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Why is Space Battleship Yamato so popular this summer?

From elementary and junior high school students to adults

Space Battleship Yamato, which opened in August, enjoyed explosive popularity. It is amazing that some people stayed up all night to see the film two days before its opening. Movie theaters were surprised at the wide range of audiences, from elementary and junior high school students to middle-aged men. Why is Yamato so popular?

When the movie started, elementary and junior high school students used cameras and tape recorders to record the exciting attack scenes. The popularity of Yamato is similar to that of steam locomotives and the supercar boom. The story of the characters in the anime, who are trying their best to preserve their love for humanity in the face of the extinction of Earth, is also thought to be well received by the viewers.

If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it at a movie theater near you.

Story Introduction

In the year 2199, Earth’s extinction is only one year away due to radioactive contamination. At that time, a message is sent from the planet Iscandar, 148,000 light years away, with the means to save Earth. It says to come to Iscandar by a spacecraft equipped with a Wave-Motion Engine to retrieve a device to remove radiation from Earth.

Humans put everything on the line for this message. The sunken battleship Yamato, which was being secretly converted into a space battleship, was equipped with the engine and launched toward the planet Iscandar.

Dessler, leader of the planet Gamilas, plans to take over Earth and devotes all his energy to attacking Yamato, but Yamato continues to advance toward Iscandar. Finally, it reaches the Magellanic Cloud and is one step closer to Iscandar.

However, Yamato is forced to pass Gamilas to get to Iscandar. With only 164 days left until the end of the human race, there is not a moment to lose. Yamato decides to fight the greatest battle of the voyage, the “Battle of the Gamilas Mainland.”

The Main Cast

Juzo Okita (age 52)

Captain of Yamato. A veteran space warrior. He has endured every hardship. He is calm and collected, and has the character of an ancient samurai.

Susumu Kodai (age 18)

Leader of Yamato‘s battle group. He loves the Earth, and grows as a human being throughout his voyage on Yamato.

Yuki Mori (age 18)

Leader of Yamato‘s life group and an expert in research and analysis. She is an idol of Yamato with kindness and courage.


Daisuke Shima, a classmate, rival, and best friend of Susumu Kodai.

Dessler, the master of evil and leader of the planet Gamilas. Although he is Yamato‘s enemy, he dies in a fair fight against Juzo Okita.

Domel, a master strategist. Analyzer, a versatile robot for research and analysis. Starsha, queen of Iscandar….

The characters are well thought out.

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