Space Battleship Yamato 2205 Report 10

Predictably, April 2022 was one of the slowest months for Yamato news in a long time, since we’re back in the stretch between productions. But any news is still good news in this world, and fans are always there to pick up the slack. Here’s what kept it alive…

April 6: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick Model, Vol. 160

Hachette’s giant Andromeda model started its ten-volume countdown to the end with the first parts for the stand (including a speaker for sound effects). This occurred earlier than it did with the 1/350 Yamato; for that series, the entire ship was built before the stand appeared. This time, the rear engine nozzles were still on the way. But this was a larger and heavier model, so builders were no doubt relieved to put a solid base under it.

See Hachette’s instruction video here

See an unboxing video here

See a modeler’s blog here

April 8: Star Blazers Lambda Chapter 24

This chapter of the Space Battleship Yamato Next manga amped everything up, and there was a strong whiff of climax in the air. Alexei struggles to deliver the location of Nirvana’s super-secret Mark X battleship as the most dangerous Seireness so far closes in on the lunar base.

See this nail-biter of a chapter with description here

April 10: Yamaket 19

All the cool kids got together again for the twice-yearly Yamato mini-con, gathering place for many of the artists we see in Cosmo DNA galleries every month. Doujinshis and craft projects are sold, stories are swapped, and Yamato love pushes back the outside world for one blissful day.

See a photo gallery here

April 17: Popup store 2 closes

The second of the two Yamato 2205 popup stores opened March 31 at a Marui department store in Ebina (outside Tokyo) and closed on this day. Local fans raced in for one last opportunity to document it for the rest of the world, and you can see the results in a photo gallery here.

April 19: Mecha poll

The Akiba Souken website published results for another Yamato poll today, this time asking fans to choose favorite mecha from Yamato 2205 Chapter 2. Results were unpredictable as usual.

See the finished poll here

April 20: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick Model, Vol. 161

More parts for the base showed up in this volume, and the hull segment that will mate with the base received a distribution bus that will supply lighting to the engines.

See Hachette’s instruction video here

See an unboxing video here

April 25: 1/350 Hyuga announced

This was easily the most surprising news of the month; with the Andromeda model approaching its finish line, fans wondered if Hachette would follow up with something else. The answer came today: a fully-outfitted Combat Carrier Hyuga from Yamato 2205!

It will stretch to a length of 85cm (a little under three feet) and include lights, sounds, and motors along with a complement of Tigers, Pythons, and other craft. It will begin as Volume 171 of the ongoing Hachette series and take 80 volumes to complete.

In theory, it should be available to overseas fans via the same channels as previous models; and Hobbylink Japan. You’ll want to watch preorder listings like a hawk, since the windows open and close quickly. The only foolproof method is to subscribe via a Japanese friend. Find one here.

See photos and info at the Hachette website here

April 25: Yakitori Yamato closes

Restaurant Covid casualties have been reported worldwide, but this one is especially sad.

Hakata Yakitori Yamato originally opened April 2013 in a Tokyo suburb named Sengawa, then relocated to the much higher-profile Shibuya district in December 2017. This move (not to mention its phenomenal cuisine) made the restaurant a gathering point for local fans and a destination for others from around the world. Since it was owned by Exec Producer Shoji Nishizaki, it was tastefully decorated with Yamato art and was occasionally used for special fan club events. And, of course, it would fill up every time a new movie opened.

This should have insulated it from Covid woes, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough; they announced early in April that there was no choice but to close at the end of the month. Once the word was out, fans trooped in for final visits and one more chance to taste that amazing food. See their photos here.

April 27: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick Model, Vol. 162

To the relief of builders everywhere, the supply chain problems that forced Hachette to go bi-weekly at the start of the year actually lifted, and with this volume the series returned to weekly shipping. The first of the sub-engines was bolted to the hull, starting the ship on the path to completion with volume 170 on June 22.

See Hachette’s instruction video here

See an unboxing video here

See a modeler’s blog here

April 28: Star Blazers/Yamato Premium Fan Club magazine Vol. 14

It’s always a good month when a club magazine shows up, especially now that frequency has been reduced to two issues a year. (Let’s hope they return to four with Rebel 3199.) Sporting a new cover painting by the great Naoyuki Katoh, the contents are as follows:

– An article on Hachette’s upcoming 1/350 Hyuga

– Yamatalk transcript

– Several 2205 staff interviews: Sound Director Tomohiro Yoshida (Read it here), Prop Designer Kio Edamatsu (Read it here), Mechanical Animation Director Shinya Asakura, Editor Ryoko Kaneshige, and Production Managers Yohei Koide & Mizuki Ishikawa.

– SF researcher Shinya Ogura’s commentary on 2205 Chapter 2 Read it here

– “Yamato Goddess” interviews with Keiko Han (Sasha) and Mitsuko Horie (singer) Read it here

Watch for translations of this content here at Cosmo DNA over coming months!

Also spotted in April

Yamato Crew apparel

Without much fanfare, Yamato Crew released a new line of apparel made in cooperation with Descente. Shown above: two knit caps, a sweatsuit, and backpack.

Long-sleeve T-shirts with a Yamato design

Long-sleeve T-shirts with a Deusula III design

These items were rolled out at the online store from February through April. They still don’t ship overseas, so you’ll a Japanese friend to help you obtain them.

Fan art

Fantastic stuff poured out onto Twitter in April, and the mecha artists seemed especially energized with full tanks of 2205 fuel.

See a character art gallery here and mecha art gallery here.

Yamato Lost Journey

Speaking of fan art, it’s high time you head over to Patreon and get caught up on DashaKO’s marvelous fanfic comic, which just crossed the 100-page mark and is now rocketing toward its conclusion. There’s no paywall any more, but she won’t say no to any donations.

Click here and start reading.

Fan models

The output from modelers remains remarkably consistent from month to month regardless of how much official activity there is on the radar. Always a nice fallback between films. See the April models here: Gallery A | Gallery B

Fighting spirit

We’ve seen plenty of photos showcasing the newly-refinished Yamato character statues in the port town of Tsuruga, but never quite like this. Like the Yamato crew, they remain standing through any hardship.

These photos were posted on Twitter by Tamagawaya uc, whose captions included the terms “ice age Analyzer” and “donburi sake becomes donburi rice.”

Star Force assemble!

This once-in-a-lifetime photo was shared on Twitter by DJ CheeF; it brought together one of the largest Yamato cosplay groups ever seen in one place at a late 80s San Diego Comic Con.

Your semi-annual reminder…

…that you share a planet with the greatest bicycle ever made. Vintage Bridgestone ad posted on Twitter by Solachan1104.

Yamato Suite for Chamber Music

Let’s go out with an unexpected – and magnificent – treat for your ears.

Over a year ago, Akira Miyagawa wrote a 10-minute Yamato suite for chamber music that could be performed live by his traveling combo, Ensemble Vega. It’s been played maybe four times since then, and no recording was released. UNTIL NOW. Click through to Youtube here and let it finally wash over you!

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