Star Blazers Episode 31 script

As we’ll learn, “Buzz” is the leader of the third fighter squadron. This script contains his only lines in the series.

“NOTE TO SPLICE” refers to the editing company, “Splice is Nice.”

There was no narration at the beginning of the episode, so the blank space at the top of the page may have been a placeholder in case some was needed. The original Japanese episode had quite a bit, but almost all of the visuals were maps with Japanese text that had to be deleted. Hence, the abrupt opening in EDF headquarters.

The title Star Force is present at the top of every page, since that was still the name of the show when this script was finalized. The cover page reading Star Blazers would have been an easy swap-out later.

“Cut Argo and title” indicates where the Japanese episode title took over the screen. This feature was not part of the first series.

The “…….” dialogue for Wildstar is amusing. It’s common for manga to use that to indicate a meaningful pause. It has absolutely no use in a recording script, since it has no sound.

“Three of our men from the moon surface base have deserted to the join the Star Force” is an obvious mistake, since we just saw three squadrons board the ship. The mistake was not corrected in the recording.

Dr. Sane is drinking “grape juice.” Well, I guess you could call it that…

The initial confrontation between Wildstar and Dr. Sane was indicated as a “possible cut” and went on to become a “definite cut.” It doesn’t appear in the show.

The “?????” line for Dr. Sane is akin to the “……” line from earlier; he doesn’t make a sound. Nova, however, adds a “huh?” here.

Yes, Dr. Sane hits his cat here in the original. One of the few cases where a cut was advisable for younger viewers.

The “urinal scene” was actually a partial cut. Conroy is shown starting to use it, then a closer shot shows him looking out a porthole. That portion was preserved.

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