5th Grade Age magazine, March 1978

Toward your own potential

Producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki

Dear readers of 5th Grade Age, I came up with the idea for Space Battleship Yamato five years ago, right around the time when you started in elementary school.

There is only one year left until the human race on Earth is wiped out by the space invaders, Gamilas. Space Battleship Yamato sets out on a journey to somehow save the human race.

By the way, Yamato is crewed by many boys and girls. During their journey, they encounter unexpected difficulties in space and a terrifying battle with Gamilas. However, Yamato overcomes these dangers and keeps going. This is a testament to the spirit of Kodai and the rest of the crew. It is also an expression of their determination to strive toward their goal, no matter what pain they may face.

I wanted to express through this work that I hope you will live your lives to the fullest to reach your own potential. In other words, I want you to live your lives to the best of your ability, no matter what the circumstances. That is how hope and dreams are born.

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