Star Blazers Episode 32 script

This was the first episode with actual human casualties, marines killed in the surface attack. Thus, the laundry list of scenes that were cut from the show. It was important to tally them up, since screen time had to be accounted for.

In the cast list, we see the name “Sadto” for Nox and “Tondo” for Kane. These were the original Japanese names, though “Sadto” should read “Saito.”

As with the previous episode, there is blank space for a narration. The condition was the same; a detailed Japanese opening with maps and screen text.

A curious moment here when Nox addresses the radioman as “Mac” when his name was indicated as “Tapper” on the cast list.

Corporal Kane refers to them as “robot tanks,” and…they actually ARE this time. Run by A.I.

On this page, Nox calls the radioman “Tapper.” Maybe his full name is “Mac Tapper”?

Nox’s line at the bottom of the page was shortened. Instead of specifying “one per tank” he says “I want ten volunteers with your bopper guns!”

The name “Ganz” is mentioned at the bottom of the page by mistake, since Ganz was killed in Series 1. Talan is shown at this point, so they probably meant him.

Wildstar’s line about “help from Earth Headquarters” and Venture’s line about running out of supplies don’t track very well, since there is no means for any ship from Earth to deliver supplies to the Star Force. But we’re not here to question.

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