Star Blazers Episode 42 script

After the recap, the original episode opened with a very helpful scene in the ship’s planning room showing diagrams on a floor screen. Unfortunately, they included Japanese text and had to be cut from the episode. Thus, a lot of the exposition was converted to narration and some re-editing was done as per the notes on these pages.

The “engine check” scene that was cut from this page contained an interesting gimmick not seen elsewhere, a hanging monorail car used to inspect the Wave-Motion Engine from above.

The 6-second cut on this page included a rare shot of space-suited crew members (and Analyzer) working on the sensor array.

Sandor’s strange and out-of-character line “Space devils!” was changed in the recording to “They’re still coming!”

Orion’s line was changed to “Are you sure he’ll come back?”

The “fogged bridge shot” indicated at 217A is shown below. It went from “possible cut” to “definite cut.” The “fog” was in the original footage, possibly a scene shot with the wrong camera settings.

The cut scene at the bottom of the page included the action shown below, with Kodai shouting and doing the “awkward jump.”

At 240, the “happy yells of welcome” were not heard in the finished episode. Instead, Venture is greeted with a very noticeable silence. It’s possible that the yells were not recorded (since most actors were recorded separately), or some random cheering was meant to go there and got left out.

In Trelaina’s line 247, “I too must struggle for the peace of the whole universe” was shorted to “I too must struggle for universal peace.”

“Bridge footage badly fogged” referenced another shot with the same problem as the previous one. This sort of thing happens when similar scenes are shot in the same camera session and appear in different parts of the episode. Any unique camera settings will be present on each individual scene. At least this one wasn’t awkwardly tilted.

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