Star Blazers Episode 36 script

The “Shooting Dinosaurs” sequence was a pretty major cut from this episode, totaling over a minute of screen time. In it, Torbak went down to the surface of a planetoid with a big gun and started blowing away the wildlife, big cartoonish dinosaurs. When they started to overwhelm him, he fled back into space and took out his frustration on them by blowing up the entire planet. It was hard to take all this seriously, but it certainly did its job of painting Torbak as a sadistic creep.

The “cut subtitle” note refers to the on-screen episode title in Japanese.

At line 83, we see the term TB. It’s actually a mistake. As explained in the Episode 35 script, the term “TU” meant “Truck Up, synonymous with “zoom in.” That same term should have been used here, since “TB” stands for “Truck Back.” The opposite of a zoom in.

Dr. Skyler’s line at 115B is completely gibberish, having nothing to do with the facts presented in the story (and bears no resemblance to the original line). That either makes him the worst astronomer on Earth or the most forgetful. Which may explain why Serena feels the need to remind him of her wedding that day.

Captain Gideon asks for five more Andromeda-type ships, which is an accurate translation of the original line. It was this line that inspired the writer of Yamato 2202 to open the series with five such ships entering service.

Two very brief shots were cut at the top of this page. Nox is flirting and Nova’s embarassed.

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