The Making of Be Forever Yamato, Part 3 continued

The captain of the invading force sits on a platform in the Earth Federation conference room.

Captain: I am commander XX of the attack corps. In the name of Great Emperor XX of the holy XX Empire, we declare Earth to be under our control. Our borders reach as far as the might of our military power. Our sphere of influence is infinite. Never forget that you are now part of it.

The leaders of the Earth Federation bow their heads when they hear this. But one man from the defense command laughs fearlessly. The commander notices this and glares down from his platform.


The commander is taken out onto the roof of EDF Headquarters.

Captain: It is one month since our attack! The Earthlings surrendered to us body and soul, everyone but one person–€”you. Your automated fleet fell easily before our fleet. So let’s hear it. Why do you laugh?

The commander looks triumphantly at the captain and smiles as bravely as ever.

Commander: Because there is something you aliens do not understand, called hope.

Captain (smirking): Hope? None of you have any hope remaining. Is it somewhere within the wreckage of your fleet? Or an empty dream within your tiny brain?

Commander: We have Yamato.

Captain: Yamato? What the hell is that?

Commander: Yamato goes…Yamato goes to destroy the root of your lives.

Captain: Apparently you’re speaking of a ship. There is no such thing, anywhere.

Commander: Yamato goes.

Voices from Yamato‘s bridge are faintly heard in the mind of the commander, murmuring as if from a dream.

“Full throttle both port and starboard. From top battle speed to the second battle speed!”

“Pressure in the Wave-Motion Engine increasing to 120%!”

“Open energy conduction valve!”

The commander stands firmly with his feet set apart at the edge of the rooftop. While glaring at the captain, he slowly pitches his body backward, falling headfirst into the urban canyons.

Communications flow busily in the sea of space.

“It looks like a large battleship, supposedly from Earth, escaped from occupied territory…”

“Its seemed to be facing toward our star cluster.”

“Its fighting strength is unknown, and it has an extremely old-fashioned appearance.”

A serious voice sounds off.

Great Emperor: I am not worried about one battleship reaching us. It will disappear into the ocean of space.


Sado: Kodai, as Captain Okita often said so well, as long as there is life, there is hope.”

Kodai: By the way, who’s the Captain this time?

Shima: My guess is on Sanada since he knows Yamato best.

Sanada enters.

Sanada: Kodai, you must come to the captain’s cabin with Shima.

Kodai & Shima: To the captain’s cabin?

The two instinctively look up.


Two people knock on the door to the captain’s cabin.

Captain: Enter.

They walk in and are startled. A familiar figure of a man sits in Okita’s chair. He stands and turns slowly to fix his powerful gaze on them with eyes sharp enough to impale.

Captain: Give your full name and official position!

Kodai: Combat Chief, Susumu Kodai!

Shima: Navigation Chief, Shima Daisuke!

Captain: Well…I, XX, was given command of this battleship for a reason. I will tell you two first, though I am going to inform everyone eventually.

Kodai: Sir!

Captain: I came here as captain for a single purpose: to defeat the enemy! I will not hesitate to make a sacrifice of any kind…death always goes hand in hand with battle. You are part of the life of the battleship called Yamato. All of the crew is its blood. Even I who speak these words am one of those parts, too. Parts need no feelings. I will have no mercy on frightened cowards.


Captain: That’s all. Back to your station.

So speaking, the captain sits back down in Okita’s chair.


The two come back down in silence.

Sanada: How was it?

Kodai: Eh…all right.

Shima: What happened to him, I wonder. I don’t know his name.

Sanada: Captain XX. During the war with Gamilas, he was confined underground beneath Madagascar in an escape-proof town. All the records were lost. It was a terrible time, but everyone who was confined there was forgotten.

Shima: Forgotten?

Sanada: Yes. Every chain of command on Earth was disrupted by the wars against Gamilas and the White Comet. He was 10km underground, and was forgotten.

Shima: That’s…so awful.

Sanada: Yes, a terrible story. If Okita were still alive, it would not have been that way…he seems to have been a close friend of Captain Okita.

Kodai and Shima look up. The man still glares patiently from the captain’s chair.


Yamato goes to outer space. The main crew stands below the captain on the large floor panel in the central computer room.

Sanada: This used to be the central computer room. It was expanded and improved in our overhaul. Therefore, it is twenty times more efficient than before. The improvements to the ship are not limited to this; everything has been improved except the exterior.

A projected image of the Milky Way Galaxy appears on the computer room floor. The captain walks over it.

Captain: This is our current position…and the ship will take this course.

The captain indicates a course that stretches far beyond even the Andromeda Galaxy. The image of the Milky Way disappears and another image appears.

Sanada: When I worked in the asteroid’s astronomical observatory, I secretly observed the route of the alien fleet. It all appeared from this one point, to the left of Ypsilon, XX220 degrees on the star chart! No trajectory data beyond that.

Kodai: That means a star is there?

Another type of image appears. This time, only black space appears.

Sanada: This is point XX220 degrees where the fleet came from.

The area he indicates shows absolutely nothing.

Shima: Maybe they came out of a black hole.

Sanada: Our sensors would have detected a black hole. But there is no reaction of any kind from that point.

Kodai: What do you mean?

Sanada: There is nothing there.

Kodai: Nothing?

Sanada: There is…nothing. A null point where even space itself does not exist…perhaps it would be better to describe it as an empty hole that opened up in space.

Shima: Is it an opening to another dimension?

Sanada: I don’t know, it’s simply a dark hole twisted into the shape of a barrel. The fleet came from there…their mother star is on the other side.

(There are certainly points in space that appear to be big holes with no stars.)

Sanada: If the theory of closed space is valid, it could be like this.

He holds up two balls and joins them together. The point where they touch becomes a hole that joins the two.

Kodai: Can we go there easily?

Sanada: You are here because it is not easily done. The opponent has the power to annihilate our most advanced automated fleet. We can’t make light of that fact. However, this ship has a strong point.

Kodai: A strong point? This old ship?

Sanada: It is the fact that humans are on board. Humans who combine thought and power in order to fight. I believe that humans are the most complex. A living entity is far more complex than a machine. Machines are unable to predict the thoughts of man. We are not machines, so no one can predict our actions. That is the strong point.

Mio Okita: Don’t worry, Analyzer, we’re not denigrating you.

Analyzer: I am a machine anyway. Warm hearted but yet a machine.

Mio Okita: I like you. I’ve never thought of you as a machine.

Analyzer: Oh, haven’t you?

They hug, and he childishly pulls up her skirt.

Mio Okita:Come on! Who taught you that?

Okita pushes him away.

Sado: I wonder who taught him that.

Analyzer: It was thanks to your education.


The first bridge, radar console. Mio is lost in thought and takes her eye off the radar to look out the windows. She doesn’t notice a reaction appear on the radar.


The worried footsteps of Kodai sound in the darkened ship. In his mind, he hears the running of crew members and shouting voices amid a battle. He even hears the voice of Yuki. The hull creaks and groans and Kodai staggers.

This is not a hallucination; Yamato has received an impact.

On the bridge, Mio looks at the radar.

Mio Okita: Two large battleships to port, 100,000 space km, 1.2 km apart!

Two black battleships are spotted to port. The main batteries swing around and open fire. Kodai jumps into the combat station seat.

Shima: This is getting serious!

Kodai hastily activates the target scope.

Kodai: First, second, and third gun turrets, turn to 45 degrees port. First and second, aim at target 1, third at target 2, automatic enemy tracking indicator set on!

Gunnery: Aiming complete! Error margin zero!

A buzzer sounds and a red lamp lights up.

Kodai: Fire!

Yamato‘s main guns fire. The ship shakes and pitches to the right in reaction.

Shima: That never happened before!

The shots stretch out, but all beams fired from the main guns are off-target.

Kodai: Correction right, plus minus 1.2!

As Kodai shouts this order, the captain speaks.

Captain: Stop fighting! Go to full speed! Shake off this swing!

Shima: Roger!

Kodai: Are we running away?

Captain: Yes, I do not fight losing battles. The time is not right. We’ll escape until the next opportunity comes. You get no second chance when you’re dead.


Shima: Speed rising to maximum…nearing the warp limit point.

Captain: Stand by. No warp yet since it is still under maintenance.

Yamato begins to pull away from the black ships. The difference between them is immediately apparent. On the bridge of the black ship, the crew watches Yamato‘s departure, maintaining complete calm.

Black ship captain: We should ascertain the model and specifications of that Earth battleship’s engines.

First mate: But the only way to know that is to destroy or capture it…

Black ship captain: That ship discovered our origin point and will certainly go there. It is the place of the narrow sea. If they attempt to invade it, they will run into our fleet…and a satellite fortress, too. We are thoroughly prepared.

Black ship captain: Message from Earth outer region attack fleet Zoroas to central fleet command!! One Earth ship has appeared in our vicinity. Use all the power of the fleet to defeat it!! But avoid complete destruction in order to investigate its engines.


The Captain’s cabin in the conning tower: Kodai and Okita appear before the Captain.

Captain: You made a mistake, you understand that.

Kodai: I’m sorry, I didn’t think there would be such a strong reaction.

Captain: Kodai, as Sanada said, all the weaponry is greatly modified and reinforced, as well as the main guns. So now when the shock cannons fire the energy beams from the three muzzles interfere with each other. Therefore, the beams’ course will be thrown off and miss the target. To solve that, each energy level should be slightly different and the firing timing must be offset. These are the basics of firing large-calibre guns, Kodai!!


Captain: Now, Ms. Okita…

Mio Okita: I know. I overlooked the reaction of the radar…I’m sorry. When I look out into space…into the sea of stars…I become absent-minded. I feel something in my chest…

The captain stares into her face.

Captain: Understood…we need to talk about it. Kodai, you’re dismissed.

Kodai: Susumu Kodai, dismissed!

Kodai leaves.

Mio Okita stands in the Captain’s cabin. He slowly takes his seat.

Captain: Ms. Okita…

Mio: Yes.

Captain: I knew Jyuzo Okita well, and I swore friendship with him to my death.


Captain: Okita had no relatives. All his family members were lost in the Gamilas attack.


Captain: Do you understand this?

Mio: I do.

Captain: Jyuzo Okita was alone in the world. The blood of the Okita clan disappeared from space with his death.


Captain: Who are you?


Yamato passes quietly through space.


Tokugawa reports from the engine room to Shima on the bridge.

Tokugawa: The damage is minor, we can warp without interference.

Shima: We’ll complete our warp at the point where the black fleet appeared. That message indicates the fleet could be substantial…

Sanada: The enemy wants to get their hands on our engine. So its attack won’t be at full strength. Some margin should be left.

Kodai: We’ll be caught in a bottle. This won’t be easy.

Mio Okita comes down to the bridge with tears on her cheeks.

The countdown begins.

Tokugawa: All circuits normal, pressure in the Wave-Motion Engine increasing to 120%. Release starting valve, start flywheel in ten seconds.

Tokugawa: 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…

Captain: Warp!!

Shima: Warp!

Yamato accelerates fiercely, instantly dissolving into space. In the mysterious phenomenon of warping, the fire of St. Elmo burns everywhere around the ship. The crew faints…then begins to awaken…

Yamato suddenly appears in dark space.

Captain: What’s our position?

Aihara: 1.1 million space km from the solar system.

Space strangely overlaps before them. A different sea of stars spreads out in the other end of the dark tunnel ahead. There is an intense reaction on the radar.

Mio: Radar response to the fleet. The first group in front to port, 10 o’clock direction at 20 degrees. The second group in front to starboard, 2 o’clock direction at 30 degrees. Third group same as the second only at 45 degrees right, zero angle above and below. Two more groups are coming from our stern, each consists of one hundred ships.

Kodai: We’re surrounded.

The flagship of the black fleet: a heavy, imposing battleship with a bridge of mysterious design. The commander stands firm with his feet set apart.

Commander: Just as expected, the Earth ship arrived by warp! Get its range and concentrate fire! Move into combat formation!!

The black fleet moves into a formation that swings up and down. Yamato swings around to unleash a barrage.

Captain: The enemy expects us to panic. Aim carefully before firing!

Kodai: First and second gun turrets, aim 20 degrees to port. Third turret, target the group to our starboard rear. Each gun will fire at intervals of 0.0001 seconds!

Gunnery: Targeting completed, enemy is lined up perfectly!

A red lamp comes on in front of Kodai.

Kodai: FIRE!

Energy roars out of the shock cannons and lances out. The black fleet explodes and flies apart.

Shima: This hole in space…if this is a tunnel to another dimension…after having entered, will the hole still be here? Could Yamato be unable return?

Captain: There is that danger…however, they have occupied Earth. It is only a child’s step to crush their base and restore freedom to the Earth.

Fighters launch from the black fleet and an air battle begins. Kodai fights bravely. He notices these are the same kind of ships that attacked him during his flight test.

Kodai: Damn you for that!

Yamato passes through the tunnel-shaped hole and crosses into different space. A vast galactic nebula spreads out before their eyes.

Aihara: Its diameter is XX light years. This great island in space is equal to our galaxy and Andromeda combined!

Captain: Shima! Input the position of our emergence point into the computer. It will be impossible to escape if we make an error.

Shima: Roger. It’s in computer memory, Captain.

Captain: Aihara, call back Kodai.

Aihara: Cosmo Tigers, return to the ship at once.

The Cosmo Tigers return one after another. Kodai comes in wiping sweat from his brow.

Kodai: Where is their home planet?

Captain: There are many sources of energy. The sensors will analyze them and find it. We’ll break off the battle for the time being and escape.

Yamato accelerates away from the combat. The Great Emperor delivers an order from the shadows of his command bridge.

Great Emperor: Recall the commander of the Earth attack fleet who issued that useless directive! He must appear before me immediately!


Sanada and Yamashita look down at the screen in the computer nerve center. The image shows numerous trails converging on one location.

Sanada: The trails converge on their home planet…that’s where it is. It resembles our solar system and their sun is slightly larger in mass than ours. The same is true of the number of planets. The third planet has the same mass as Earth, with a satellite with a black metallic quality. In a word, it is their moon.

At that moment, a small blip approaches the planet.

Kodai: That’s…

Sanada: It seems one ship is returning to their home planet.

The point goes toward the home planet and is absorbed.

One black warship descends into the atmosphere, which shines in an uneven purple. It is the flagship that ordered the attack on Yamato and a study of its engines. The ship drops slowly into a huge, magnificent city similar to the city of the White Comet.

Shortly, the flagship commander climbs the long stairs toward the Great Emperor’s glittering office in a dark mood. When he reaches the top, the sentries at the gate salute him.

Great Emperor’s voice: It is useless to salute him. He is stripped of all authority as of today.

The Great Emperor wears a black cloak and sits on an Emperor’s black throne. The lighting is harsh. He has the character of a majestic hero, nearly two meters tall. The commander steps forward toward him.

Great Emperor: Fool! How could you have failed so? Never before in the history of my rule have we been invaded by an enemy ship. But now look, after you ordered it unnecessary to destroy, the ship snuck in at the emergence point.

Great Emperor: One blow is what determines victory or defeat in war. It has been taught from ancient times that hesitation and a mistake in judgment brings one to ruin!

A figure approaches the commander wearing a uniform like that of an Vice-President to the supreme ruler.

Vice-President: Commander XX, by decree of the Great Emperor, you are stripped of your rank. Your military record is erased and you are demoted to permanent duty in a third grade transport ship.

The Great Emperor solemnly raises his hand and points at the entrance.

Great Emperor: Leave! Never show yourself to me again!

The commander descends the long staircase. The report of a gunshot is heard…the commander falls…he committed suicide.

Great Emperor: So he knew how to end the matter at least…

Before long, the image of Yamato starts to move across a three-dimensional chart.

Vice-President: The Earth ship has begun to move!

Great Emperor: Is it coming??

Vice-President: The mobile fleet is making a sortie to intercept.

Great Emperor: The fortress satellite?

Vice-President: Its battle preparations are complete.

Great Emperor: Good. Be cautious.

Yamato proceeds slowly through space. A glittering fleet surrounds the ship, right, left, above, and below.

Analyzer: Enemy fire from starboard! Many beams incoming!

Captain: Navigator, accelerate to combat speed!

Shima: Roger!

Shima steers Yamato to the right, avoiding the energy beams. Some graze Yamato‘s hull, making an unearthly sound.

Kodai: Target the large ship 20 degrees to starboard. Fire three successive rounds!

Yamato presses a mighty counterattack. The huge black ship bursts into flame.

Analyzer: A number of torpedo planes attacking from port, presumed dangerous!

Captain: Cosmo Tigers, launch!

Kato leads the Cosmo Tigers in another launch. Yamato, the black ship, the Cosmo Tigers and torpedo bombers engage in a chaotic fight. Appearance of a heroic figure of space battle.

Control room of the black satellite fortress orbiting the mother planet: the target scope zeroes in on Yamato.

Mecha Voice: Target acquired, range 65,000, direction 2-020, speed 27 space knots.

The fortress’ guns turn slowly.

Mecha Voice: Fire.

BOOM! A huge burst of energy stretches out from the satellite.

Analyzer: Energy approaching at high speed, impossible to avoid!

KABOOM! Yamato is shaken by a direct hit! Fragments scatter into space. Several crewmembers are blown out of the ship. A second burst comes from the satellite fortress. BLAM! Yamato takes further damage.

Captain: It’s a satellite fortress! The main batteries can’t reach it! Use the Wave-Motion Gun!

Kodai: All energy to the Wave-Motion Gun! Target cross gauge open. Brightness level 80, aim Yamato at the satellite fortress.

Shima: Roger, aligning with the satellite fortress.

Tokugawa: Wave energy valve opening. Power rising, valve open to the Wave-Motion Gun cylinder. Release safety lock. Anti-flash, anti-shock protection on. 10…9…8…7…6…5…

Kodai: On target! Stabilize gyro operation! 4…3…2…1…FIRE!!

A blast of light fires straight and far to the satellite fortress! The light of the Wave-Motion Gun strikes the center of the satellite and pierces straight through to the other side. The fortress satellite explodes! The stone of its internal structure flies apart. The Great Emperor watches.

Great Emperor: Do not hesitate! Yamato‘s energy is drained! That is the nature of a Wave-Motion Gun! Crush them!

The black fleet and torpedo bombers had recoiled, but now they rally and renew their desperate attack. Yamato has not yet recovered from the firing of its energy and takes many hits. Gun turrets are knocked loose and go flying.

Tokugawa: Energy will be restored in five minutes! Just five more minutes!

Kodai: We’ll be dead in five minutes!

Yamato shakes and shudders in the storm. The dimensional compass begins to shine with an orange light. The orange light also begins to appear inside the three-dimensional dome of the Great Emperor.

And…the voice of a graceful, dignified woman fills the bridge of Yamato and the command dome of the Great Emperor.

Voice: I am Starsha of Iscandar…you must talk before you continue this fight. There is a secret you harbor in the depth of each others’ hearts. Please talk before you fight, or you will regret it.

Sanada: Starsha!!

Sanada stands trembling.

Great Emperor: It is Starsha!!

Mio staggers forward onto the deck of Yamato‘s bridge.

Mio Okita: Mother!

Kodai: Mother?!

Mio: I am not Mio Okita. That is only a pseudonym. I am the daughter who was born between Starsha and Earth…

All the crewmembers on the bridge gaze at Sasha and gasp as she stands next to the dimensional compass.

Kodai: This is…Sasha’s body could not adapt to the environment of Earth. She’s supposed to have died shortly after birth…

Sanada: It’s true that the environment was not suitable for Sasha. But every year she grew five years…her intellect grew much faster as well…It surprised Mamoru and I, so we raised her secretly in the asteroid’s observatory…we gave her the temporary name Mio Okita.

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