The Making of Be Forever Yamato, Part 5 continued

Story Draft by Toshio Masuda & Yoshinobu Nishizaki, Continued

Asteroid Icarus Observatory: the high-speed boat arrives and Kodai disembarks. They don’t see Yamato, or even the appearance of Sanada.

“Where is Yamato?”
“What happened to Sanada?”

They look around, but don’t find them anywhere. A huge wall of rock looms over them as they are wrapped in anxiety. There is a door at its base. Everyone walks into it. They move through a thin passageway and reach what looks like a hatch. Shiny mecha surrounds them.

“What is this place?”
“It looks like the belly of Yamato.”

Finally, they get on an elevator. And when they get off, they walk onto Yamato‘s bridge. A vast cave is seen out the window, and the forward deck.

“It is Yamato!”
“This is the first bridge!”
“In such a place?”

Everyone is delighted; they look around and run their hands over the controls with nostalgia. At that moment, unknown young people rush in.

“Don’t touch it! This is our ship!”

Sanada enters.

“I’m sorry for surprising you. These are students at the space training school here. The commander gave me custody of Yamato in case of emergency. The students and I were upgrading it.”

The trainees’ expressions change to reverence when they hear Kodai’s name.

One is Sosuke, the spitting image of Black Tiger pilot Kato, his older brother.

Another is Nishio, a person with an interesting face, in charge of information analysis.

All are energetic volunteer soldiers with high spirits.

“Those who aspire to be space warriors nowadays are a strange bunch,” Sanada explains. “They revolted against mechanization, and came to this asteroid. They aren’t the elite, talented men of the old days, but they certainly are unusual.”

“By the way, Sanada, are you the new captain of the ship?”

“No, that’s not my job. As headmaster of the training academy after Captain Okita and Captain Hijikata, I can devote myself to educating new generations and avoid promotion politics.”

As he says this, the captain’s seat descends and a new captain is sitting in it. Kodai looks at him in surprise and with an expression of resistance. The new captain ignores this and speaks out.

“I was appointed captain in order to defeat the enemy. Needless to say, each of you has the same intention. From now on, each of you will cease to exist as an individual; you are part of Yamato and the goal is to win.”

(The new captain has some special skill which will be shown in an upcoming tactical combat situation.)

“What do the newcomers say?”
“We are of one mind and body with Yamato.”

Gasps are heard as this deep impression sinks in. A beautiful young woman appears from the elevator. Sanada introduces her.

“This is Mio Sanada, my niece. Because she is educated as a soldier of Yamato, there is no shame in giving her the duties of Yuki.”

Their eyes admire Mio’s pretty face and they mutter between themselves.

“She’s just like Yuki.”
“No, she looks more like Starsha.”

Kodai feels caught by something and stares at her. Sanada speaks.

“Let’s start renovation so Yamato can destroy the enemy Black Fleet immediately. The plan has already been made.”

Yamato remodeling:
For example, amplification of the Wave-Motion Engine.
-Reconstruction of the First Bridge
-Repair of the computer system
-Powerup for each port
(Interesting upgrades and mecha concepts to match the expected capabilities of the enemy)

Yamato is readied for launch. New mecha remodeling is 100% complete. When spirits are high and takeoff is imminent, a message is received from Earth. The EDF Commander appears on the video panel.

The transmission comes from the old underground EDF Headquarters. The commander says, “The enemy fears Yamato. They are looking very hard for Yamato‘s whereabouts, so be careful.”

Furthermore, he touches on the Hyperon Bomb implanted in the city center. It seems powerful enough to destroy the entire human race at once, and the time gauge seems set to go off in X months. But it is not understood in detail. An image of the bomb appears on the panel.

Kodai stares at it silently, knowing its menace for the first time. Sanada murmurs uncomfortably.

“This is definitely a Hyperon Bomb. If it is detonated, the brain cells of every Earthling will be instantly destroyed. It isn’t likely that the occupation force would have attacked Earth carelessly and risked the occupation fleet losing control. The controls for it may be on the home planet of the enemy.”

“Will an attack set off the bomb?”

“Probably so. This is the enemy’s advantage.”

Everyone is thoughtful. Kodai asks hesitantly, “Commander. Yuki…what became of Yuki?”

“I don’t know. If she’s alive, we’ll find her. But so far there is no word.”

Kodai looks dark.

Commander: Kodai, only sorrow follows you. Your older brother Mamoru…

Kodai: Eh?

Commander: He sacrificed himself and died to free me from execution.


Commander: Captain XX, as the EDF Commander, I order you to take Yamato to the home planet of the enemy before the Hyperon Bomb explodes. Attack and destroy it to remove the threat of the bomb.

(Note: Mio should not be here in this scene.)

Central strategy room: Sanada explains, standing in the center of a floor panel.

“The appearance point of the enemy Black Fleet is in the direction of the XX constellation, a dark nebula XX light years away. I don’t know what’s inside the dark nebula, or if it is just the tip of something else. But we have no choice but to go!”

The first bridge: the new captain says, gravely:

Yamato, launch for the dark nebula!”

The mechanism of Yamato‘s launch blows the surrounding bedrock to pieces, and the brave figure of Yamato emerges from it to depart. Its speed gradually takes it away from Earth past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The crew thinks of Earth, focusing on their individual families.

(Make this area lyrical. Music flows through trees, earth, sky, sea. Combine this with Yamato‘s passage and farewell to the solar system.)

Yamato approaches the 11th planet. It is decided to perform a small warp for the (new) Wave-Motion Engine test. (Sanada gives a suitable explanation.)

Yamato communications room: the captain enters and orders a blockade of all communication with Earth. This is because the eager enemy has begun an all-out move to find Yamato. Kodai represents everyone’s protest.

“Please wait. I need to find out about Yuki’s safety…”

Captain: It is prohibited.

Kodai: It isn’t just for me, Captain. It was only possible for us to take action with Yamato because of Yuki’s dedication.”

Captain: I have heard that.

Kodai: Even if I worry more about Yuki…it’s because she’s a member of Yamato.

Captain: Kodai!!

Kodai: Yes?

Captain: A man who fights has to abandon thoughts of a woman!

Kodai is startled.


Yamato warps. (Picture it with a new idea.)

In nearby space, a surveillance ship of the Black Fleet detects this. It is reported to headquarters and pursuit is ordered immediately. (It is assumed that Yamato‘s destination must be the entrance point of the Dark Galaxy.)

Lieutenant Kiman watches Yuki in bed. An android nurse changes the bandages around her wound. Yuki wakes up and reacts to Kiman with a start. She tries to rise and suddenly falls down from the pain. Kiman lays her back down with chivalry and says, “you are my guest.”

Kiman tells her about no life signs being detected on the high-speed boat, and Yuki reacts with intense despair (thinking Kodai must be dead).

Yamato completes its warp. There is slight damage to the hull, caused by the super speed of the warp. Short-term repairs are needed. (It is recognized that the speed of this warp is faster than the enemy’s.)

During this time, the ship is attacked by a patrol fighter (or a scout plane would be better). It is intercepted by either Kato or Sakamoto.

Kodai polishes a cannon as an outlet for his anger. Mio arrives and watches patiently.

“You seem lonely, uncle.”

Kodai is annoyed.

“First, I want you to understand that I’m too young to be an uncle!”

“No, you’re my uncle. Look at me. I’m Sasha!”

“Eh? The child of my brother Mamoru and Starsha of Iscandar…”

“Therefore, aren’t you my uncle?”

Flashback: Starsha and Mamoru holding the infant Sasha.

“I felt something when we met for the first time. I didn’t realize it was you, Sasha. You were just a baby one year ago.”

“The blood of both an Earthman and my Iscandarian mother flow through my body. People of Iscandar grow to an adult age very quickly. Life on Earth was not suitable for my body, so my father entrusted Sanada to raise me on Asteroid Icarus.”

Kodai: I heard the story from my brother Mamoru. But if you’ve grown this much in one year, you might turn into an old woman soon.”

“No, from now I will grow normally.”

“Hahaha! That’s a relief.”

“Let’s keep this a secret between us for the time being. Can I sing you a song I made up?”

Kodai: Yes.

Sasha sings, and her sweet voice brings comfort to Kodai’s heart. Kodai listens as she finishes and says, “thank you.” He stares at her and she begins to feel uneasy.

“What is it?”

Kodai: My brother Mamoru is dead.


Sasha suddenly breaks down and cries. Kodai rubs her back.

Kodai: From now on, I’ll be an uncle and a father.

A message comes in from reconnaissance craft; an advance enemy base (supply base) has been discovered. At the same time, the underground EDF Headquarters reports the pursuit of the Black Fleet.

Concept: EDF Headquarters is now occupied by the enemy, so the former headquarters (underground) is now the base of a partisan resistance. The commander can intercept and inform Yamato of the movements of the enemy, but cannot receive transmissions from Yamato.

The advance enemy base is destroyed before the arrival of the Black Fleet. Yamato cuts off their supply line and must hurry on from this point.

(There are some strategic ideas, such as preventing radar detection by the enemy.)

New attack fighters are piloted by Kodai, Kato (the younger brother) and Sakamoto. Demonstrate their excellent improved performance. Finally, the front-line base is destroyed by Yamato‘s main guns. The enemy’s war potential is centered on fighters and a number of other ships. (It’s like the attack on Pearl Harbor.)

Aerial dogfight: Kato and Sakamoto are friends and rivals, they compete for the lead.


Yamato performs a continuous warp toward the goal of the Dark Galaxy.

The Black Fleet arrives from Earth. They know about Yamato‘s passage after finding the destroyed front-line base. They signal the Dark Galaxy’s garrison (floating fortress) to intercept!

Yamato completes its warp. The Dark Galaxy is ahead. Surprised, Sanada explains that there must be an entrance somewhere.

Battle at the Dark Galaxy:

Incoming ships and fighters launch from the floating fortress. It seems Yamato is more than a match for them, and scores the first victory. However, the enemy uses this as a trap to surround Yamato. The strategy is to separate Yamato‘s fighter corps. The fighters engage the enemy fleet. Is the entrance to the Dark Galaxy nearby?

The Cosmo Zero corps goes into deep reconnaissance (Kato and Sakamoto). Can they somehow find the entrance?

Suddenly, the floating fortress appears and blocks the way to the dark cloud. (It is ridiculously huge, similar to the Autoplanet Goruba…) One, two, three…there are seven of them. The enemy fleet pulls back.

The Cosmo Zero corps is exposed to intense enemy fire from seven directions. Yamato receives a distress call and tries to go to the rescue; the Black Fleet that tracked them from Earth appears. Yamato fights hard against the mounting attack, using asteroids of the Dark Galaxy to get closer to the Cosmo Zero corps step by step. (They are actually moving rapidly toward the floating fortresses.)

Two planes in the Cosmo Zero corps are shot down and the others are unable to escape the siege. Sakamoto sacrifices himself for Kato to get out. Kato escapes, but ends up on the opposite side from Yamato (behind the floating fortresses) and cannot make his way around (his fighter is damaged).

His subordinates previously got away and were seen heading off toward Yamato. Kato moves off in the direction of the Dark Galaxy when he sees what looks like a mouth.

Yamato is being surrounded by the floating fortresses. Caught in a crossfire, it is decided to use the Wave-Motion Gun, but the engines will have to be shut down to use it. They can’t do this, or they’ll be attacked and destroyed. Instead, they decide to use the Wave-Motion Bullet Cartridges. They are hurriedly prepared in the middle of the confused fight–and fired.

Reversal: an abnormally large explosion, wondrous.

(Note: at this time, the captain could take responsibility for the failure of this strategy. Namely, the pursuit of the Cosmo Zero.)

After losing about half the fighters, Kato is nowhere to be seen. Kodai goes out to look for him. It is Kato who discovers the entrance to the Dark Galaxy and returns, dazed.

Yamato arrives at the entrance of the Dark Galaxy; a terrifying image of natural phenomenae. One discovery is that movements and cycles of time become strange there. Despite tension and anxiety, they are determined to plunge into the center of the Dark Galaxy. However, it will first be necessary to do some research.

A brief respite…

Yamato‘s First Bridge: Kodai turns around and accidentally addresses Sasha incorrectly:

“Yuki, is everything all right?”

Sasha answers: “I’m Mio.”

Kodai: Oh, I’m sorry…

Shima: I understand Kodai’s feelings at such an important time.”

Kodai says he needs to cool his head and leaves.

The observation dome: Kodai stares out blankly. Sasha arrives.

Sasha: “You must be exhausted after engaging in so many tough battles…”

Kodai: It’s not going as well as I thought. I feel like a puppet missing its core.

Sasha: Is it because of Yuki?

Kodai: Yes. I understand it for the first time. Until now, the reason I could cope was that Yuki was nearby.

Sasha: Am I useless?

Kodai: On the bridge, I see you and always think it’s Yuki. However, you are you after all.

Sasha: I seem to be lonely. I’m sorry…but…I…

Kodai: You don’t need to apologize. (Sigh.) Human beings are mysterious things. The value of a person is only understood after they’re gone.

Sasha: I wonder how Yuki-san is doing?

Kodai: If we weren’t separated like that, I wouldn’t be alive.


Kodai: But I believe it.

Sasha looks at him with a start

Kodai (looking up at the sky): Yuki is alive! She is surely alive!

Sasha looks at Kodai’s strong profile. (Concealing her secret love.)


On Earth, a fierce resistance is waged by partisan forces, directed by the EDF Commander from the underground base. The Hyperon Bomb is the center of their attack, but they are easily defeated. (Lieutenant Kiman is a commander here, too.)

Note: the official title of 2nd Lieutenant Kiman is Engineering Division Intelligence Officer (belonging to the Earth Occupation Forces Engineering Division).

2nd Lieutenant Kiman’s house: Kiman comes home. Yuki Mori is there with android sentries, working as a maid. With Yuki’s help, Kiman takes off his uniform and relaxes. Distant, stray gunfire is heard outside.

Kiman: It is a sweep to clean up the partisans. Earthlings are quite persistent.


Kiman: Yuki, why don’t you try to escape and join them? You are a first-class soldier.

Yuki: Because of your kindness. You cured my injury.

Kiman: Hahaha…don’t lie to me. You know I’m an intelligence officer for the Engineering Division and you’re looking for the secret of how to deactivate the Hyperon Bomb. Isn’t that right?


Kiman (meaningfully): I might reveal this to you.

Yuki: Eh?

Kiman: Earth is ours now anyway even without the Hyperon Bomb. But there is a condition.


Kiman: Yuki, I’m in love with you. If you accept my love, I will tell you.

Yuki trembles.

Kiman: Yuki!! Do you hate me?

Yuki: Please give me time. I have to think about it for a while…

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