type Robot” on this page later got the name “Ms. Efficiency.”

Some of the action described on this page was cut from the episode.

At line 287, the character name “Servler” is indicated. This is a mistranslation of Invidia’s original name, “Sabera.” Another indication of a script that wasn’t completely updated before distribution.

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