Star Blazers Episode 38 script

The “clock” codes at the bottom of the page correspond to cuts made from the workprint. The “start” and “stop” numbers match a reference code burned into the print used in the recording studio. The gaps indicate where footage was removed prior to the recording session.

The note to do “additional develop” probably refers to a need for more ad-libbing from the actor to fill time.

In the original episode, Dessler responds to the failure of his officer (named Vandevel) by executing him on the spot. Naturally, it was cut.

IQ-9’s line about the broom was cut short in the final mix. He no longer says “if you work it right.”

The bottom-most line was cut off in the original document. It reads, “Desslok drinks the wine in a gulp. He hurls the glass.”

Sandor’s voice actor added a little extra to his line at the end of the page. He said “That Royster!” instead of laughing.

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