Star Blazers Episode 48 script

This may be the one and only use of the word “thoroughgoingly” in human history. (Maybe it was an inside joke.)

The “commercial messages” line refers to the original formatting of the show in Japan. It didn’t happen at this point in the US broadcast.

At the top of this page is a short list of the shots that were preserved from the panic scene.

The “little girl scene” that was cut from the show contained a heroic moment for young Jordy Venture in which he saved a little girl from being trampled. Sorry, Jordy. You did good.

The “inappropriate reaction” referenced here is below left. The sign (saying “Restaurant Yamato”) is below right.

The term “under-used” characters at the top of that page seems pretty arbitrary. But if they had to find cuts to get the show down to broadcast length, that’s one way to do it.

Three lines on this page were not heard in the finished show:

DASH: We can lick the Comet Empire! HOMER: Go — go — go — Argo! ORION: The Star Force can do it!

If we’d all heard the first two coming out of our TVs, we’d still be repeating them today.

Of these two options for the closing narration, the second (shorter) one was the finalist.

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