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On June 25, As an incentive to get fans back in theaters to see Age of Yamato at the start of its third week, the first six minutes of Yamato 2205 part one were tacked on as a bonus. Later that same day, a Twitter user named Yuya2199 posted a link to a blog page that described this footage in detail. The description vividly sets up the story and provides an anchor for many of the shots we’ve seen in the first teasers and trailer (the ones that match up are included).

See the original text . Complete translation follows.

Spoilers for the beginning of 2205

I never expected to hear Bolar’s BGM before the Dark Star Empire’s BGM. Plus the fact that negotiations with Bolar would break down. And Dessler has the dignity to be called “the king.”

The story begins with the concept of the “infinitely expanding universe.” Then, a man who looks like a slave tries to escape from a planet and is killed.

We go to a place that looks like a temple to me, with a statue of a goddess. Dessler is talking to someone from the Bolar Federation, and the big Bolar theme plays. (The tension is already at its limit.)

Dessler has found a planet called Galman, which has all the right living conditions for Garmillans, but it seems to be a resource planet for the Bolar Federation. Dessler asks the Bolar Federation to give him the planet Galman on the condition that Garmillas becomes Bolar’s ally. Apparently, there is a theory that Galman is the home planet of the Garmillans, and that the Galmans are like brothers and sisters.

He appeals to the Bolar general, saying that Galman is just a resource planet from Bolar’s point of view, and that it won’t hurt to hand it over. Dessler kneels before the general and bows his head, but the general throws something to the ground in front of him; the same kind of collar that was on the slave. He demands servitude, insisting that he is being generous.

Dessler’s attitude is of course one of refusal, but the Bolar general reassures him that there is nothing he can do because his ship, which has a Dessler Gun attached to it, is surrounded by Bolar ships.

Dessler then begins a countdown in the Garmillan language. (This is the coolest.) The moment Dessler says “Zeo,” the ship with the Dessler Gun explodes, and Dolcia bombers warp in via a transfer device.

More Garmillas appear one after another, including the Gaiperon class with a main gun commanded by Berger. The Deusuler III, commanded by Talan, knocks out the Bolar ships one by one.

Inside the temple, Dessler and some slaves work together and quickly take control. Dessler removes the collars of the slaves and frees them. One of the slaves says, “You are the king who will unite the two races of Galman and Garmillas,” and the video ends with a show of admiration and respect.

The slaves are almost certainly Galmans. I’m just guessing here, but I think Galmans = Shalbart religion. The eyes of the statue were gouged out by Bolar. Maybe the Dessler of this story is not uncomfortable with Shalbart religion.

Judging from the fact that the Dark Star Empire has not been mentioned at all so far, there is a good chance that it does not exist as an interstellar nation, but is a part of Bolar. However, this is something that only the production team can know, so I’m looking forward to the release.

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  1. Well, it would also make sense to assume that Dessler gets distracted from his “negotiations” with Bolar by reports from Garmillas being under attack by the Dezarium. Wait and see!

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