Star Blazers Episode 34 script

In the list of cuts to be made, “titles” refers to on-screen captions in Japanese, which included the episode title and various maps. Captions were present in the Iscandar series, but a longer lead time in the schedule made it possible for them to be covered by English captions in Star Blazers. The captions in the Comet Empire series were more complex and extensive, and there wasn’t enough time in the schedule to accomodate them.

The writing at the start called for an insert of Homer in the middle of a Venture scene, and one was chosen from later in the sequence.

The term “(OC)” in the middle of Venture’s line means “on camera,” which meant the voice actor had to match mouth movement.

The references to 1/4″ refer to a specific reel of recording tape, probably for the convenience of the sound editor.

Shots of the video panel were inserted here to re-edit the sequence. The original Japanese version had very different content, in which both Shima and Sanada are explaining the ship’s current heading to the crew. (Information that added valuable context.)

There are references on this page to both Torbak and Hyrax, but they are the same character. Major Hyrax will appear in the next episode.

On this page we find a genuine deleted scene. In the original, Yuki and Analyzer are doing laundry together, which was a bit humiliating. Cutting it was one of the rare changes that actually improved the English version.

The “possible cut” went on to become a “definite cut.” Another deleted scene for the record books.

The “OUT OF FOCUS SHOT” here was legitimately out of focus (shown at right) and was cut from the show. However, it had a purpose; the background was in focus and the intention was to draw attention to it, even though nothing was there. Instead, it ended up looking like a camera error. Not the best decision on the Japan side.

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