Star Blazers Episode 35 script

Once again, the cover page says Star Blazers, but the interior pages say Star Force. Another reminder that it was the presumed title of the show while this script was written.

The list of cuts on this page are all self-explanatory except for the one referring to “Story.” We’ll get to that.

A new character name is given on the Comet Empire side, but it’s misspelled (twice) and doesn’t match its onscreen pronunciation: Major Hyrax.

This page lays out the opening montage for the show, which differs completely from the original. In the Japanese version, we were given a series of charts and character images to explain where the enemy is. But it was rich with on-screen captions and the Star Blazers production team didn’t have the resources to redo them. So a “previously on” montage was created to replace it. Not the first time, and not the last.

The term “TU” is used at line 71. It’s an abbreviation for “Truck Up” which is synonymous with “zoom in.” Other applicable terms are “push in” or “truck in.” This is descended from an early filmmaking term to describe a camera on a small cart called a “truck” that would be pushed forward or backward. “Trucking up” to something meant pushing the truck toward it.

“Desslok on screen” is a script mistake. It’s actually Hyrax.

At the end of Dr. Sane’s line (at 112) the word “planets” is in parentheses because he’s supposed to be cut off at that point. The actor wouldn’t actually say the word, but still needed to know what it was for context.

The torture scene in the original was pretty graphic in its depiction; Mazer was basically in an electric chair getting zapped. Wildstar, Nova, and Dr. Sane were all horrified by what they were seeing, but Peale kept pushing until Wildstar finally ordered him to stop. The Star Blazers team decided it was a little too dark for the upright hero image being presented to American kids.

Nova’s line (at 187) has its final word in parentheses like the Dr. Sane line on a previous page. In this case, however, it was “bonus word” that could be included if screen time and mouth movement allowed. (It did.)

Interesting slip of a term at 235B: “cosmo gun.” That was the original Japanese name for the pistol. On the previous page, however, it is named as an “astro gun.”

The reference to Peale’s uniform at line 251 is a mistake. Peale wore a yellow uniform under his lab coat.

This is where the “Story” mentioned in the edit list comes in. It’s a simple bit in which Nova escorts Dr. Sane onto the bridge where he apologizes for his carelessness in losing track of Mazer. Nox leans in and scowls, then we return to the action. Since the drinking sequence was cut, there was no use for this scene as a followup.

Mazer’s “Suicide intent” indicated as a cut here was a single shot of him in his cockpit shouting, “Glory to the Gatlantis Empire!” before slamming his fighter into the side of the ship. Without that shot, the crash plays ambiguously. Even the crew questions what he intended to do.

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