Star Blazers Episode 44 script

“Kill titles” refers to on-screen captions in Japanese. All shots that included them were cut from the series, regardless of their visual content.

Here’s a rare instance of a scene that was translated and rewritten, but cut before the voice recording.

As with the script for Episode 43, “Razlar” is indicated instead of the English name Gorse.

There is also the name “Bulzur” at the bottom of the page, which should read “Bleek.” “Bulzur” is an interpretation of “Balsey” (Ba-ru-zey in Japan). It’s generally assumed that this was a respelling of WWII Naval Admiral Halsey.

“Milky Way” is used three times on this page, when “solar system” is the correct term.

After Gideon’s first line on this page, the indicator is to keep the strategy chart in the show since the “Japanese writing is small.” That would have been some valuable visual information lost if it wasn’t.

At line 250 (and other places in this script) we see the indicator “No English for Japanese.” This meant there was no intended English line where a Japanese line was heard in the original footage.

Here, inexplicably, we see “Gorse” and “Razlar” practically right next to each other on the same page, even though they refer to the same character.

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